Baby otter dreaming, that is all. 


Adventures with gckaf!

Time for a Treetop Tall Tuesday! During my long walk around friend gckaf’s yard, I climbed a few trees! I felt so tall sitting in the big tree branches!

As an added bonus, my leash acted as a safety line, although Mommy and gckaf were watching me so closely that they would have caught me even without it. Besides, I am a pro at climbing trees now!

The Signs As Babies
  • Aries:Steals everyone's cookies and hits them if they get mad
  • Taurus:Cries when Aries takes their cookies cuz they don't like sharing; decides to take a nap cuz Aries is stronger
  • Gemini:Throwing tantrums and trying to tell on Aries, but they don't know how to talk yet so they just cry
  • Cancer:Is happy just cuddling their teddy bear
  • Leo:Gets in a fight with Aries cuz they are not putting up with their bs
  • Virgo:Sulking in the corner of the playpen
  • Libra:Running around and hitting things with their toys
  • Scorpio:That one baby that never cries, just stares
  • Sagittarius:The self-proclaimed leader of the group; tries to get everyone to go on adventures like climbing over the playpen or opening the oven
  • Capricorn:The mature one of the group; tries to control Sagittarius cuz they are not trying to get in trouble
  • Aquarius:Speaking in their own made up language and making friends with their dolls
  • Pisces:Crying really loudly
  • *thank you to @5tay-g0ld3n for the cute suggestion :) send suggestions to @cancercornastrology*