baby aden

Manip with one of my favourite… (and most unappreciated)… movies of all time :) Here’s CLEXA version of “Double Jeopardy” :)

btw. anyone up for the au fanfic with this?

Soooo… here’s the plot…

Clarke is a young wealthy woman accused for killing her husband… (her husband - let’s call him - Finn… framed her in his own murder (!!!)… with evidence stacked against her, Clarke’s lawyer convince her to addmit to 2nd degree murder (and spend some time in prison) rather than be convicted with 1st degree murder and get life in prision… She’s agrees to serve her “unjust” time in jail.

Without having any choice… she asks her best friend (Ontari) to take care of her baby boy Aden… not knowing that Ontari is really her husbands lover and she helped him to frame her.

While in prison she finds out that her husband is alive and well… and plan her revenge as she has already been tried for the crime, she can’t be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

This is called Double Jeopardy.

After 8 years Clarke is released from prison for good behavior.
She is placed in a half-way home where her curator is a hard-ass ex-cop Lexa Woods.

And the game begin…