Dennor headcanons


- Denmark and Norway like to go hiking together (though they don’t do it as much as they used to)

- They cuddle a lot (like A LOT) (you’d be surprised if you wouldn’t see them cuddling at least once)

- Both of them baby Iceland a lot and are really protective of him

- They don’t fight that often (they bicker a lot, but it’s never really serious)

- Sometimes Norway secretly cries when they watch sad movies (not that Den notices eheheh.. ok he notices and starts to comfort Norway)

- When it’s Nor’s birthday, Den will try to do everything for him or get everything for him (basically like ‘‘No Nor i will do it’‘ ‘‘No Nor just stay there, i will get it for you’‘ ‘‘NOR PLS LET ME DO THIS’‘

- Norway doesn’t really like swimming, because he’s not very good at it (naturally Den tried to teach Norway to get better at swimming, only to have Nor shove him in the water and leave) (Ok Nor came back pretty quickly after that)

- Nor wears lot of Den’s shirts (while Denmark is slowly dying because damn)

- Both of them love traditional fairytales (Nor reads them out loud a lot and Den listens) (They used to recreate them to Iceland, when he was small)

- When they first met, Den thought that Norway is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen (he still thinks so)

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Any headcanons for the Nordics during the Viking Age?

-lots of hair braiding
-Den was the chief of a clan, tribe, whatever it was called
-fin was scared of den and sve when they all first met and would cling to norway
-den would never miss a battle, but Sweden and Norway only fought when necessary
-lots of play fighting with wooden weapons between baby Iceland and Denmark.
-Sweden sewed all the clothes
-Norway’s really good at fishing
-lots of family cuddling under fur blankets on cold winter nights
-Baby Ice would go collect berries and stuff with Mr Puffin and Finland.
-Iceland and Finland freaked out when Denmark caught a bunny in a trap and was going to kill it for food. Norway made him let the bunny go to spare ice and fin.
-baby ice wanted to go battle with his brothers, but had to stay back so he wouldnt get hurt.

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"in the pounding final moments of Sense8’s second season, good guy Will (Brian J. Smith) tells an unconscious, bloodied Whispers (Terrence Mann), who’s been trying to round up the telepaths known as “sensates,” that he and his sensate brethren will “give [him] a war”—but it’s Riley (Tuppence Middleton) who has assembled the army." wow. tru

Riley is so… important

Like she took a grown up man from the mountains where she lost her baby and husband in iceland to amsterdam, she maintained him alive for 6 months even if he was in a comatose state bc of drugs. Riley Blue, who lost her mother, her husband and her daughter and was suicidal fought for her new family with everything she had AND I DON’T WANT ANY OF YOU TO EVER FORGET THAT 

  • Iceland: wow... I can't believe I made it this far in the Eurocup... The Europeans will definitely take me seriously now-
  • Sweden: TH'TS MY ICE, GO 'ET TH'M

if you would please take a moment to imagine Sweden, Norway, and Denmark as big, scary, wild vikings having a wooden sword fight with little baby Iceland, purposely getting “stabbed” every other second and then parading Ice around on their shoulders afterwards as the rightful victor and he’s beaming and laughing he’s just so happy

Actual Anko Family Conversation
  • Norway: Wow, fuck, how long was I asleep?
  • Denmark: Nor, there are children here.
  • Norway: Shit. Fuck. Dammit!!
  • Baby Iceland: Daddy, what does ‘fuck’ mean?
  • Denmark: OH SON. It’s what I do to your father ever--
  • Denmark: You started it.
  • Iceland: Daddy, Im scared.
  • Denmark: Don’t worry, so am I.

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Could you do a headcanon where the Nordics wake up in the middle of the night to their baby crying for an unknown reason but in the end the reason is they got scared or they were lonely?


Sweden: Sve would come in, it had been a stormy night, thunder clapped and lightening struck. When he heard the cries he was not surprised. Coming in his baby would be super scared. Sve reaching into the crib and sitting upon the floor legs crossed, as he held the baby close. He patting the little one on the back softly saying that ‘it was ok‘. The little one not easily pacified. Sve kissing it’s forehead, he would decide he needed to talk to the little one. The sound of his voice a familiar and comforting sound to their ears. He would begin to tell the little one of the last time there was a storm like this one and how when he was young they used to scare him too. Sve smiling down at them as the baby’s cries began to lessen. The little one drifting off to sleep, all it needing was some love and the sound of daddy’s voice to make it all better and unafraid of the nasty old storm.

Finland: Fin would be the one to usually be up as soon as he heard the baby cry. Going to their room, seeing the little one crying really hard, unusual in manner as the fin was very attentive to his baby‘s cries. This was not a hungry or fussy cry. ‘Something must have really made them scared,’ the Fin would think as he took the little one up into his arms. Holding them close as they still cried hard. What would be intimidating to a father was a breeze for Fin. He pacing around the room, gently bouncing the little one as their cries seemed to subside after a few minutes. Fin talking to the baby as the paced. Saying that he didn’t know what made them so afraid that daddy was there and there was nothing he couldn’t fix. A little while later the little one would feel at ease and fall asleep in Fin’s arms. Fin giving them a little kiss on the cheek, placing them back  in their crib. His S/O worried about how long it took would check on the two, asking what the matter was, Fin unsure but happy that their little one felt secure again. As they both watched their baby sleep peacefully.

Iceland: Ice hearing his baby upset about something would come to their room, seeing his little one standing in their crib tears coming down their cheeks, their little face just soaking wet. Extending their hands to him, he would take them up as they buried their little face in his shoulder hugging daddy as tight as their little arms could. Icey holding them close, hugging them too, and kissing their cheek as he ask them curiously ‘Sweetie what’s got you all shook up?’ his little one still crying, Ice feeling the tears soaking through his shirt as he gave little kisses to them, as he told them he was there for them. It taking a bit, but after a while they would feel safe in Iceland’s grasp. Their eyes getting heavy as he stroked their back with his thumb, making sure the little one was asleep. Smiling as he said lowly, ‘You just wanted daddy didn’t you?’

Norway: Norge was wonderful when it came to dealing with an unexpected wake up from baby in the middle of the night. Norge had turned from Mr. Mysterious to full on daddy after he and his S/O had their child. Approaching the crib he would take the cryng little thing into his embrace and being to speak to them. Asking them what happened and why all the fuss so late. Joking that it was way past heir bed time. Then beginning to sing lowly  to them as he rocked them to calm them. He checking the room out as he sang to see if there was anything that may have caused this unexpected behavior. Nor being super protective over his baby. Once the crying stopped and the little one was asleep he would place them in their crib stroke their cheek with his index finger. Smiling down at them, sighing and telling them he loved them with all his heart.

Denmark: Coming to the side of the crib, his baby laying, crying it’s little eyes out, reaching out for their daddy, Den would pick them up in his arms and place his hand on their back. Softly shushing them as he sat down in the rocking chair. Rocking back and forth gently, the crying starting to die down as he spoke lowly to them. Saying that they needed to go back to sleep, placing his lips and the baby’s cheek as the little one cooed and calmed down. Den’s S/O laying in their bed, eyes closed but  listening to what the Dane was saying over the baby monitor, smiling as the Dane told the baby how much he loved it. His S/O feeling pretty lucky to have him in their life. After a little while the Dane managed to get the little one to fall asleep in his arms. Den placing them back in the crib. Rubbing their back and  just looking in wonder at the little life before him. Still amazed that he could be so fortunate to have the title of father.