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Featuring interviews with her family and inner circle of friends, this in-depth documentary offers a look at what drives ever-evolving diva Beyoncé Knowles’ passion for life – from to her relationship with rapper Jay-Z to the birth of their baby.

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Olicity: Shake

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They’ve been married a year when Oliver wakes up in a damp bed to the sound of cries. He draws his hand from the duvet and registers the claret stain of blood against the fingertips that were resting against Felicity’s thigh as they slept. Everything stutters into a cold reality where he jumps from the bed but has to stand there for a moment and gather himself. She’s crying. Felicity, his Felicity, is crying, and while he’s seen tears on her cheeks he’s never seen her cry like this before.

She cries as if her heart has been taken from her chest and is being hollowed out before her watching eyes. She cries as if every person she’s cherished has been taken out of reach and nothing can bring them back. She cries as if this will leave a scar on her soul that will never heal.

He doesn’t know what to do when she cries like this. It makes his heart stop, makes his body ache. Makes his hands shake. He doesn’t know what to do.

But there’s nothing he can do. The baby’s already gone.

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