baby alpaca

Disneyland Lolita Coordinate

Angelic Pretty- Parka, necklace, bracelet, ring
Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Rose hair clip
Dear Celine- Blouse
Bodyline- Skirt
Blaek- Boots
Arpakasso- Alpaca purse

I wore this casual coordinate to Disneyland while I was visiting the park last week. Everyone thought it was super cute. Granted the skirt was a bit short on me for it to really be lolita, but I think it’s a cute coord none-the-less n_n!

Nashville Zoo is excited to share news of the birth of an Alpaca! Born December 13th, the male, named ‘Bandit’, is the first Alpaca to be born at the Zoo. The baby weighed in at 14 lbs. and stood about two feet tall. Bandit’s thick coat ensures he is all set for the cold weather, and he should be on exhibit throughout winter.