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Sorry if this is weird but what is the appeal of Saiko? Everybody in the fandom loves her but I don't see what's to special? She doesn't really do anything but laze around and even with chapter 30 she's not done much, the most she did was watch Shirazu fight Nutcracker. Sorry I'm asking you, it's just cause' I've seen her on here a lot lol

There’s a lot more to Saiko than being a neet. She didn’t have an easy childhood - she had a mom who cared more about money than the well-being of her daughter and son. She was in the CCG Academy because the tuition was cheap, even though she had no intention of ever becoming one. Saiko’s mom agreed with her daughter being experimented on and turned into an artificial half-ghoul because of the monetary compensation.

She definitely didn’t do a lot prior to the Auction raid, but I don’t exactly blame her for it. Forced to undergo a dangerous operation and to fight ghouls because of a shitty mom.

As for the Auction raid, she actually did a lot. She didn’t watch Shirazu fight Nutcracker. Saiko fought Nuts herself, and Shirazu gave the final blow.

There’s a page from chapter 28 that shows what happened:

After Nuts was speared by her own detached kagune, Saiko’s kakugan (on her left eye) is activated.

The double bar right after this panel indicates a time skip. After that time skip, the room is a complete mess, with kagune marks all over the floor, Saiko completely exhausted, and Hayashimura (the other investigator) saying “I’m not so sure who’s the monster anymore…

On the next page, before Shirazu stabs her, Nuts is down, bloody, and missing her left arm.

Who destroyed the room and left Nutcracker, the chimera S-rated ghoul half-dead and missing an arm? Saiko did.

She’s definitely been through a lot, and even though she’s exhausted after the fight with Nuts, she still goes to Sasaki (who is more of a mom than her mother ever was) because he was in danger.


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My baby has grown up

Here’s my nalu one 

Okay so I don’t know why (but I hope so) that mashima is showing us that Natsu is becoming very conscious  of Lucy feelings

Here we see lucy looking sadly at the memories of the guild that she belives to be gone and that sort of had been been for an entire year. You see how she looks sad as she looks around and even wendy points it out but instead of telling them what’s wrong she just smiles and tells them she’s fine (me personally if I say I’m fine I’m self destructing on the inside just saying…) So now back to Natsu he doesn’t believe it. You can see him frowning slightly and just the way he is drawn and now everyone has there own opinion on this but he knows that lucy is not okay and that she’s hiding behind a smile 

It actually now that I think about it kinda reminds me of this face

so natsu knows lucy is hurting so the question is what is he going to do about it? I mean he did bring back the guild yet it still there and he knows it which I am rather proud of because he is picking up on if lucy is okay or not because making a girl cry that asking her to punch him isn’t the best way to make a girl feel better or at least in lucy’s case maybe erza… but the moral of the longness of my post is that Natswu is understanding and sensing more of lucy’s emotions as much as she tries to hide them wich is really I great development and important 

I’m trying to make this understandable and not alien speak so I’m sorry but i really just want to say that natsu is growing as a person and I am happy and lucy I love you sooo much gahhhh