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Imagine team Voltron raising a space baby of unknown origin but it really likes hanging out with Lance, especially when it gets sick...or fussy or needs a change... Just... Alien baby daddy lance

I always pictured them coming across a Galra baby on a planet where the Galra had a base that was destroyed by another force that was fighting the Galra. The baby could’ve been abandoned, or the mother could’ve died, etc. The team would be shook, but Lance would immediately flock to it, and care for it just like his did with his younger siblings back home. Of course Allura is kinda hesitant about taking in a full blooded Galra into their ship, but she respects and cherish everyone’s life, especially an innocent child. So, they take care of it and raise it. The baby is practically glued to Lance’s hip and can always be found staring at Keith (because it can sense his Galra’s heritage). Just imagine all the fluff and (l)angst it could bring!! 😭😭🖤🖤

Things that will forever haunt me

-when fnaf 2 came out and some people thought freddy was stuffed inside of another freddy suit while already wearing one

-ever single game theory fnaf video in existence

-when we all thought adventure mangle hung herself 

-any sort of drama in this fandom ever

-those purple guy/purple guy aninmatronic easter egg videos

-”bonnie 2.0″

-when people actually got into drama over certain character’s genders

-foxy from fnaf 1. just foxy

-everyone either complaining about toy chica or revealing themself as a hardcore furry during fnaf 2′s release

-when characters in the “Thank You!” image suddenly turned into small and cute versions of themselves and nobody knew what was going on

-adventure nightmare balloon boy

-withered foxy’s voice

-fredbear wants you to hit scott cawthon with a stick

-the fact that you probably die as jeremy in fnaf 2

-those nursery rhyme fnaf videos that you’d only find if you were looking for it intentionally or if you’ve somehow gotten it recommended to you. you know the ones

-everyone saying springtrap is golden freddy

-being spoiled the ending 2 fnaf 3 not even 3 minutes after finding out about it

-everyone thinking eggs benedict/micheal afton was the murderer

-people thinking that circus baby (the original face teaser) was one of the spare suits

-people still want to fuck a dead corpse furry

-one of those people will probably read and reblog/like this

-2017 is the year fazbear’s fright was made

-there is no way in hell circus baby’s was made in the fucking 80′s/90′s

-people still think that game theory’s fnaf videos are correct

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Mouris enjoying the last rays of the setting sun by Babis Kavvadias