baby & i

i cannot believe I’m going to witness TOUCH IT and THINKING BOUT YOU live holy shit 

  • osnapitzari: what's that noise?
  • Cat Valentine: Oh it's Ariana's fans!
  • osnapitzari: And who are you?
  • Cat Valentine: I'm Cat Valentine! You'll meet me in about a few years after 13!
  • Ariana Grande: Hey! Sorry I'm late! I just got back from my concert at Madison Square Garden!
  • osnapitzari: I performed at Madison Square Garden??
  • Ariana Grande: And acted on Nickelodeon!
  • osnapitzari: So your saying... I made it?
  • Cat Valentine: Mmhmm!
  • osnapitzari: Wow!
  • Ariana Grande: Congratulations Ari :)