Happy Wednesday! I brought you a cartoon to celebrate babies!

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This is a tribute of “Gung Ho”, which will be printed in the third volume of the comic.
 I met Thomas for the first time at the Amiens-Comic-Festival and he asked me afterwards if I would draw a tribute for the next book. And so I did. These are the  characters Zack and Yuki  having a good time. What I like about the book and what I wanted to illustrate is that there are those quiet beautiful moments, where the humans forget the danger which is hovering above them everyday.

It was lot of fun!


“I love everything about her, and I’m not a guy who says that lightly, I’m a guy who has faked love his entire life..I thought love was just something idiots thought they felt, but this woman has an hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to, and there have been times that I wanted to.
It has been overwhelming, then humbling and even painful at times..but I could not stop loving her anymore than I could stop breathing. I’m hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. More than she knows.”

yall idk but i started crying like 4 times today because I was looking at sehun……….like………im getting so emotional idk… like I just thougt about a few little things,,, like his expression seems rather annoyed but you just can see that hes really trying,, especially that one video where yixings like all hyper around him and sehuns like starting to look a little more attentive and trying to control his facial expression to not seem like cold(?) like im crying again i just want him to know that I know hes not bored or annoyed like hes (at least thats what I think) just not that good at showing his emotions (+ his ‘resting bitch face’) and it makes me so sad seeing ppl talk shit about him saying stuff like ‘he doesnt care’ or ‘hes annoyed’ nd like,,, I do that sometimes too with my memes but I still know its just his expression like I said it just makes me sad that people actually think he rlly just doesnt care when u can see (if u try to kind of analyse his actions/body lenguage) especially in videos that he really is trying his best and im so emo atm I love sehun so much hes an angel I hope he knows that