I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night - Sarah Williams 

Although many think it was said by Galileo

Request 2/11 for July 2015 -  Requested by book-book-books

A lot of the detail in this is lost in the photo, I will be doing a vector version of this which will look pretty great I hope. 


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Ten Things I want to see in the WWC Final:

1.) Jill Ellis being smart and not using a 4-4-2

2.) Another shutout for our back line and Hope Solo

3.) Kriegs scoring a goal

4.) Pinoe Leap

5.) More KO

6.) HAO and her game face

7.) KO and HAO at the same time

8.) Alex finally scoring and not being frustrated

9.) A-Rod subbing in and being a badass at some point in the game

And most importantly…

10.) OUR THIRD STAR. And someone ripping their shirt off  à la Brandi Chastain in celebration.

What do you guys want to see?