Accepting Anxiety: Part 2/2: Can Anxiety Be Good? Analysis

Okay so before I start jsyk I’ve been happy stimming since I saw the video my arms are so tired

- Roman’s previously is so extra

- The clock is in color now

- Anxiety’s room: Anime poster, masquerade mask, candles, album art, a LOT of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, spooky lamp, spider curtains, cat

- We get Anxiety’s music it’s nice

- Patton really hates spiders // when he needs comfort, he buries his face in the cardigan

- Roman is protective of Morality

- Everyone has cool toned lighting except for Anxiety, his is warm. And he fills up more of the frame than usual

- Anxiety is so, so, so, mad about them being in his room. His eyeshadow is way darker as well.

- Roman screams like a little girl

- Does Roman always have a brush on him? Or???

- “Didn’t seem like I was wanted. You all made that pretty clear.” He looks at Roman when he says that, then glances away. 

- This is the third or fourth time he’s said, “Except you, Patton.”

- “I love my dark strange son” *Heathers playing the background*

- Roman is horrible at making things better

- THomas tells ROman to shut up the first time

- Logan is the first to get eyeshadow beneath his eyes. As the video progresses, the other two get them as awell and they get darker, eventually worse than Anxiety’s

- Anxiety is so unhappy that they’re there. “If I wanted to be insulted, I would have just shown up like I usually do.” His room has been a place where he’s safe, and they’ve corrupted that

- “You poor little anxious baby”

- Thomas doesn’t have eyeshadow on I don’t think but he has bags under his eyes T H O M A S go to sleep

- Everyone is kind of an asshole in this video it’s weird

- There is so much self hatred in Anxiety

- Thomas tells Roman to shut up a second time, third, and fourth time

- Each time we cut back to roman during that, his eyeshadow is darker

- Patton asks about Roman’s self esteem issues 

- and then gets insecure about his questions // when he does so he flinches back away from Princey like he’s waiting to be attacked either physically or verbally. I know that look

- Patton is supportive 

- I just noticed this but Patton’s camera is angled downwards

- Logan rambles and gets dark help him

- Anxiety flinches from Logan yelling (there’s a lot of loud and a lot of flinching in this video)

- Patton doesn’t like loud noises either

- Logan’s eyeshadow gets worse as he rambles and Princey’s hair starts to fall into his face

- Anxiety is an alarm clock

- Patton yells that Anxiety is happiness

- Logan doesn’t like the loud noise now too “E=MC scared”

- Patton is worried he won’t be allowed the chance to speak

- When Thomas is praising Anxiety, Roman looks extremely distressed and takes two deep breaths

- Roman admitting that Anxiety isn’t all bad looks so difficult for him but it also comes out like something he’s been trying to say for a long time but hasn’t been able to psych himself up to do

- Anxiety’s small smile at Roman saying he makes them all better

- Roman’s immediate response after the smile is “Was that good did I do good?”

- The effect on Anxiety’s voice is beautiful

- Breathing as a technique to stop the anxiety (I know it’s a thing but doesn’t work for me)

- Anxiety praises Thomas as he guides him from the mindscape

- “Being anxious about getting more anxious. Sounds like me”

- Roman is genuinely surprised that Anxiety saved him

- Even though he plays it off, it means a lot to Anxiety that Patton is proud of him

- “Vigilant People” *eyebrow raise* foreshadow

- Anxiety is genuinely distressed about sharing his name

- “You’re great Patton”

- “Logan. Shut your ever flapping gobtalker.”

- Patton is all of us

- No music during the reveal

- Roman is in complete panic about Thomas wanting to know about his laughter in regards to Anxiety being a virgin…. uh….. okay

- Roman acknowledges how much Anxiety had to trust them to reveal his name as Virgil. 

- By the way, Virgil is derived from Vigilant. It’s also of Roman descent

- “You can call me Verge” okay edgelord

-  W H A T  O T H E R S ROMAN stop dropping bombs on us

- Sound of Music farewells

- Anxiety is so happy to be accepted

- The end card is so cute Patton is so pure I love him

Take it easy, guys, gals and nonbinary pals

Ships Galore

Here are all of the shippy moments from Thomas’ new video because I’m polyamsanders trash, fIGHT ME
General polyam:
1.  "I don’t know, I’m just trying not to bring everybody in the group down, here" - Virgil
2. “I don’t need to belong to a specific Hogwarts house in order to belong with you, guys” - Virgil
1. Patton’s excitement about seeing Virgil
2. Patton’s snapping when Verge appears, like “yas baby, work it”
3. Patton: “You only help to lift me up, you sweet and sour, misunderstood Shadow Link”, Virgil: “What?”, Thomas: “Just nod and agree, he has a lot of love to give”
4. “You don’t have to be mean to him” - Virgil to Roman about Patton
5. “If you keep talking bad about yourself, I’m going to physically fight you”, “Nobody talks about my child like that” - Patton
6. “I talk badly about myself”, “I WILL PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU”
7. mumbled “I will fight you” (you notice a theme here?)
8. Patton’s “SAYS WHO?” when Virgil said he doesn’t fit in
9. “Awwwh, I’m proud of you!”
10. Patton fangirling so hard over Verge’s new clothes he starts choking
1. “I want to see what good old Panic! At The Everywhere has to say about this!”
2. Roman’s “Yas boy” when Virgil appears
3. Roman deducing what is truly bothering Verge and not being rude about it
4. “Noooo, hey…” Roman looking genuinely sad, “Not this time around, relax, I notice the effort, you’re good” Roman sighing in relief
5. Roman admitting that Virgil is right
6. Virgil very obviously checking Roman out after he changes
7. Roman’s expression when Virgil changes literally says “Damn”
8. Roman’s cute little escape - “hog-wild”
9. Virgil’s little chuckle because of “hod-wild”
10. Just Roman genuinely trying to be nice to Verge, it’s so sweet
1. Logan’s annoyance at Thomas patronizing Virgil when summoning him
2. Logan noticing that Virgil is making an effort to not be too distressing and acknowledging it
3. Virgil’s side glance at Logan when Thomas was making his speech
4. Logan saying he’s willing to participate if it will help Virgil feel better about himself
5. Logan complimenting Virgil’s honesty
6. “If anyone else here was going to be Ravenclaw, I would think it would be you”
7. Logan’s face of protest when Virgil say he’s not a problem solver
8. “Wonderful. I hope that you feel more like a part of the group, Virgil”
9. Just Logan being calmly and quietly nice to Verge
1. “You’re the softest little puffball we got, padre”
2. Patton gushing over Roman’s words
3. Roman thinks Patton’s puns are witty
1. Logan complimenting Roman for being on a smart streak
3. Roman complimenting Logan’s pun
4. “Oh, that’s nice” - Logan about Roman’s new outfit
5. Banter while they sink out
6. Just, Banter in general. It’s so good.
1. “Because he’s my hero”
3. This has the least amount of moments but it’s also got the shippiest moment of the entire video, so
Now, I know some people ship it (I kinda do too from time to time) and to be honest there’s a lot of material in this vid so here are two bonus ships:
1. “That was great”
2. “Why not” smirk, Thomas was 100% flirting here, it’s pretty obvious
3. “Roman, make it work!” suggestive look
4. “Aw, Prince 2.0h my goodness”
5. Thomas was really flirty, damn
1. Thomas summoning Virgil in a baby voice
2. Thomas being awkward and messing up when trying to talk to Verge
3. “And that’s okay, what’s up?”
4. Thomas scolding Logan for calling Virgil odd
5. Thomas working hard to make Virgil feel included
6. “And that is a great example of what we are not going to do with Virgil”
7. Thomas glaring at Roman when he was going to say “paranoid”
8. “Verge, how you feeling?”
9. Thomas’s worried look
10. Thomas at Roman after Virgil changes: “Get on HIS level”
11. “Great new style, Virgil”
12. “That was cute” Vigil
13. Damn that one has the biggest amount of moments actually
In other words, all ships are valid and should be respected.
And I ship everything, I’m not even sorry.

Thoughts on the New Sanders Sides Vid

-Thomas: “… not feeling that good…”

Virgil: “…no??” Look at him, the anxious little baby worrying for Thomas.

-“Guess I’m gonna have to kick in here for a sec: THOMAS! ” Virgil The Protector, everyone.


-“Hi, Just Frustrated, I’m Sad! I mean… ” I sense either a Patton or Logan arc?

-Let Patton Wear his Cat Onsie 2k17

-“Thomas is once again thinking about Guys- ”

“Well yeah! ” “What else is new? ”

(Could be gayer! )

-Virgil, why would you think Roman had any chill?

-“What do I look like, a boy scout scout master? ” Logan’s sass gives me life.


-“Iffy… about the fff–present? ” I caught that, Patton, you were gonna say “future”.

-“Can they? ”(MY SONS )

“Of course they can… ” Logan, comforting the others…

- Roman has been to Patton’s Room

-Stop Ignoring Patton 2K17


-“I’ve got a bad feeling about everything! ” Same, Thomas.

- All of the Patton’s Room headcanons are real now, and Thomas F Sanders is a blessing.

- Logan is a Salty Boi ™

-He became a chemical engineer to save the rainforest? Thomas Sanders is a Blessing.

-Roman and Virgil work together! Anxiety inspiring creativity as an escape! Can I get an Amen from the neurodivergent people who used creativity to cope?

-Hot… Crossed… Buns

-We 👏 Get 👏 It. You’re A👏dor👏able

-Virgil went non verbal??! And he turned to Logan??!! Just like Logan turned to him in Accepting Anxiety?(Analogical? Maybe. A Pure And Wonderful Friendship We Should All Strive For? YES )

-Did… did Logan just… duck out?

-I need Part 2 like I need air, and I’m asthmatic.

Those are just my thoughts. Take it easy, guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

One More Smile

“Thanks Patton, talking with you really did help me through this.” Patton felt his heart sink, he didn’t want to go back yet.

“Really? I-Isn’t there anything else I can help you with? Cooking, responsibilities, questioning morals?” Thomas shook his head smiling.

“Nope! I’m done bothering you, I know it’s late and you probably want some rest.”

“Haha, y-yeah. I guess you’re right. I-I’ll just…go” Patton sank out and into the mindscape. His heart felt as if it was being squeezed, ready to burst at any moment.

I can’t avoid it. I have to face it, like always.

Patton walked to his room and stared at the door. It looked harmless, standing there and doing its job of holding everything that made Patton’s room his. And yet he wanted to break it down, shred it into a million pieces. But Patton calmly turned the doorknob and walked in.

“Woah! Why was I so nervous before! I forgot how great my room was!” Patton bounced around looking at all the old books and writings, a smile never leaving his face. Just stop. I’m tired. “Awww! Look at all of Thomas’ baby pictures! What a cute little fella!”

Patton picked up the pictures only to drop something else. He put the pictures down and picked up a small script. It was for the the musical Guys and Dolls. Patton’s smile faltered only for a second as a unnatural laugh left his throat. “H-ha..haha! T-that musical was a doozy huh? It’s a good thing it’s in the past!”

Please stop. It hurts, I just want to be free. Please it hurt so much. I can’t do this anymore! Someone please call for me. Get me out of here! Patton’s knees gave out on him as his shaking hands clutched the script for dear life. His smile hurt but it wouldn’t go away, and his laugh began to sound like sobbing as the room’s tinted glow turned grey. Tears covered his face as strained laughter continued to force their way out.

Please! Stop! It hurt so much, why?! Were we not good enough? What did we do wrong? I’m sorry I’m sorry. Please just fix me. The sobbing and laughter only stopped when Patton collapsed from exhaustion. The nightmares haunting and taunting him through out the night.

The next day Patton woke up and left his room to start his normal routine as always. Smiling brightly at the other sides. It was his job to smile, to give them moral support. So what if he broke down and his back and neck still hurt from sleeping on the floor? So what if he’s throat felt raw from all the screaming and crying he did? He was use to it. He could continue faking his laugh and smiles.

His room was very good at teaching him how.

I’ve been very busy with work lately and sleeping five hours a night and things, so I’m probably overreaching and/or not making any sense, but this -

- I loved this, not only the scene, but how everything was framed, and yet there’s something bugging me - why is Dean keeping his right hand on the sigil and his left on the blade? Dean is right-handed - it would have made much more sense to cut his left hand and keep his dominant hand unhurt and free. 

As I said, I’m basically delirious - but what we do know is that the left hand is the one which is a symbol for love, right? because that’s where we keep our rings (according to a medieval legend, there’s a vein that goes from the heart to our left hand, so that’s why our weddings bands go on our left hand and not our right)? Whereas the right hand - that’s rationality, doing things, fighting, writing, being all practical and sensible. And Dean’s right hand is on the Enochian sigil, because that’s the good choice - that’s what he should do to save everyone’s lives here - his, and also Sam’s, because his brother’s not far behind, because he never is, and as for Cas -



Dean’s feelings for Cas - a left-hand kind of thing. Back in Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox, the other Yockey episode, Dean picks up Asa’s angel blade with his right hand, because that was a weapon, and Dean favours his right hand when he fights, and that’s what makes sense. But this time around - I don’t think that blade is Cas’ (?), but it’s still an angel blade, which means it represents this brave, amazing, infuriating angel Dean loves unconditionally - hence the left hand, and Dean’s ‘illogical’, ‘wrong’ decision to trade his life for Cas’.

Birthday Bash - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 7,335

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Shower Sex, Multiple Orgasms, Orgasm Denial, Mentions of Masturbation. Mentions of Alcohol AKA Gally’s Recipe, Spanking, Dry Humping, Daddy Kink, Morning Sex

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @writing-obrien. I love you so much. You mean the world to me. I would have never thought three months ago when i started writing that I would become such good friends with you. I wrote this in 12 hours and I hope there are not many errors because I am literally falling asleep and can barely type coherently. 

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my apologies || thomas (smut)

word count: 3214

warnings: shower sex

prompt: collab with @sincerelystiles

author’s note: this is a very steamy thomas smut from soph and i! enjoy!


coming soon

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The Master of Diaper - Batmom x Batkids/Bruce Wayne

Summary : It’s a war between your four sons, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian…To know who’s the best at changing their little brother’s, Thomas, diapers. A rather intense war really, as they all want to become “The master of Diapers”. 

Just a short silly fic that came up to me while I was drifting off to sleep. And in case you’re wondering who “Thomas” is, here’s the fic that introduces him : “Shaky steps and bad teaching”. Hope you like it ahem : 

(My masterlist blog here :


You always impressed Bruce, always.

The way you wouldn’t let anyone walk on your feet, and use your sarcasms and wits to get out of any “bad social situations” was impressive to him.

The way you always managed to make people around you smile and laugh, even him and your brooding sons, was impressive to him. 

The way you always seem to find the right words to comfort someone, or to tell your feelings, was impressive to him. 

The way you trained, even harder than him sometimes, was impressive to him. 

The way you fought, so fiercely and fearlessly, was impressive to him. 

The way you seemed to know everything, like you always had the answer to people’s questions (about ANYTHING), was impressive to him. 

And oh if he really had to list everything that he found impressive in you, it would take too many years. Yes, you always impressed your Bruce. Always. 

But today, you surpassed even yourself ! Your cleverness, he knew it now, had no bound ! Damn smart woman you were. 

What impressed him so much ? The way you so easily manipulated your sons into changing their little brother’s dirty diapers. It was such genius that he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you, admiration shining in his eyes. And the worst thing was, that you didn’t even know you were so awesome, and the only person he truly admired in this universe…Which made you even more awesome. 

It was really clever, the way you ended up convincing your sons to take care of their little brother’s, Thomas, dirty diapers. You played on their competitive side. One day, as Bruce was changing Thomas, you just dropped a “Wow, you’re slow, I bet even Damian could be faster than you”, which confused him a little bit. It wasn’t like you to say such things but…Oh, but of course. The boys were in the room, and he swore he saw their ears moving, quite like dogs, as they heard what their mother just said. 

It was a smart move really. Right after saying that, and therefor attracting their attention on the two of you, you heavily hinted that it took lots of skills to properly change diapers, and that you’d be impressed if you saw anyone do it in less than a minute…They took it as a challenge. Of course they did. 

As Bruce was finishing to change Thomas’ diaper (rather fast to be honest), Damian approached and said : 

-I bet mom is right, and I can be faster than you, father. 

Of course, now he said that, Tim had to add : 

-And I bet I’d be faster than you. 

Jason and Dick couldn’t be out of this little game, and felt like they were obligated to say : 

-Yeah right you little munchkins, I bet I will do it faster. Hey, stop repeating what I say ! Stop. Stop. STOP ! JASON/DICK ! HAHA ! Erf…

And so it started. 

The long race to who was going to become “The Master of Diapers”. 

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hahah this is a one shot and it sucks and not formal but heYYY 

inspired by @bunny-yams’s high school au with jamilams and everything I want in life

word count: 733 oops its short

pretty sure it doesn’t have any trigger warnings, just some cussing bc i can’t write anything without throwing fuck in there this is mainly just fluff y’all 


Alex woke up in bed alone, cuddled up with some blankets. He opened his eyes groggily and rubbed the side of his face. John and Thomas had stayed the night with him, but it wasn’t like them to disappear before he woke up. 

“Johnny? Tom?” Alex sat up, not hearing either of them in the bathroom either. He pursed his lips about to get out of bed before a soft knock of the door sounded. John quickly stuck his face through the door, grinning. 

“Hey, beautiful.” John beamed, coming towards Alex and attacking his face with kisses. Alex laughed, pushing John away gently. 

“What’s going on, John? You’re being awfully sweet.” Alex teased. John put a hand over his chest in fake shock. 

“Are you saying I’m not always sweet to you?” John protested, pulling back a smile. “I’m offended.”

“John, you know-”

“IS HE AWAKE YET?” Thomas yelled, interrupting them. John laughed, kissing Alex on the cheek. 

“PLEASE SAY YES, THOMAS IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP THE GODDAMN KITCHEN.” George, Alex’s dad, shouted too. Alex giggled, staring at John wildly. 

“What do you have planned?” Alex asked. John stood up and didn’t reply. He grabbed Alex gently, picking him up and tossing him over his shoulder. Alex let out a yelp of surprise and pounded on John’s back. His laughter got in the way of anything he wanted to say. Soon, John set Alex down softly in the kitchen and moved to Thomas’s side, letting Alex turn around to see the beautiful mess that was the kitchen. 

Propped against one of the counters was a small canvas, decorated with polaroid pictures of Alex with all of his friends and family, but mainly with pictures of him and John and Thomas. Next to the canvas on the counter, was a sloppy cake that was obviously made with lots of love and a fuck-ton of patience. Alex was shocked. No one had ever done much for his birthday, except some cards in the mail, a wad of cash, and a gift from George. 

Thomas wrapped an arm around Alex, grinning and pulling him close. 

“Happy birthday, baby.” Thomas said to the blushing and beaming Alex next to him. 

“Thank you so much, Tommy.” Alex gasped out, holding back his tears of happiness. 

“Aw, you made him cry, Thomas!” John put in jokingly. Thomas rolled his eyes. 

“The canvas was your idea, idiot.” Thomas retorted, wrapping his arms completely around Alex and hugging him tight. Alex pulled away from him a few seconds later, barreling into John and hugging him forcefully. John laughed and planted a kiss on Alex’s head. 

“Happy birthday, love.” John hummed, wiping Alex’s joyful tears off his face. Alex grinned, sniffling and looking at the canvas again. There was one big picture in the middle, and Alex lost track of how long he started at it.

Alex was in the center of the photo, grinning crazily. On either side of him, John and Thomas were planting a kiss on Alex’s cheeks. He saw Christmas lights in the background, and he remembered fondly when it was taken. Christmas Eve, the first Christmas when they were all together. Alex bounced on his heels. He couldn’t wait for another Christmas like that. 

“I was thinking you could put it in the space above your desk,” Thomas said. “So when you’re writing essays deep into the night, you can look up and it and remember that we want you to get some fucking sleep.” 

John and Alex laughed together, while George tried to hold back his laughter with a muffled snort. Alex turned to George and gave him a hug too. 

“Don’t eat cake for breakfast, for the love of god,” George sighed good-heartedly. “The last thing we need is three hormonal teenagers running around the house high on cake.” 

“Got it, Dad.” Alex replied, his face flush with happiness. George said his quick goodbye and left the room to get ready for work. Alex moved back to his boyfriends, and they squished them into a tight hug.

“Love you, baby,” Thomas muttered happily. 

“I love you,” John said, drawing out the u and making Alex laugh. 

“I love you guys too,” Alex blushed. “Thank you so much for an awesome birthday. I forgot about it myself.”

“Well, that’s why you have us.” Thomas smirked, kissing Alex’s head. “Because we’ll never forget something so special.”