I just don't know what to think about this declaration of war from North Korea

At first it’s laughable : it the 25th time they do so, they really don’t have a military power even at least equivalent to the US’s, it’s 2016 which means that literally anything that is happening is battshit crazy.
But when you hike this wall of absurdity and craziness and that you manage to arrive at the top, it hits you. At least it should.
A war is never laughable.
We reblog and create memes, I did, but let’s think about the reality behind this absurdity for a minute : a war with the US can have and will have concequences on a lot of other countries : North Korea itself first, the population lives under a ludicrous dictatorship in which they have no liberty of speech, no liberty to stand against the craziness leaving the mouth of their narcissistic idiotic tyrant.
Then South Korea, country standing (in a way) with the US, could be the first target of NK because of its closeness and well the relationship the country has with NK. Then we have the whole freaking world itself.
I’m french, and I consider myself a citizen of the world. This war declared by NK towards the US will not only face these two, all the allies of both will join and if we all did our history well, we all know what it could lead us to.
If, and I am saying IF, this is a serious matter, we should all be woke and think about what this would mean, not only to us personally but to us, the human race. Because nuclear weapons wouldn’t just kill North Koreans or Americans, it would kill all of us. French. English. Tunisians. Gabonese. Chinese. Puerto Ricans etc.
So let’s stop the memes for a minute. I know laughing is a coping mechanism, but let’s just stop the memes for a minute, because I really don’t know what to think about this declaration of war from North Korea.

it’s all fun and games right now, but some people are actually afraid about a possible world war breaking out

it doesn’t matter how many times they’ve threatened before, we should take it seriously each time

so stop with the “cain’t nobody mess with ‘murica” ignorance and privilege and think about what it truly mean if america/sk had to go against china/nk

think about what sides the other countries would take

think about lives that would be lost

think about the long-term repercussions of a nuclear war

think about the last time the your 'murica got involved in a nuclear war

and also maybe think about what would happen if donald trump had control of those nuclear missile

today's news
  • Reporter:-north korea declares war on the us...
  • Reporter:...wait, this just in- byun baekhyun from exo has just revealed his abs live!!!
  • Reporter:*listening to earpiece*
  • Reporter:folks, i don't believe this, but there has been a sudden two hundred percent surge in baekhyun smut online!!!
  • Reporter:ladies and gentlemen, north korea has just taken back its threat for war!!! kim jong-un is advocating for peace, love, and exo!!!! order is restored!!!!!
  • Reporter:and now for the weather. back to you, jane.