baby * *

FACT: Killua will spoil the hell out of his kids, ESPECIALLY his daughter. Idk, I just picture him being really good with a little girl and turning into a pile of goo, unable to say “no” whenever she does or asks for ANYTHING.

*with a baby*
Gon: We already bought her a crib. She doesn’t need three.

Killua: Yes she does! What if we’re in the other room and something happens! No, if anything we need MORE cribs.

*with a toddler*
Gon: No! She doesn’t need it!

Killua: Dammit, Gon! She’s CRYING! One more doll won’t hurt…

Gon: We LITERALLY have a whole room filled with toys. PLUS whatever is in the basement.

Killua:…. But she’s crying.

Killua: Okay, but, like… You talk to her.

Gon:….. Killua

Killua: She won’t hate you. You’re the tough one.

Gon: No, I’m the one with the backbone.

Killua: But a car is a REALLY bad idea. She could get hurt and there are idiot drivers out there.

Gon: Then say “no.”

Killua:….. But she wants one

Gon: You didn’t have any problems saying “no” to her dating that kid last week.

Killua : Because he’s an good for nothing asshole who doesn’t deserve her! He’s lucky I didn’t kill him…

Gon: Something is wrong with you.