baby aladdin

okay, also this “what-if/future” image is just really cute??? part of it is my biased juhaku heart (as always), but I love that Judal & Hakuryuu are still right there next to each other, Hakuryuu has long hair, and Judal appears to be wearing his super edgy priest robes from back in the Belial arc :D

also, why do Alibaba and Morgiana seem to have so many children, that’s just…too many…. (I don’t understand kids I’m sorry I’m just lost here okay)

but yeah I’m weak for this sort of thing so I’m just gonna stare at this and be incoherent and silly about it for awhile!!

Magi 329

Oh so it really is that Sinbad is using a new body, and that it’s not his original body, which btw was completely destroyed in the Sacred palace.

Once again it feels like Ohtaka goes halfway, as Alibaba didn’t give a proper answer, but I think he was right in asking whether his thoughts are controlled or not. 

Aladdin is still pissed off, take a chill pill bro. 

Sinbad’s line is very powerful, he is the king who is greedier than any god. He is indeed very human, or else he wouldn’t be so greedy. However it’s kinda sad that Ohtaka is reducing Sinbad to just a greedy king. 

Well it will be interesting to see more of Alibaba and Sinbad talking, as I think those two have a lot to talk about, and Alibaba’s insight is more legitimate as someone who was born in the NW, compared to someone who was brainwashed by Ugo as a child like Aladdin.

EDIT: apparently there was some poll about whether people would want to have free will, or they’d prefer having someone control their thoughts like with Sinbad. And a good portion agree with Aladdin. As much as I value my freedom,I’d still go with Sinbad, if it can truly bring peace to the world. Honestly that is the worse thing about the world right now, when you turn the TV all you see is news of death and war in the mid-east and stuff like that.

So if sacrificing some of my freedom can bring true peace to the world, then I wouldn’t mind it. 


Daily Sketch: Baby Aladdin Fan Art, by Eleazar Del Rosario.

Dear Disney Store Design Team, Please, please, please develop Disney Animators’ Collection princes dolls (or figures. whatever). We would so appreciate it. Sincerely, Disney Geeks worldwide.

Yes! I am a Disney Geek. Aladdin was the movie that inspired me to become an artist. It’s a tough industry, but doing these drawings remind me of the joy that I sought, that I’m merely trying to fulfill. There are so many Disney movies that inspire me artistically.

Colored versions coming soon. :)

Honestly, if anyone mentions or even hints at Solomon, Aladdin, or Hakuryuu, I go mad crazy. Those are my top three and I have a list of reasons I love them so much that I can’t put all into words. I can go from a sobbing mess unable to utter a single word to making poorly written essays that aren’t even essays about them and their characters, their little quirks, headcanons I have for them, their ideals, goods and bads, and overall the reason I love them so much. I don’t make any sense either and it’s a miracle if anyone can understand me. But that’s how much I love them and if anyone ever wants to talk about them with me please I encourage it so much. Because I love them so much and because of that I wanna know other peoples’ thoughts on them.


instead of Atlantis SnK AU, I decided to do some Hunchback of Notre Dame screencap manips tonight \( > u < )/ it was a very Eren drawing night ahueheueheuheu