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You: “Do you ever look up there and wonder if there is someone staring back?”
Sam: “I mean, sometimes I guess. People don’t usually look up at the stars…”
Dean: “Yeah, no one appreciates the beauty that’s just… Yaknow there. The sky needs more appreciation!”

~You and Sam just look at Dean~

Sam: “Dean, that is the sappiest shit you have ever said in your life.”

Headcanon #28

Groot’s favorite toys are anything he can get his hands on as he is picking up on tinkering with things because of how much he hangs out with rocket but when Groot tinkered with the ships navigation systems and got them lost in deep space for some time Rocket decided to get him Legos to build and tinker with instead and Groot’s room is clean besides a portion of the rooms floor is covered in Legos and past stuff that Groot has tinkered with.