baby & toddler clothing

so I was at a friend’s house and she has an adorable 10 month old and I sorta started thinking about how cute cinnamonroll themed baby/toddler clothes would be???? like imagine UTpaps’ or USsans’ excited face on a bib saying “Bone-appetite!!” or ATgori or AStori’s face on a onesie saying “Cute and ‘Fur'iendly!” or just a buncha baby merch saying things like “'Sans'ational!!” or “Totally ‘Tori'fic!!’ or ”'Bone'ified Cutie!!“ and alotta other punny and pure slogans that’d slay me and I kinda wish cinnabun baby merch existed real bad-

drawing request thing cuz why the hell not

Send an emoji and the character/sona/OC you want to see

👗 - in a dress

👙 - wearing a swimsuit

👚 - in pyjamas

🎩 - in a fancy suit

👑 - as royalty

🐶 - wearing a dog costume

🐱  - wearing a cat costume

🐰 - bunny costume

🦊 - fox/wolf costume

❤️  - blushing

💔  - sad/devastated/crying

🦍 - when they just woke up

🔫 - all like ¨gangster¨

⚔️ - in a fighting pose

🎸 - playing and instrument

🎤 - singing

😴 - asleep

👶 - as a baby/toddler

♂️ - in male clothes

♀️ - in female clothing

⚧ - in androgenous clothing

🍩 - dressed up as food

I’m proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of Tot ShopA store dedicated to baby, toddler, and child clothing, accessories, hair, poses, toys, furniture, etc!

From now on all my baby/toddler/child creations will be hosted at the store.

Little Eli, who is so graciously modeling Tot Spot apparel, wants you all to head on over there NOW to grab my latest creation, Toddler Moccasins, before they run out!