Two Princes

Request: I hope I’m not bothering you but could I request a Kili imagine where he gets jealous over Legolas flirting with you and he gets all pouty and grumpy but cute? :) your imagines are amazing :3

Author’s Note: YAS KILI BABY. Thank you xx It’s short, but I think you’ll like it!

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Imagine Thorin comforting you. (This is only my second fan fic please tell me what you think)

Thorin and you have now been married for a year it took you a little while to get used to living in a mountain. Over the past few days you were excited, your cycle was nearly a week late and you hoping there might be a small babe forming inside you. Being human you were not permitted to be queen but you still had duties to perform.

 You sat with Ori in his office going over the last figures and check list of supplies brought in from Dale,  you knew it was getting late and both of you had not eaten dinner yet, you wanted freshen up before you had dinner with Thorin in your chambers. You let out a small yawn “I think it’s time to call it a day Ori, you should have some dinner too.” Ori looked up from his document and smiled “I think that sounds like a good idea.” Both of you stood up from the large desk; you went to move towards the door and you felt uncomfortable , you heard Ori cleared his throat “ My lady you look a little pale are you okay?”   You looked at the floor for about 20 seconds and then looked at Ori “I’m fine Ori it’s just been a long day” You made your way slowly through the Corridors and up the steps to your chambers both you and Thorin shared, you didn’t feel well. 

Just as you closed the door to your chambers your heart sank, you made your way to the bathroom quickly, your fears were conformed your cycle was just late there was no baby, looking in the mirror you tried to do your best not to cry but a few silent tears fell. Moving out of the bathroom you changed your dress into a simple dark blue dress because there was small amount of blood on it but luckily it didn’t seep through to the outside were people would see.

(Time skip to later that night)

Pretending like nothing happened you remained silent about your heartache and ate dinner with Thorin, after a few hours you sat down to read on the floor nearer to the fire place needing the warmth because you didn’t feel well.  Thorin finally broke the silence and placing his own book in his lap “Y/N you have been very quiet tonight is anything wrong?” Looking up from your book the expression on Thorin’s face was one of concern, managing a small smile you shook your head and said “ Not really it’s just been a long day of concentrating, I was completing the supply figures with Ori I must be a little tired” Thorin studied your face for a short while and you knew he was not buying your excuse. “Hmm the figures can be very taxing but I think there is something else wrong” “What makes you say that?” trying to give a cheeky smile to throw him off “ Because you have been staring at the same page of your book for nearly half an hour.” You looked down at your open book in your lap not even realising you had been just staring at the words on the pages. Thorin leaned down from his chair and placed his finger under your chin and turned your head gently towards him so you were looking at Thorin. You locked eyes with him; Thorin spoke very softly “Please tell me what’s wrong.” You slowly closed and opened your eyes trying not to cry, took a deep breath and look at Thorin’s blue eyes “ My Cycle was nearly a week late and I hoped that maybe I might pregnant but when I came back tonight to our chambers I learnt that my cycle was only late. We have been married a year Thorin and we have not been blessed with a baby, it only took Kili and Tauriel four months of marriage to find out Tauriel was expecting. What if I can’t have any children Thorin?” By now you were in tears, you just couldn’t help it, you hid your face in your hands as you cried. Thorin had placed his book on the side table next to his chair and moved from his seat to the floor in front you. Thorin moved closer to you and wrapped his strong arms around you and you placed your hands on his arms not wanting to let go, after a few minutes Thorin cupped your face with his warm hands “ Y/N Please a baby will come when it comes, I love you more than anything it pains me so to see you so upset. I noticed the last few months you have not been your happy self and others have noticed it too. Is this why?” Looking up with blurry eyes all you could manage was a small nod. “Y/N I hate seeing you so unhappy and I don’t want you getting ill, please! I know you want to hold our child in your arms as do I, but I fear you are going worry about this too much and all this worry and sadness is not good for you. No matter what happens today, tomorrow or in the future I will never stop loving you, with children or without.” You sat listening to your husband talk and you couldn’t even manage to form a sentence, your heart melted at his words for his general concern was for you and only for you. 

Thorin gently picked you up off the floor and carried you bridal style to the bed he stroked his calloused hands on your cheek “ You need to sleep Y/N you are tired, things will seem better tomorrow you’ll see.” 10 minutes later Thorin slipped into bed behind you and wrapped his arm over your stomach. 

(Time Skip)

Five months later you and Thorin were blessed to find out you were expecting a baby. 

The Boy Trapped in Shadow

Based on this imagine over at @imaginexhobbit

Kili x Reader

Warnings: FEELS. Self-esteem issues.

Word count: 1,557

Note: I read this post and then wrote this and I am so sorry.

The child wails, coaxing you none too gently from your sleep.

“I’ll see to him, Y/N,” Kili murmurs as soon as you hoist yourself up from your pillow; he leans over, pressing a kiss to your forehead before rising from the bed with a soft groan. “Don’t worry yourself, I’ve got him.”

Once more, your cheek hits the pillow and, despite trying your hardest while Kili was changing the baby, you lay wide awake as he settles into the chair near the bed, your infant son cooing in his arms.

“Now, we must be quiet,” you hear him whisper. “Yes, we must because your Amad is sleeping. She works so hard for us, you know, and deserves all the peace she can get.”

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Sleepless Nights

Kili could never last a full night in his cradle.

Every night, around 2-3 in the morning, Dis and Vili would be woken by the sounds of their wailing youngest child. One would grumble and tug the blankets around themselves, grunting that its your turn, I got up last night, and the other would scowl before getting up to calm the new baby.

On this particular night, it was Vili’s turn, and he slowly rose from their warm bed with a shiver and a huff as he reached for his coat and slipped it on. With cold bare feet, he walked to the door and stepped out into the hall. Hopefully, Kili would simply fall back asleep after being rocked for a few minutes, rather than have to be walked about the house to finally do so.

At least Fili had been quiet.

Kili’s cradle and his toys had been placed in Fili’s room, mostly due to the fact that the dwarfling had whined for hours about how the new baby would want to stay with his brother instead. Dis assured him that it wouldn’t take long for Fili to want Kili out.

He made his way down the hall sleepily to the boys’ door and twisted the knob, stepping halfway into the room.

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Infinitely More Comfortable

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Kili x Reader

Warnings: Big Baby Kili, the Little Shit of Middle Earth. FLUFF.

Word count: 833

Just missing your fingers with a knife, you flinch wildly, the sneeze from the sitting room very nearly rattling your quarters and the whole mountain to boot; you don’t know how, but you seem to have forgotten the pathetically unwell Dwarf lying on the couch as you busied yourself making his soup. Kili whines, calling your name with a nasally voice once again.

“Yes, Kee?” you call back, dropping the potatoes into the simmering pot.

“Will you come here for a moment, please?”

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TAURIEL: He fell asleep.

For Kiliel Week: the Monday theme is Baby Animals! (I can’t draw animals…)

Years after BOTFA, Kili and Tauriel visit Bilbo at the Shire. Baby Frodo falls in love with Tauriel and follows her everywhere so they end up babysitting Frodo most of the time. Kili is reading a story to Frodo when he falls asleep on Tauriel’s lap.

Acts of compassion (part one)

Based on “Imagine that after BOTFA Thranduil and Thorin have to be present at negotiation meetings, and you are there to stop an interracial conflict” from Imaginexhobbit

Part two is here


The crispness of autumn was in the air that late afternoon, and birds gracefully swooped and dove across the dazzlingly blue sky as you sat at the edge of the pool where the river tarried just outside the Gate of Erebor before flowing forth across the valley. You were happy and peaceful in the fresh air, small under that wide sky, doing nothing but enjoying the view and occasionally picking up nearby pebbles to throw into the water, watching the tiny splashes.

Your contentment was made complete when you looked up to see Thorin emerge from the Gate and walk toward you, his face wearing the affectionate smile he always had for you. He sank to the ground beside you, leaning to lightly kiss you, tucking a lock of hair that had been loosened by the breeze behind your ear.

“How has the day treated you?” you asked, smiling. 

“Well enough,” he answered, then fell silent, gazing into the pool. 

You knew him too well, and reached to stroke his cheek, making him turn to meet your searching look. “What is it, love?” 

He smiled, both amused by and appreciative of your ability to read his moods. “Kili and Fili have come back.” 

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Request for @mu5icluv3r97
I hope this is okay let me know what you think I can always re-do!

Lots of fluff and such!
(Requests still open)
“I think you should name it Thorin if it’s a boy” Kili shot his uncle a look and you couldn’t help but laugh. “If I tell you I’ll consider your input would you believe me?” Thorin smiled and shook his head. It had been 8 months so far and the swell of you belly had grown to an impressive size bump. As the time drew closer to giving birth you had both decided it was time to start thinking about names again. “I’m not calling our child Thorin” Kili say down behind you and you scooted back to lean against his chest. He placed his arms around your waist and rested his hands on your bump, giggling quietly when the baby kicked. “You should name it after your favorite and only brother” fili added. “I’d rather name it Thorin” Kili said smirking at his brother. “It could be a girl” you say looking between the faces of the line of durin. “Could be” Kili planted a kiss behind your ear and smiled against your skin. A lot of attention and care was given to you more recently from Kili’s family members, his mother was giving you advice on what to eat and drink to help stop nausea and to help with aches you seem to be getting frequently in your lower back. Your breasts ached as well but there wasn’t much to do about that, Kili had some ideas but anything sexual was off the table; much to his disappointment. “Are you ready to be a father?” Thorin asked and then re worded his question “I mean, do you feel prepared for when the baby comes?” Kili mumbled a reply into your neck and you nudged him to speak louder. “Of course I’m ready I was raised by the best father figure” Kili’s eye caught Thorin’s and you smiled widely as Thorin’s eyes became glazed with tears which he quickly wiped away. “Go hug him” you whispered to Kili and he complied walking over to his uncle. Fili sat down beside you smiling. “Aye we were raised by the best” you placed a hand on his knee. “You’ll be an uncle soon” you pointed out. Fili nodded slowly and placed his hand over yours. “You’re an amazing wife to Kili and an even better sister to me, I’m very glad you’re part of our family, very glad” his words brought tears to your own eyes. “It’s where I belong” you reply “with family” “with family” he repeated and you leaned over to hug him. You stood up and started to walk away from the trio. Kili ran after you “is everything okay?” He asked his eyes flicking over your face. “Kili, love, I’m fine I just need to pee, your child is doing their very best to make my bladder burst” his body immediately relaxed and he lifted your hand to his lips. “We’ll go home after yeah?” You nodded and carried on walking, your hand protectively resting on your bump.
“You know (y/n)?” Kili called from the kitchen. You were currently in bed reading whilst Kili was making you both a drink. “What?” You called back continuing to read. “I just thought do you want me there for the birth?” He was in the doorway now holding the two cups and handing you yours. “Thank you, and of course I want you there you’re my husband, the father, I want you by my side, you promised me that’s where you’ll always be” he climbed under the sheets next to you and grinned. “I was hoping you’d say that” you placed your cup on the side. “Kili…” He tilted his head towards you. “Are you..are you still attracted to me even though I’m like this?” You had fears for what your body would look like after you gave birth and you didn’t want Kili to be repulsed. He sat up straight and leaned over to kiss you. It was a long kiss and you didn’t want to pull away, so you tangled your fingers in his hair and pulled him closer, the stubble of his beard brushing against your smooth skin. He pulled away slightly and rested his forehead on yours. “I am never going to be un attracted to you (y/n) you are /so/ beautiful” he laced his fingers with yours and showered your face and neck with kisses as you giggled and tried to push him off. “I love you Kili” he stopping kissing you and just looked, his eyes dancing in the candle light. “I love you (y/n)” the baby took the opportune time to kick and Kili let out a low laugh before placing his hand on your stomach. “And I love you, and you’re mother loves you too” you loved when Kili talked to the baby through your bump it was adorable, even when you’d fall asleep Kili would usually stay awake and whisper stories to your unborn child, tonight seemed no different. “Two years ago I married you mother” he said smiling up at you “aye you did” he kissed your stomach and then moved up to kiss you. “I just wish I had married you sooner” “oh yeah? Why’s that?” He kissed you again and pulled the blanket up over you both. “So I could say that you were mine for longer” by now you would’ve thought blushing at his words was in the past but clearly you still get flushed. “You’re cute” he whispered wrapping his arm around you pulling you to him. It was the early hours of the morning when you felt strange. Kili was lying on his stomach spark out and you decided it was best to leave him. You climbed out of bed and staggered to the toilet, but nothing happened. You made yourself a drink but couldn’t bare to actually lift it to your lips and the thought of food made your stomach sick. You felt hot and your hair started to stick to your head as beads of sweat started to drip down your body. “Kili!” You called, trying to navigate your way back to the bedroom but ended up collapsing on the floor curled up in pain. “KILI!” you heard footsteps running towards you. “(Y/n)!” He shouted and crouched in front of you “what is it?!” You couldn’t form a coherent sentence so instead he carefully lifted you up in his arms. He looked at the floor and you tilted your head to see what he was looking at, water. “The baby’s coming!” You tried to make sense of the situation but the crippling pain near your hips made you scream out in pain instead. You don’t recall how you got to this strange bed but some how you must’ve. Your eyes adjusted to the bright light of the candles and lanterns around you. “Kili..” You croaked. “I’m here, I’m right by your side” he stood up and held a cup of water to your lips you accepted the cool liquid gratefully. “The baby..” You started but he shushed you and stroked your hair. “Their just coming earlier than expected, that can be normal for some births” your hand rested on your bump and you smiled up at him. “You’re amazing” he kissed you gently and squeezed your hand, soon enough the room had two experienced midwives occupying it as well as you and Kili. “(Y/n)? The pain you have been experiencing is contractions, when they start becoming more frequent it means you needs to push okay?” One said softly. Kili stood up and held your hand in both of his. “Squeeze my hand when you push okay? It might help” you nodded and waited until the contractions became frequent before starting to push. Kili’s mother had told you of the pain but actually going through it was something else. You didn’t plan to scream as much as you did but hell it felt like your baby was ripping you in too. “GET IT OUT OF ME!” You screamed again and squeezed Kili’s hand so tight he yelped in pain. “(Y/n) it’s okay! It’s nearly out, take deep breathes, stay calm I’m here, I’m going to help you through this” just hearing his voice managed to help calm you and he helped you through the breathing, demonstrating so you could follow. You knew you were nearly breaking his hand but he showed no sign of moving them away from you. The midwives were praising you but you kept your gaze on Kili and zoned them out. He was truly amazing, how he was staying calm you had no idea but his support was overwhelming. You didn’t have much more time to admire your husband as a whole new rack of pain ripped through your body. “It’s coming, we can see the head.” Kili peered down, not that you cares you just wanted it out of you. When he came back into your view he had tears in his eyes. “Kil-AHHHHHHHH!” He told you when to push and kept you going through each push so you wouldn’t quit and eventually you heard the screaming of your child. “It’s a (b/g)!” You threw your head back against the pillows as the midwives sorted your baby out and the next thing you knew Kili was holding the baby in his arms. He sat down on the edge of the bed crying with happiness and handed you your new baby (b/g). (His/her) eyes were closed but as you carefully stroked (his/her) tiny hand (he/she) wrapped (his/her) fingers around your one. “Kili look!” You whispered, tears spilling down your own face. “(He/she) is so beautiful” he said. You moved up the bed so Kili could climb in beside you. You cuddled close to his body as his arm draped over your shoulder. The other resting against your new baby. “I am so proud of you (y/n)” you looked up into his eyes and felt like you were falling in love with him all over again. You pressed your lips to his and then rested your head against his shoulder. “I am so glad to be spending the rest of my life with you…as a family” “don’t worry baby (b/g) we are going to keep you safe because you now belong to our family” Kili said gently. “And we love you very much” later on family members visited a few at a time. When it came to Fili’s turn he couldn’t stop crying and had to go back outside. Thorin currently had the baby bundled in his arms rocking (him/her) gently. “You two are going to be exceptional parents” Kili hugged you tight against his chest and you tangled your legs with his. “Like you said, you learned from the best” Kili nudged your nose with his and pecked your lips twice. “I still think you should call it Thorin” and you both laughed before lying back against the pillows.

Imagine the company finding a baby and taking care of it

For momoxbear :)


Thorin, Balin, Fili, Kili, Ori, Gloin and Dwalin were travelling back from Dale after discussing business plans with Bard and helping a while with the rebuilding of the town. They’d only been away from Erebor about a week but they were extremely happy to be getting back, the openness of human towns just didn’t suit Dwarves.

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