PANTS: Pin Up Girl Clothing
HEADBAND: Forever21
CARDIGAN: Wheels & Dollbaby
BAG: Baby The Stars Shine Bright

I’ve wanted to own something from BtSSB pretty much since I was 13 & started discovering Lolita (for those who don’t know, a vintage-inspired Japanese fashion subculture that’s gotten even more popular outside of Harajuku). When I saw this Ribbon Heart Bag at the BtSSB store in NYC I knew I had to sacrifice some funds for it. I had it shipped from Japan when it sold out! So expensive, but it’s so precious & it looks like a retro valentine (oh boy I do adore valentines!

My PUG black stretch capris have been one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. They’re high-waisted and come with a belt and should be a PinUp fashion staple! Plus my limited edition Dita Von Teese cardigan in pale pink from Wheels & Dollbaby (who recently gifted me the new lavender colorway), I’m feeling pretty cheesecake right now <3 My hair could use some TLC though :c