By the Sea Full Movie (2015)
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A troubled American couple (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Pitt) befriend young newlyweds and local villagers while staying at French seaside resort.

Initial release: November 5, 2015
Director: Angelina Jolie
Running time: 2h 12m
Box office: 3.5 million USD
Production companies: Plan B Entertainment, Jolie Pas


Jeon Jungkook… will aegyo for food.

Leaked DM convo between Oli & Radio1D - 7 Feb 2016
  • Oli:Hey, you around?
  • Oli:Can you do Louis a favor?
  • Radio1D:ALWAYS. Whatever you guys need.
  • Oli:Say an insider met Louis and Danielle getting milkshakes tonight.
  • Radio1D:Ok. Do you need an actual insider? Pics? We're free!
  • Oli:No. Just tweet it happened.
  • Radio1D:Oh. Ok.
  • Oli:Thanks! You're the best!
  • Radio1D:Wait! Is that it? Do you think maybe we could meet Louis sometime soon?
  • Oli:Oh, it's time for Louis' tea. Gotta run! Bye!
  • Radio1D:Damn it. He does that every time.
  • Radio1D:[opens Twitter to tweet insider met Louis getting milkshakes]
  • Radio1D:Someday, we'll be their real friend. Someday.

Things that would have happened if babygate was real:

1) A Larry denial. None of that ‘People genuinely think we are in a relationship’ plausible deniability statements, no 'bullshit tweets’ - just a flat out statement where Harry and Louis would have said, on television, that they are not in a relationship though they do appreciate the fans’ support of the LGBTQIA community.

2) A real introduction of Briana to the fandom. We would have gotten tons and tons of pap and fans picture of Louis and Briana hanging out together (while they are both sober *cough cough*) as a way to introduce Briana to the fans and create a 'bond’ prior to the pregnancy announcement.

3) No idiotic pregnancy announcement when the mother is supposed to be 10 weeks along. None of that 'a source said’ nonsense: we would have gotten a rep statement IMMEDIATELY followed up by Louis’ comment comment on twitter briefly after the article went online.

4) Louis’ family, bandmates and friends congratulating Louis and Briana as soon as the news is released. Period.

5) Her family being quite. Their social media would gave either been deleted or put on private and would have stayed that way. No switching from private to public whenever it’s most convenient fro them.

6) A proper birth announcement. Update accounts would be the last to know.

7) No pap pictures taken repeatedly day after day featuring a perfectly fit and in shape Briana and an empty baby carrier. In fact, no pap pictures. At all.

But alas, they’ve fucked up and created the most stupid, unbelievable 'pregnancy’ to date. Joke is on them.

Baby black bears are born in the winter and stay in the den with their mothers through the cold months. In spring, the cubs emerge to explore the world and show off their cuteness. Photo from Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee by Steve Perry (


Walking cub by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
I like this shot of this walking lion cub! Picture taken at the zoo of Zürich, Switzerland.