baby and me storytime


Just in case anyone thought the Princess Bride story might’ve been made up.

I had so much hair good heavens. I do not miss what the humidity used to do to it! Yeah the stage was small, so there weren’t many set pieces to go along with what they acted out from the movie, but they went all out with Buttercup’s costumes.

The other photo is me just running around the exhibits which we definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to do during the day

For a moment, just imagine this:

Okay, so. Rowan has these full-blooded baby hawks right.

Aelin has these totally one-sided storytimes with these babies. like, “let me tell you, Hawk-eye. Your dad, King Buzzard, has some great stories…”

Aelin sits on her throne and uses special tiny brushes on their feathers. Rowan gives her exasperated looks but lets her do it.

They are like Rowaelin’s kids pets. And have arguements with each other.

“Mom! He keeps shredding my pillows!”

And baby hawk is like“Dad! She’s leaving her pillows everywhere! Shredding them is the only way to get rid of them!”

and then the rowaelin kid is like, “I can’t even fix the pillows! He keeps nesting in the feathers from the pillows!”

Meanwhile Queen Aelin is making everything worse because she loves the chaos and hilarity of the fights. 

Aedion and Lysandra are laughing their asses off. 

And these baby hawks imprint on Abraxos. They follow him everywhere, and irritate Manon. A lot. She tries to scare them off with her claws but they start swarming to her. 

Manon and Rowan get into it at these parent/teacher conferences. 

Rowan trains his babies and other hawks in his Aerial Calvery. He is in his hawk form and they are all Braveheart. They enact wars against all these other birds, to be kings of the forests.

These hawks have tiny swords and shields and warpaint. 




Rating: G

Pairing: John Egbert/Dave Strider

Word Count: 1022

Summary: and suddenly you know what you want || a proposal fic i wrote when inspiration came around and kissed me full on the mouth and dedicated to everyone who is or has been or will be in love

Warnings: contains super minor descriptions of bleeding/injury as a way of conveying emotions through metaphors but theres no actual blood or injury in any way

Ao3 Mirror

forever is a long time

thats what you think to yourself anyways

well it goes without saying that forever is a long time

but when you really think about it forever is a long long time and so is infinity

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