Doodle of a new AU @mistrel-fox and I came up with…

Instead of erasing Stan’s memories to get rid of Bill, Mabel decides to pull another Gompers and Waddles. Instead of duct tape, she finds Celestabellebethabelle’s hair can trap Bill and his powers just as well! Now these two jerks gotta live with each other.

I dub this the Hair Tie AU


you guys, tonight’s video “THE YOUTUBE RANT”, was honestly so good? It’s so amazing to see how passionate Calvin is about YouTube and his career, as well as other youtubers and making sure that their rights aren’t violated. And yeah, there is a small aspect of it where you can tell he’s aiming to protect his channel, but who wouldn’t yknow? The new policies are kind of ridiculous and it’s so great to hear that one of the fastest growing channels is willing to put out a video on behalf of himself as well as people who have alot less than him. I love cal

Tears On My Pillow

A glimpse into our Greaser’s home life.

Walburga: *sees Sirius walk in.*

Oh, Sirus! Darling, have a word with Mother in the other room*

Walburga: Pardon me, ladies. 

Walburga: Listen here you little shit. 

Your father has very important people over today 

And I will not allow you to fuck it up for him.

Sirius: Please, mother, enlighten me as to how I would “fuck it up for him.”

Walburga: Oh darling, don’t ask stupid questions. Just look at you. Now go up to your room and pretend that you don’t exist for a while, okay?

Sirius: Fine. I’ll pretend that I don’t exist, happy?

Walburga: Oh… and Sirius…

Walburga: one word out of you and I’ll make that bruise on your cheek look like a beauty mark by comparison. 

Deleting the last post, because I thought, it’s better if I use my own screen shot to explain things better.

IDK if it’s just me, but instead of being happy, my heart is broken seeing this scene.

Do you see it, he didn’t feel happy at all with Kataoka apologized to him. Isn’t it natural to save your own teammates? 

“Don’t apologize, dammit”

He didn’t want Kataoka to apologize to him. 

It’s the first time I saw him angry like that, like he’s so dead serious, no play around, and it’s a real emotion. 

Even this panel is killing me too, because it shows just how Miyuki still can’t understand Sawamura completely. (He got goosebumps alright)

Sawamura is more complex than I thought (灬º 艸º灬)