Aph Anko Family with Baby Iceland

Denmark: Hey buddy, what’s wrong?

Baby Iceland: M-my fish…

Norway: Tell Dan what you told me, Ice.

Baby Iceland: H-his ghost fell out.

Norway: *whispering* His fish died.

Denmark: …oh…

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what nicknames would the face family and the nordics give to their s/o?

This took some thought, but I hope you enjoy!!~ Admin Sarah and Jay 
Also, Admin Sarah want’s to apologize for all of the French you may encounter below.

France: Mon Cher/Cherie, mon petite fleur (My little flower), mon amour (my love)

America: Baby, sweetheart, sweet-cheeks, sweet-thing, dude/dudette (if they really want to gender, but come on, dude is universal) side-kick.

Canada: Sweetie, Angel, Honey, sometimes he’d call them babe, but that’s rare. 

England: Dear, love, darling, my dearest, pet

Norway: Love, dear, dearest. 

Iceland: Babe,baby, angel if he wants something.

Finland: Sweetheart, honey, lovely, my dearest, hun.

Sweden: Love, dear, sometimes angel, but that would be rare.

Denmark:  babe, dude, bestest person on the whole planet, min skat (my treasure)

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What if Norway and Iceland fell for the same person?

Talk about a war..~Admin Sarah

Lukas would be surprised to know that his brother could develop crushes..yet alone on the same type of person that he’s into..Though, it is his he can play a little dirty. He’d bring up things to make Emil flustered, especially showing their crush old baby pictures.

Emil wouldn’t want to have Lukas win his crush..especially because Lukas always wins people over..He’d go out of his way to annoy Lukas so Lukas snaps a little, or brings up things like how “obsessed” Lukas is with fairy-tales or a magical troll that follows him around.

Dennor headcanons


- Denmark and Norway like to go hiking together (though they don’t do it as much as they used to)

- They cuddle a lot (like A LOT) (you’d be surprised if you wouldn’t see them cuddling at least once)

- Both of them baby Iceland a lot and are really protective of him

- They don’t fight that often (they bicker a lot, but it’s never really serious)

- Sometimes Norway secretly cries when they watch sad movies (not that Den notices eheheh.. ok he notices and starts to comfort Norway)

- When it’s Nor’s birthday, Den will try to do everything for him or get everything for him (basically like ‘‘No Nor i will do it’‘ ‘‘No Nor just stay there, i will get it for you’‘ ‘‘NOR PLS LET ME DO THIS’‘

- Norway doesn’t really like swimming, because he’s not very good at it (naturally Den tried to teach Norway to get better at swimming, only to have Nor shove him in the water and leave) (Ok Nor came back pretty quickly after that)

- Nor wears lot of Den’s shirts (while Denmark is slowly dying because damn)

- Both of them love traditional fairytales (Nor reads them out loud a lot and Den listens) (They used to recreate them to Iceland, when he was small)

- When they first met, Den thought that Norway is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen (he still thinks so)

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Any headcanons for the Nordics during the Viking Age?

-lots of hair braiding
-Den was the chief of a clan, tribe, whatever it was called
-fin was scared of den and sve when they all first met and would cling to norway
-den would never miss a battle, but Sweden and Norway only fought when necessary
-lots of play fighting with wooden weapons between baby Iceland and Denmark.
-Sweden sewed all the clothes
-Norway’s really good at fishing
-lots of family cuddling under fur blankets on cold winter nights
-Baby Ice would go collect berries and stuff with Mr Puffin and Finland.
-Iceland and Finland freaked out when Denmark caught a bunny in a trap and was going to kill it for food. Norway made him let the bunny go to spare ice and fin.
-baby ice wanted to go battle with his brothers, but had to stay back so he wouldnt get hurt.