In 2012, Chow Hok Kuen was arrested after police made the morbid discovery of six dead babies in a Bangkok hotel. The babies were aged between two-months-old to six-month-old and were wrapped in gold leaf and roasted, apparently as a black magic ritual. He was preparing to attempt to smuggle the babies into Taiwan, where they could be sold. The plan was foiled after police received a tip-off that corpses were being sold to wealthy clients on a black magic website. 

First fall. Yuan Zai, the first Taiwan-born baby panda, climbs inside its enclosure at the Taipei City Zoo. Yuan Zai, who weighed 180 grams at birth, now weighs about 14 kilos and make made her anticipated public debut as she turned six months old.

Première chute. Yuan Zai, le premier bébé panda né en captivité à Taïwan essaye de monter sur une branche d’arbre à l’intérieur d’un enclos du Zoo de Taipei. Ce bébé panda vient d’être présenté au public pour ces six mois. Pesant 180 grammes à sa naissance, il fait aujourd’hui plus de 14 kilos et se porte à merveille.


EXO Relay Chatting Event Encore - SUHO
  1. Everyone, I’m quite late to this
  2. I uploaded a notice out of blue
  3. You must be surprised right?
  4. kk Of course I wrote it myself by using Hangeul 2002
  5. I wrote it all myself
  6. Because I want to chat with all of you
  7. This chatting event is organised upon my personal request
  8. I am late to this
  9. I should be the one to start this chatting though…
  10. Hu…
  11. Hahaha
  12. Let’s enjoy this chatting session
  13. Baekhyun ate his toast while talking about burping
  14. @ Have to go to Busan!
  15. @ Baby don’t cry~~ DuDumChitdumChi
  16. @ You have to go to school. After going to school then come to Busan hehe
  17. @ Baby Level…
  18. @ Hello Taiwan fans!!!
  19. @ Hi, Yong Yeon-nim
  20. @ I will do this for one hour
  21. @ After burning fats then you can remove it
  22. @ Is Junhee doing well… Why does she migrate
  23. @ Inherited ^^
  24. @ Hun-ee
  25. @ I’m wearing glasses
  26. @ Today was supposed to be like a battle and I was supposed to start this.. but it was canceled..
  27. @ Those which are half-cooked ones
  28. @ If I didn’t become a singer, then I will become a gagman at 25
  29. @ MulHwe (물회) (Note: A Korean food)
  30. @ Did you watch it kk Guitarman kkkkkkkk
  31. @ I wear both top and bottom to sleep (Note: He used the lyrics from EXID’s Up and Down)
  32. @ ‘Promise’ is a very touching song
  33. @ What?
  34. @ Ha… Seup… Ha…
  35. @ I can see well, very much
  36. @ When I am too tired, I sleep like that without knowing
  37. @ kkkk Many of those. Please be anticipated
  38. @ kkk I didn’t feel on the verge of crying yet
  39. @ Back then, there wasn’t Taemyeong.. Myeommooreuk (Note: Myeonmooreuk means Myeonnie is sad)
  40. @ I didn’t clean that up
  41. @ Hi
  42. @ kkkk what kind of ‘dried-squid’ question is this? kk
  43. @ I’m working very hard now
  44. @ I close my eyes before I sleep
  45. @ As for today dinner, I need to ask my mum…
  46. @ I will assume that mine is prettier
  47. @ Myself in the mirror
  48. @ What?
  49. @ kkkk I will try writing it once
  50. @ Me too, thanks for being EXO-L TT
  51. @ O-Level Student, Fighting!!
  52. @ Weird.. Weird.. Weird..
  53. @ You’re my friend! (Note: As in they are same age)
  54. @ Society Culture is the easiest subject
  55. @ If you don’t talk much, then your words are precious
  56. @ I don’t usually play games TTTT
  57. @ Beef is the best
  58. @ Side bangs
  59. @ You’re correct
  60. @ I also can’t contact him, this bastard
  61. @ I was so young so I can’t recall
  62. @ The greatest person in my family
  63. Happiness as always
  64. @ Why you can’t see?
  65. @ I was so excited
  66. @ Are you bugaboo?
  67. @ I can see
  68. @ Hello Nice to meet you and you? (In English)
  69. @ Force!!!!!!!!!!! Ouakkkk!!!!!
  70. @ It’s so so
  71. @ It was canceled
  72. @ After I finished shower kkk
  73. (Q: Who workouts the most?) Suho, Xiumin, Baekhyun and Sehun
  74. @ It’s possible on the day after tomorrow
  75. @ Hukkk
  76. @ You mean you watched it for 30,000 times?
  77. @ EXO-L is you
  78. @ Please watch it for 10,000 times
  79. @ kkkk Kkangchongkkangchong Kkangchongi
  80. @ T-t-thank you….
  81. @ World Won currency
  82. @ I lost your heart
  83. @ I tear up for Red Velvet’s Happiness (Note: Just… get his puns lmao)
  84. @ Pink boy.. kkk It’s like some ice cream name
  85. First time I hit the drip
  86. I should have learnt Judo kkk
  87. It’s too late for me
  88. I just do it comfortably
  89. Anyways Suho is always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. @ Today is like 1:1 chatting
  91. Hu
  92. Yehu
  93. @ I did it quite often
  94. @ kkkk Yehuu
  95. It’s rampant when there’s so many drips
  96. @ Junhee is not here (Note: Junhee is his girl name ever since he dressed up as a girl that time)
  97. @ Ohho
  98. @ Follow the age order kk
  99. @ No, I was told that I will be joining Unpretty Rapstar Season 27
  100. @ I like energy drink (In English)
  101. @ I used to say that I don’t care about my hairstyle back then
  102. @ No, cannot
  103. @ I can see
  104. @ What is Number 112…
  105. @ SoMaek! (Note: Beef+Beer)
  106. @ Donggodo donggodo Two thousand ggoddo
  107. @ Okay, Chicago
  108. @ Cyndaquil
  109. @ hdd…
  110. @ Should do it more seriously
  111. @ Okay, I got it
  112. @ I want take up villain role like the veteran villain actor, Yoo Ah In
  113. @ Guitarman was Jongdae?
  114. @ Me.. I’m good at all these
  115. @ Stupid(?) kkkkkkkkk
  116. (Q: To be honest, who is the member that the members don’t want to share room with?) I think all of them will choose Suho
  117. @ I will say that I like robots
  118. @ I can do it very well [Note: He said it in Japanese(Sugoyi)]
  119. @ Ayy Always struggling
  120. @ Hanbi-nagaki
  121. @ The rose in The Little Prince
  122. (Q: Do you like horror movies?) I will never watch it
  123. @ I want to watch Antman…
  124. @ I’m changing season..
  125. @ I watch it a lot to learn more things
  126. @ Yes o—o
  127. @ Those days were great
  128. @ Overdose
  129. I am very worried about all of your fingers
  130. kkkkkkk
  131. It’s compulsory, compulsoryyy
  132. @ Don’t get hurt
  133. (Q: Please do some old uncle gag) Since I’m not married yet, so I can’t do those kind of gag…
  134. @ Do well in your exam! Don’t just depend on energy drink
  135. (Q: Ah Sprite! Please shower with me using Sprite!) @ It sounds sticky
  136. @ High School Su1 Prep
  137. @ Jjamjjamyeon
  138. (Q: Did you watch Heart Beat India with the members? It was so fun to watch) The members didn’t watch it.. Myeonmooreuk..
  139. @ I like the tail
  140. @ To construct a three-line poem, it’s depend on the feel at that moment
  141. @ I begin eating the main body first kkk
  142. @ Americano
  143. @ Me too
  144. @ Please come to Korea!
  145. @ I was talking with Kyungsoo that I want to go one of the park in New York, and I said Linkin Park instead
  146. @ I like dialects very much
  147. (Q: I look like Ms. Weirdo(Yisanghae), please give me a nickname) Weirdo Janggyuri
  148. The time is ending soon
  149. So it’s time to call each of your name kkk
  150. /Calling the names one by one/
  151. To those who ask me to call your name twice, boogers
  152. Today I’m not on my right mind, I might really call twice kk
  153. Today’s chatting has so many messages came in, it’s like some instant food (Note: He spelt Messages > msg (in English)
  154. Thanks for becoming EXO-L
  155. Today I lost to all of you
  156. huhu
  157. Even so, let’s do this next time again
  158. Thank you for becoming EXO-L
  159. I love you
  160. Because it’s 1:1, so let’s do this again next time
  161. We are one, EXO, Let’s Love
  162. I’ll accumulate more experience
  163. Everyone, please be healthy
  164. gg (In English)

PS: Those which start with @ are his answers to certain user | Translation cr. to ludeerbambi