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Jimin will play with the new goodies

Jin: He sure did

Jimin: Oh I was? Whoopsies sorry man

Jin: I-It’s fine it’s fine….

Jin: Jeez you don’t know how many times he wants me to call him both “daddy” and “baby boy” like why

Jimin: C’mooonn hyuuunng~~ you know you want to~

Jin: No I don’t

Dean: You know, the invention of the shovel was ground-breaking.

Dean: Ground-breaking.

Dean: [laughing at his own joke]

Mary: [face palming]

Dean: … But it was the broom’s creation that really swept the nation.

Sam: [rolling his eyes]

Dean: Of course, some say it’s the wheel that really got things rolling. C’mon guys give me something here.

Castiel: [squinting]

Castiel: I should’ve left you in hell


henry mills’ complete (sort of) family tree

one year with the charmings  »  Day 287

Okay but do any of you realize how much abusive parents benefit from abusing kids? Anyone parenting a child would have to put huge amounts of energy, attention, care, patience, time, resources, social skills, emotional labor, physical labour, and all knowledge they have of the world, and this is what every parent owes to their kid, if they’re not willing to do that much then not having children is the right choice. 

But abusive parent? Giving their child their own energy? It takes zero energy to inform their children they’re a burden and a nuisance if they ask for time, energy, attention, patience, or care. That is a huge benefit for the parent right there, if the child is afraid of them, or afraid of being a burden to them, child is not gonna ask for things they need, child is not gonna ask for support, comfort, care or understanding, they’re gonna be thankful if they don’t get screamed at or beaten! Abuse shuts the children up in the very start, disabling them to even ask for what they need, out of fear of being abused, even feeling like if they ask for anything, they’re asking for abuse. After being screamed at with insults for asking for something or needing something even once, they’ll be too scared to attempt it again. Do abusive parents care about keeping their child scared and troubled and deprived of attention and care? No, they just gained more time to focus on their own needs. 

Same goes for resources, ashamed and scared child will agonize and feel horrible for needing basic resources, for needing food and clothes sometimes even, they’re not gonna ask for anything on top of it! Convincing the children they don’t deserve any resources is waaay easier than actually providing proper resources, it happens at great psychological and emotional cost to the children but do the parents care? No, they just saved themselves some money they didn’t want to share with their kid. 

Raising a kid involves a big deal of physical labor and if abusive parents convince the child they don’t deserve anything done for them, and have kids work for parents instead, that is a huge benefit isn’t it? Actually gaining a “worker” they only have to keep alive, have them think that working is the only way they can ever deserve to live, having them do manual labor for nothing in return - that is the corporate dream. Also converts the child into a slave. Do they care? No, they now have to work less and eventually can gain profit from child’s labor. 

There is a more cruel way to do all of this, and it’s to convince children that no matter how much they need comfort, care, resources, attention, empathy, patience and love - the parent is the one who needs it more. Some abusive parents will convince the child to be their caretaker, to rush to any physical or emotional work, because it’s the only thing parent needs from them, to be taken care of from the side of the child, to be served and favoured, to be loved and understood and comforted and given attention and fulfillment. Can anyone see what a huge benefit this is to people who wanted a caretaker and couldn’t find one so they converted their own child to be one? How many adult people actually has a “caretaker” figure in this world who would go so far for them, sacrifice their own needs for them, rush to aid and comfort and take care of them? Nobody because people aren’t made to sacrifice themselves for others! And children aren’t either! If they’re supposed to focus on taking care of the parent, what about children’s own needs? They learn they don’t get to have needs. And to try to deserve to be loved by sacrificing everything for others.

And of course, there’s abusive parents who have held down their rage and resentment and cruelty for the times when they would have someone who is weaker than they are, who can’t fight back or leave, who has no hope of defending or winning against them. So anything is an excuse for screaming or violence, anything becomes a good enough excuse for sadism and cruelty and torture, and the child is converted to a convenient punching bag, all of the time being told they’ve deserved it and it’s for their own good, because of course, abuser doesn’t want to feel any amount of guilt for using the child as a rage outlet. Who else can have another human who is their personal punching bag? Who doesn’t sue them or is able to stop them? In what situation can you do this to another human, unless you have a child and are ready to claim all you do is “discipline”? While taking pleasure in listening the screaming and apologies and having another small human completely mortified and broken in front of them?

This is why we have to hold them responsible. We have to recognize that they’ve been taking everything from the child and giving to themselves. We have to be aware that children aren’t a burden, they have so many invaluable features, and abusive parents know this, and take it all from them. They don’t deserve their children’s love or affection or gratitude or forgiveness. They owe their children, and not the reverse. Their children deserve better. We should let them know they deserve better.

Warning for some seriously freaky stuff here, guys.

Hoooo boy. Submechanophobic folks, give this one a pass. Seriously, I’m tempted to stick this under a readmore, but no one would see it.

At the Sturt Reserve in Murray Bridge, Australia, lurks Bert the Bunyip. He is a coin-operated animatronic that rises up from underwater. Here’s footage of him from four weeks ago, showing his unpleasant aging.

There are plenty of videos of him online before he came to this condition. Here’s a video of him working optimally, though still showing cosmetic wear.

However, this is the friendlier renovation of Bert the Bunyip, implemented in 2000. 

The original Bert was added in 1972, created by Dennis Newell. Viewer be warned, here is a photo of the original Bert from 1972.

I tried to warn you, I really did. I can’t look at the dang thing for more than a minute.

10 years after launch, Bert was given a baby to operate alongside him. The only photo of the baby is in bad quality, but by the looks of it, it’s for the best.

According to the official website, “The sound box has had many problems during its time… at one stage vandals somehow worked out how to jam it so it would continue to roar - often through all hours of the night. Then the Bunyip and baby were also vandalised and part was broken off. A quieter, more friendly looking bunyip was built and his cave was revamped in 2000.”

No known footage remains of the original Bert, nor his added baby a few years later, but again; perhaps some things are best left lost to time.

I’m not going swimming any time soon. :)

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