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I was looking for a present for a friend whose baby turned a year old. The first review on this cracked me up.

I am torn in reviewing this toy.  Here’s why:  The toy is definitely well-made, will not come apart, will not break unless subjected to massive violence.  It definitely builds motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, and even thinking skills–as deciding which colors should be up or down or evenly matched in height requires some intricate choice and physical application.  So, the toy is a great toy!

But …

You are basically giving your child a miniature of Thor’s hammer.  Not a hollow plastic hammer, mind you.  No, no.  This is a toddler weapon the great god of thunder would approve of.  Two solid wooden pieces held together very well.  The head of the hammer is sculpted to allow attacks from many interesting angles.  Great for the toy.  Not so great if your little one might decide to go “a-viking” during a playgroup, family get-together, or school function.

Like the mighty Mjolner, this hammer throws well, flies fast and far, and can kill the mightiest of trolls.  Or televisions.  Or PC’s.  Or Grandma.

So … the only reason I take a star off is because of the deadly weapon that comes with this awesome toy.  Maybe it should have been fastened by a cable to the toy, Melissa & Doug?  It’s not cool that parents have to do this thinking for you.  But we love Grandma.  Having our toddler turned Thor send her to the hospital is not our idea of fun.

If your child is meek and kind and dependably non-violent, go for it.  GREAT TOY!  If your little one may just be a conqueror of lands reincarnated into this tiny body, please beware the hammer! 



This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x

17 / 100 days of productivity

8 may, 2017

gonna try and get back on track with french. i’ve been neglecting it for a while because of exams but now that they’re nearly over i need to start getting through my work! had my legal studies test today and i’m actually really confident in how i went. one more test to go!

1.19.17 | 9:42 AM
my favourites of the coloured muji pens with my favourite notebook ♡ ironically, my favourite colour is not blue. Good morning, friendly llama beans!


7 / 100 days of productivity

23 april, 2017

went shopping today and got a few goodies! i managed to find mildliners at a japanese bookstore and bought every colour that they had! i’m so happy that i found them in-store instead of having to buy them online. i also got 1984 and the bell jar at the same bookstore. i went to muji and got two pens as well as a notebook which i’m hoping to turn into a bujo. can’t wait to try my new stationery out!

I’m not saying this entire franchise has ruined my life but I am saying that they got to adopt a krogan baby, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

“That’s. Uh- Cas? That’s a baby.”

“I can see that, Dean.” Cas frowns down at the chubby little thing, happily cooing and gurgling away in his carseat.

“We’re supposed to take care of that woman’s baby?”

Cas nods. “I believe that’s what she meant, yes.”

Dean throws his hands in the air uselessly. He isn’t sure which pisses him off more, the situation or how calm Cas is about it. “What the hell are we supposed to do with a baby?”

Cas shrugs. “Feed it?’

“Oh my God.” Dean closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, and suddenly sees her again, lying on the ground with her blood everywhere, begging for them to make sure ‘he’ was safe. 

‘He’ turns out to be about five months old and terrifying. Well, terrifying to Dean, anyway. Cas seems to be simply curious about him.

A few hours later, Dean thinks he may have overdone it. They are finally settled into the motel along with what seems like every baby product the local supermarket carries. The room is almost hard to walk in with all the diapers and tiny clothes and bottles of lotions and liquids and lots of things that appear to do nothing but look cute.

Dean is in over his head. He knows he isn’t going to be able to turn this kid over to a police station. Foster care is amazing when it works out, but he doesn’t want to take any chances. He’s gonna find this little guy a good home where he can check in from time to time. A place Dean will know he’s safe.

So now he’s stuck taking care of a baby for the time being, and he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

Just as the panic sets in, he glances over and sees Cas stretched out in a chair, the baby in his arms. As Dean watches, Cas makes funny faces at the baby, until the tiny thing is grinning all over himself and gleefully flailing his arms around. Every time the child smiles, Cas does too, and Dean isn’t sure who is enjoying himself more.

Dean can’t help a smile of his own as he watches them, and the more they play, the calmer Dean feels.

Maybe this won’t be so bad.


I wanted to make this comic a little longer but meh…. 

Have a Mommy Mae and Mommy Bea comic after they brought home baby Cassandra (also yes Mrs. Borowski dropped off the swing). 


days of productivity: 1/100

[04.23.2017] rewriting some physics notes! this is my first original post, and i’m a baby studyblr! i plan to make an intro post within the next few days!


2 / 100 days of productivity

18 april, 2017

finally started on my biology notes! one week of holidays left so i’m going to try and power through revision for exams before school starts again. i’m proud of how much revision i’ve done for bio today. feeling productive, hope it lasts!