i’ve been laughing so hard since yesterday, i still can’t get over this

Well well well, hello you pretty peoples! Once again I’m a bit on the late side of uploadin’ stuff but that’s because of finals and a couple of other stuff. Now that I’m done, I has more time! Woot!

So I’d like to present to you a collab completed between myself and the awesome Here-For-The-Ponies! As usual, I did the lineart and he did the pretty pretty colors; I’d say he really nailed the night scene here. And DAT LIGHTING DOE! Okay no, I seriously love it, and I highly recommend checking out his gallery. :3

This was originally gonna be a bronycon print but we kinda started it a little too late, so it’ll possibly be a print available both online and at future cons next year. The basic idea was that Spike and Twi was interacting with one another and, although this one is kinda veering away from the original idea we initially had, I think it came out pretty great anyway. And of course I has some headcanon to throw in there. C:<

So someone on Tumblr asked me about when a young dragon learns how to breath fire and another asked about Spike’s general origin. To answer both: Spike is basically a miracle baby because his egg was never meant to hatch in the first place. It was originally inert, as in, it was not fertilized and as such it wouldn’t hatch. Celestia found the inactive egg abandoned due to it’s inert state and brought it back with her to use for testing foals for her school. The goal wasn’t to hatch the egg, it was to test the foal to see just how much determination they had as well as how inventive they could get in their attempts to hatch the egg. Twilight was going to be accepted anyway due to just how determined she was to hatch the egg, as well as the several different and clever methods she attempted to try and make the egg hatch, but her becoming Celestia’s personal student happened because she did the near impossible: in her magic-fueled “avatar” state, she literally forced the egg to hatch a hatchling by unconsciously using her magic to fertilize the egg, speed up its development process, and hatch it to reveal a fully developed and perfectly healthy baby dragon. It’s because of the influence of her magic that Spike gained a lavender coloring that’s similar to Twi’s.

It’s also because of her magical influence on Spike that he began to breath fire far sooner than the average hatchling. The average age of a dragon beginning to breath fire is around 3 years old, but even then it’s usually no more than a wisp of fire or a snort of smoke. Spike is able to breath fire around 1 year old, and it’s bigger than what’s normal.

The idea of the image is that Spike had begun to blow small wisps of smoke from his nose and, as his adoptive mother (Spike imprinted on her when he first hatched), Twilight (she’s like 14 here) goes about reading books on fire breathing dragons and how young dragons learn firebeath so she can be prepared. All of the books say he won’t begin to breath actual fire until he’s three… and then Spike, who had been dozing off in her arms, sneezes. The sneeze itself is pretty forceful, but what startles the both of them is that a medium-sized burst of fire spews from his mouth and ignites the nearby candle to have a larger, stronger flame. The fur on Twi’s back bristles with how startled she is, and poor Spike leans closer to Twi since he basically scared himself, both of them staring in disbelief at the candle. Twi slowly pulls Spike closer and closes the book with the thought “uh… bless you, Spike?” And that’s how Twi and Spike discovered that he could breath fire at a much earlier age. 8D

I think that’s all I have to say but I’m kinda half sleep so there may be more. But even still, I’ll just leave it here for now. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! And remember to check out ’s Here-For-The-Ponies gallery!