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Some people have asked me “ if Hate and Love do not have an AU then where do they live or spend their time? ”…well this is my answer.

Love and hate live there. I still don’t know what to call this place…
-Love does not like to be a long time alone, so he usually go to visit AUs to have some company.
-Hate does not like much the company of others, reason why usually stays alone in that place, usually leaves when it is bored or needs something.
-Both places are connected. The spheres of light that are seen to fly by both places, are the energy that comes from the heart of the people.


TID Appreciation Week: Day Two (Favorite Ship) ⇢ Herongraystairs

❝ How they loved each other, these three, how they had suffered for each another, and yet how much joy they clearly took from simply being in the same room. ❞

bottom art by (x)