Damn baby ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack Maynard x Anna Maynard X Conor Maynard

Word Count: 1024

Summary: Your Anna’s friend and just turned eighteen. Jack whom you hadn’t seen for two years due to your move to the Caribbean, instantly falls for you. 

Requested: Yes, two requested combined

I’m sorry for not posting, school is a bore and my new job takes up most of the time. I hope you understand :( I had Its Been Years part four done but I have changed my mind on how to write seven times in two weeks, it WILL be up this weekened tho. I know I say i will post but seriously it will be up this weekend.


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“So you travel all the way to London, to and I quote ‘spend time with you’ but your leaving for a girly day with your friend?” Jack questioned his sister who was putting her shoes on. 

“Yes.” Anna huffed looking up at her two older brothers, “I haven’t seen her in two years and it was her birthday six months ago, I haven’t given her presents. She also moved her for uni last month and I haven’t had time to see her.”

“Do we know her?” Conor asked his eyes narrowed as Anna picked up her bag pack. 


“When did you know someone three years older than you?” Jack asked his eyebrows raised.

“She lived across the street from us.”

“Gappy Gabby?” 

“Gappy who? Look, I’m late you I’ll be back in like four hours and I’ll bring her back to the apartment okay? Okay, Bye!” Anna shouted running out of Jack’s apartment.

Conor turns his head towards Jack who was staring dumfounded at the door, “We just got played by our little sister.”

“We taught her well, Jack. We taught her well.”

Jack and Conor were playing Fifa when the door opened and loud laughter filled their ears. “Looks like we are meeting the new friend.” Jack commented waiting for Anna and her friend to walk through the door.

“-babe trust me; the boys are an A plus…” You spoke following her into a room which you guess was the living room. You felt yourself smirk seeing the Maynard brother you had been crushing on since you were kid, have in had an amazing glow up. “…but there was no Jack Maynard on the island.”

Conor and Jack froze in their seats for two different reasons.

For Conor, the girl he counted as his other little had returned back from moving to Caribbean. She had changed a lot and it scared him because if that happened to you in two years, what could happen to his little sister.

For Jack, however, well. The boy thought he had fallen in love. You weren’t chubby, the braces had disappeared, your skin was flawless with a gorgeous brown tan, your body was the perfect hourglass figure and your eyes shined bright.

He wanted you.

He watched as you smirked that gorgeous smirk before speaking, “Well, I was gone for two years and I don’t even get a hug? Shameful.”

Conor was the first to react jumping out his seat laughing, “Y/N it’s been too long!”

“Tell me about it. I missed my Maynard fam.” You pouted hugging the older Maynard, you noticed Jack looking at you in a dazed and mouthed ‘You the most’ with a wink.

Pulling back from your hug with Conor, you opened your arms ready for a hug with Mr. Jack Maynard. He was already stood up so he silently made his way other to you and pulled you into a hug, being the boy he is. He looked down towards your ass and noticed had big it had gotten, groaning he spoke aloud, “Damn baby, you got hot.”

Anna gasped as you pulled away with a confident look, “Thanks papi.”

Anna gasped again in horror and Conor laughed at his brothers face, which looked like he wanted to take you right there. “Can you two stop. I really don’t want my best friend and brother flirting.”

“Sorry babe.” You grinned throwing your arm around her shoulders, “You brother has always been hot as fuck but talk about glow up. Damn papi, you take a hot shot or something?”

Jack looked you up or down smirking, “Me? Baby I think you did. Look at you, you’re fucking gorgeous. ” He moved with his hand to your body.

“I prefer mami but thanks I know I am.” You smirked.

Conor laughed loudly, “I love this new Y/N.”

“I prefer the old one.” Anna grumbled jokingly making the three of you laugh.

Four months later….

“Take me here, right now.” Y/N smirked as she walked in on Jack shirtless doing push ups. Used to Y/N randomly walking into his apartment Jack looked up at her with a smirk before carrying on with his push ups. “Awh, you’re no fun.”

Jack laughed to himself not bothering to look up and pay the girl some attention started doing sit ups but it all stopped when he felt a weight on him stopping him from carrying on. Feeling his skin come in contact with skin leaving him with a burning sensation, he opened his eyes to see the girl that had been teasing him for months on end.

“Now that was rude.” Jack smirked, hands sitting comfortable on your waist. “I was trying to work out.”

“Baby you don’t need to work out, your one sexy motherfucker.” You smiled placing your hands on his chest. 

“I prefer papi but thanks I know I am.” 

You laughed loudly knowing he used the words you had said a couple of months ago, Jack looked up at you lovingly hearing your laugh.

God he loved that laugh.

You quieted down staring back into his eyes, you leaned forward so your nose was touching his. “When are you going to ask me Jack?”

“When am I going to ask you? Well I had this big date planned but since your so impatient.” Jack huffed, rolling his eyes jokingly he smiled. “Will you, Y/F/N, do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

You laughed softly nodding your head, “Who would say no to a papi like you Maynard?”

Jack laughed before grabbing your face in his hands and crashing his lips into yours. Smiling through the kiss, you couldn’t think about how happy you are moving back to London. Feeling you smile, Jack smiled too knowing he was truly happy with you.

However, your little make out session came crashing down when to voices where heard through the apartment.

“WHOO, that’s my bro.”

“No. No, no. Y/N! Why! Why damn it!”

Laughing you carried on kissing Jack but both of your stuck you middle fingers in the air, to piss them off. It was silent for a while and both you and Jack thought they had left but…

“Okay but really cut it the fuck out, we brought pizza.”

Who’s Your Daddy

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Summary: Negan punishes you in the best way.

Pairing: Negan x Anna

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Spanking, Daddy Kink, Violence

You’ve been dating Negan for a couple months now, and surprisingly, living with Negan and sharing your mind and body with a ‘psychopath’ wasn’t as bad as you were expecting. When you first arrived at Sanctuary almost a year ago Negan had five wives, which he eventually left for you after you continued to tell him you wouldn’t sleep with him while he was with other women. You never actually expected him to give up five women for one, but when he knocked on your door in the middle of the night to confess his love for you, you were unbelievably happy he did so. Negan acted completely different when you were around, and didn’t give a fuck who saw. He’d hug and kiss you in public, call you pet names like “baby”, “sweetheart”, “Anna banana” and so forth. Nobody in Sanctuary really cared about Negan and your relationship but Negan did one thing his men couldn’t stand. You were never in trouble no matter what; Negan wouldn’t dare to harm you, even if you absolutely fucked up, or talked back. But Negan had no problem keeping his men and everyone else that resided in Sanctuary in line and making sure they knew who was boss.

One night when Negan had finished taking a walk and was heading back to your room, he overheard a group of his men whispering amongst themselves, Negan hid around the corner and listened. He heard his men complaining about how he was always putting you first and letting you do whatever the fuck you wanted. “We should just overthrow him” snickered one of his men, named Jack “show him what a real boss acts like, maybe burn his and his precious fucking pets faces off, see how he likes it”. Nobody else agreed with him, even though they were pissed at Negan they wouldn’t dare to do anything along those lines, Negan could be an asshole, but he was a good leader. “Don’t let Negan hear you talking like that” chuckled another one of Negan’s men, “I don’t give a fuck” Jack replied.

A few minutes later the men, unaware on Negan’s presence left and headed in for the night. As Jack was turning the corner Negan put his hand over his mouth and dragged Jack along with him. Negan brought Jack behind a building and slammed him up against the wall “you want me fucking gone? Want to put a motherfucking hot iron to me and Anna’s faces?” Negan slammed Jack into the wall again and spat as he talked, anger boiling inside of him “I..uh” Jack stuttered barely able to speak “what? You had quite a bit to fucking say before you cunt, now you choose not to talk?, you really and I mean REALLY fucked up” Negan then pulled the knife he kept tucked into his belt out and dragged it deeply across Jack’s throat. Blood poured out as Jack’s lifeless body feel to the ground. Negan took a deep breath, then bent down and wiped the blood off of his knife onto Jack’s shirt before tucking it back into his belt and walking off. He went up to two of his men who were about to enter their building “Jack’s corpse is laying behind that building over there, do me a fucking solid and bring that good for nothing piece of fucking shit out of Sanctuary, give the walkers a little snack”. The men looked at each other then back at Negan and gave a “yes, sir” before quickly walking off to dispose of Jack’s body.

The next morning, Negan knew that he still had to take care of his other men and you. He wanted his men to respect him, but he still didn’t want to harm you. He told his men to meet him out by the gate to go out on a run and he also told you to do the same, you’ve been asking him to let you go out on a run one day and it seemed like he was finally letting you tag along. You and a great number of Negan’s men were standing around at the gate when Negan finally strided over carrying Lucille over his shoulder, he walked up to you and loudly said “I changed my mind your not coming after all, go help out in the kitchen, where you belong” he then started walking past you. “Excuse me!?” you shouted back. Negan smirked, his plan was working, he knew you wouldn’t let him talk to you like that. “You heard me doll, fuck…off”, your blood started to boil at his words and you walked up to him and gave him a smack across his beautiful face. Right when your hand came down, you regretted what you did and knew this time you went too far. Negan tightly grabbed your arm with his free hand and began dragging you into your room, “wait for me boys, I need to teach this disrespectful little bitch a lesson, shouldn’t be long”. Negan’s men looked at each other in shock.

Negan pushed you into your room before slamming the door behind him, “pull your pants and panties off and lay across my fucking desk” he said lowly. “Negan please, I’m sorry” you whimpered back, “DO IT!” he yelled. You quickly pulled your pants and panties down together and laid across Negan’s wooden desk, Negan chuckled to himself and licked his lips, the sight of your bare ass and pussy bent over his desk was already getting him hard, he then unbuckled his leather belt and pulled it off. “I’ll go easy on you this time baby, five smacks should do the trick..but you have to yell really fucking loud for daddy, I want my men to fucking hear it, and if you don’t I’m going to start over again until you it?” you nodded your head quickly grabbing onto the edges of the table and closing your eyes. Before you could even take another breath you felt the sting off leather against your bare ass and you yelled out as loud as you could. “That’s it you dirty fucking girl” Negan said enthusiastically before lashing the belt against your ass a second time as you let out another scream. Negan gave two more quick lashes one to each ass cheek and again you screamed, you felt tears welling up in your eyes, this was the first time a man has spanked you and even though it hurt like a bitch you felt your wetness drip down your leg. “Last one darling, you ready?” Negan asked, enjoying this a little too much, “yes” you whimpered, “huh? What was that?” Negan said leaning in closer to you, “yes!” you said again loudly, “yes what!?” Negan shouted, ”yes, daddy” you loudly purred back. Negan grinned before pulling his arm back as far as he could and then putting all his strength into the last smack. This time you let out the loudest scream you possibly could as you felt your ass burn as welts began to form.

Negan gently rubbed your ass with one hand “good girl” he said gently, you let out a moan as you felt Negan’s other hand slip between your legs “fuck baby, your soaked” he hissed. You let out a giggle before turning around to look at Negan. He cupped your face with his hands “stay home and relax for the rest of the day sweetheart, you deserve it, and when I get back I want you on the bed naked, waiting for me, daddies gonna take care of you” you nodded before giving Negan a soft kiss. Negan put his belt back on and slicked his hair back before picking Lucille up and heading for the door, “bye daddy, be safe” you called out, “see you tonight Anna banana, I love you” Negan replied giving you a wink, “I love you too” you said back with a smile as Negan walked out and back towards his men who kneeled down when they saw him coming. Negan smirked knowing they heard everything “get up you fuckers; we’ve got work to do”.

In the dead of the night

Pairing: Thomas Sharpe x Reader


Summary: You’re the daughter of one of the richest men in town, and you’re bound to inherit his business and that is how you met Sir Thomas Sharpe, a mysterious English man that is just about to find out that you rule town and you want things your way, and your way only.

A/N: I’ve never done a Thomas one shot, and actually, this was a mere exception for a dear person of mine. Enjoy!

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You saw him walking out of the main office. His suit seemed to be a bit old; you could tell from afar, but it was quite well-kept for the years it must have had. His black hair was longer than the usual for a man, and if you really looked at him, behind that pristine skin, he showed some sort of misery, the typical misery from a life that was most probably not easy.

He was tired; the bags under his eyes gave him away, but you couldn’t quite decipher if it was because of the long journey from one side of the ocean to the other, or because his soul was a rather tired one. You were taken away from your thoughts as your boss coughed loudly next to you. You took a deep breath and looked up at him.

“Miss (Y/L/N),” Mr. Hughes started with his deep voice, “could you please take our future associate somewhere nice tonight?” He pointed at the slim, tall man with his fat fingers. “Maybe going out for dinner? Perhaps a show at the theater? Get creative.”

“What do I look like to you, Mr. Hughes?” You asked in a melodic voice. “You know, there are special women for that job, and as far as I am concerned, I am not that, am I?” you smiled widely and from the corner of your eye you saw the man, the future associate, trying to hold back his laughter. “And I’m quite sure he’s a grown up man and he could get by on his own, right?” Mr. Hughes tried to say something, but his words got stuck on his tongue.

“As much as I’d like to, ma’am,” the black haired man chimed in, with a dazzling English accent, “I have arrived here just a few days ago, and I still don’t quite know my way around town, but it seems like you have something else to do, so it’s quite alright—”

“Well,” you sighed dramatically, “someone’s got to save the company, right?” You rolled your eyes in exhaustion. “Lucky you, I’m the heir to this so-called throne,” you stood up and extended your hand to the English, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you, and I hope after tonight we can really be associates,” you flashed a smile, ignoring everything that happened around you, Mr. Hughes included. His green eyes were like a siren’s song and you were nothing but a fool sailor on the way to doom.

“Sir Thomas Sharpe,” he held your hand in his pale one, and leaned forward to gently brush his lips on the back of it, “the pleasure is all mine, I hope.”

“Mr. Hughes,” you said as you took your jacket from the back of the chair, “if my father comes tell him I’m making business, nothing to worry about.” You pulled from Sir Thomas’s hand and lead the way out of the office.

You took him for a walk near the park, just to get to know him better. He was Sir Thomas Sharpe, the last Sharpe –along with his sister—in a long line of Sharpes. He had a big, old, house back in the mother land and he had nothing to rely on more than the family business that had been kept forever: clay mining; something you never thought it could be a thing. His sister, Lady Lucille, hadn’t married, and she still lived with him; unfortunately –not for you—she wasn’t able to come along with him so she had to stay at home taking care of both the house and the business.

“Are you and your sister very close?” You asked. “For the way you speak of her, you must be.”

“Quite close, yes,” he nodded, but in his voice you could tell there was a taint of gloominess.

“And do you miss her?” You bit your bottom lip nervously. “Do you wish she was here now?”

“Not as much as you would think,” he shrugged carelessly, and obviously absent from the conversation. Once he felt the tension in the air, he asked, “and do you have any more siblings?”

“They all died at a very young age,” you shook your head, “I am supposed to be the oldest, but truth is that in time, I’ve become an only child,” you sighed, looking away, “my youngest brother took my mother away when I was just 10.”

“I’m so very sorry to hear that,” he gulped, finding your eyes with his piercing ones; for a minute, and even though you were sitting, your knees felt week. “So, are we really going out for dinner tonight?”

“Yes, I’ll make the reservation and pick you up at 9. Be ready,” you smiled wickedly and kissed his cheek goodbye. For a woman your age, you were quite the daredevil and all girls gave you a nasty look just because you couldn’t care less for their opinions.

Just a few minutes past 9 you arrived to the restaurant that you had so carefully picked. The food was incredible, and with his company, it tasted even better. With a bit of liquor, Sir Thomas seemed a lot more eager to share his secrets; a life of abandonment, the constant pressure that his sister put on his shoulders, and even the need for freedom that he longed so badly and that in just a few days he was getting. He did say he envied you, for being the only child of a very loving father, and the freedom and financial independency you had from it.

“A woman involved with the economy and money?” Sir Thomas asked as he took the glass to his lips. You tried to look away, but the way they pressed against the clear glass was absolutely mesmerizing. “America is quite a wonder, isn’t it? Are you sure you’re not interested in politics as well?” He laughed, showing his perfect teeth in his wide smile. You noticed how his nose wrinkled and his eyes slightly closed; you wondered how long had he been without laughing so purely.

“Things are not that much different in this side of the pond, Sir Thomas,” you replied with a quick rise of your brows and a slight smile. “Although women do give me a strange look whenever I go around, apparently I don’t fit in the pattern. You’d have to live here a lifetime just to start understanding my conception of the American way. I can’t imagine how things would be like in England.”

“They are much different, as you could assume,” he give you a quick nod, “and are you happy with the life you’re living? Doesn’t it get a bit lonely?”

“I don’t know,” you replied with a sigh, “I have to admit that sometimes it does; men are too afraid of my personality and my only friends are the maids at home. I talk to them a lot because I don’t want to worry papa with my nonsense, he’s got a lot of work on his own to be worrying about the female struggles,” you shrugged and took the glass to your lips and let the amberish liquid run down your throat. “But I think my life is bound to be very busy in a matter of years so probably I will have no time for a husband.”

After hours of conversation and drinking, your head felt a little light and your senses were numbed by the amount of beverage you just had. It was not a common thing that you could drink like a man, but with such a great companion and with an even greater conversation, hours flew away and alcohol ran down your throat like water.

Somehow, you woke up the next day wrapped in the comfort of your sheets but you were not sure of how you’d made it there. Your maid knocked softly and made her way inside your room with a silver tray full of things so you could recover your energies.

“A fine, English gentleman came around earlier today,” Anna said in a melodic and accusing voice, giving you a knowing smile, “and he wanted to see you.”

“What did you tell him?” You hurriedly asked, feeling less hangover now.

“That you weren’t feeling alright,” she assured you, “but he promised to pay you a visit at 7,” just when she was about to leave the room, she turned her head to you and said: “Beware, (Y/N),” her voice was now more serious, “he might be English and charming, and have a pair of green eyes that would make any woman melt from the inside, but even I can tell he’s a fortune hunter. Do what you want with him, but don’t let him trick you.”

“I thought you knew me better, Anna,” you took a hand to your chest, “he might be everything you said, but I have an empire to look after when the day comes. I have greater things in mind rather than a man who might only like me for the fortune I have… Papa raised me well,” you replied; it took you a second to realize how cold your words sounded and how cold-hearted you actually were. “And he did not raise a fool, at least not entirely.” She sighed in relief and left you alone with a hunger that was out of this world.

At 7, and as promised, Sir Thomas Sharpe was welcomed inside the house. You came down the long staircase wearing a long, baby blue dress. Anna came down with you, giving you her final warnings on the English. You told her that you knew quite well what you were doing, but being completely honest, the minute you saw him there you were lost. His eyes were all you could see, and the necessity of making him reveal his deepest secrets grew ardent in you; well, not only that, but also the need of undressing him to witness how England blessed the men.

You invited him to have dinner together; just the two of you again, and he seemed a lot more reserved than at the restaurant. Michael, your butler was there to keep an eye on the stranger just as Anna told him. Nevertheless, he was still as charming as usual.

The night was still warm; summer was on its highest point and people walked around town as if nothing could ever interrupt their happiness. You told Michael that you’d go for a little walk and that you wanted to be alone for “as long as you needed.”

“Sir Thomas,” you said, when you were far enough from the house, “you ought to know that I’m the kind of woman who always gets what she wants, always” you smiled wickedly, “and I hope my intentions with you meet yours towards me. If you don’t feel the same, then it’s quite alright and we will never speak of it—”

Sir Sharpe interrupted you by cupping your face with his slim hands and pulling you closer, crashing his lips on yours to kiss you so ardently, yet so softly that you thought you’d melt right there. Your hands held on to his wrists, not wanting to let go of him because he was without a doubt the best thing he had happened to you in many years.

He seemed so eager to have you in his arms, to be finally able to kiss you even though it hadn’t even been 24 hours since you two had met. It wasn’t love, you were sure about that, but what you felt for him was more than that and you didn’t need to put a name or label on it. You felt something for Sir Thomas Sharpe, and that was all you wanted to know. Well, that, and that he was apparently on the same page as you.

You were not sure how, but in just a matter of seconds –or at least that’s how it seemed in your mind—you were back at the house, completely unseen by the staff. You took him to your bedroom, and after you locked the door as you usually did, the fun and games begun.

He kissed you again, and walked you to the soft mattress in which you fell, and in the dead of the night you’d surely go unnoticed. You slid away from your dress and started peeling off his vest and shirt. The garments revealed a pale skin that seemed to shine under the moonlight, and there were also some rough parts on it. His childhood must have been difficult, otherwise you couldn’t explain why there were scars on such canvas.

His long fingers traced your side, moving along with your curves and melting with your skin to be just one. His lips parted from yours to kiss their way down your breasts and stomach, reaching your throbbing innermost thighs, where his free fingers lazily played with your sex, making you squirm and tremble under his greedy touch.

“So sensitive,” he growled in between kisses, “so ready.”

He positioned in between your spread legs and when you were about to beg him to fuck you senseless, his mouth was capturing your bud and sucking hard on it. You threw your head back and had to suppress a loud moan. Your hands tangled with his soft hair and kept him in place while he worked your folds so right that you couldn’t have sworn you were seeing stars, and not exactly those up in the sky.

Once he decided it was enough torture, he kicked off his pants and positioned himself on top of you. With his hands on the sides of your body, he began thrusting; slowly at first, so you could have the time to adjust to his size. He had his forehead pressed against yours, and when you started to feel better, you nodded to let him know that he could increase his speed, which he happily complied.

He glued your lips to you just for the sake of keeping you silent as he had you at his mercy; you wanted him to do whatever he wanted with you. You were his, and he was yours. He pounded you hard and fast, and it was blissful. You were a mess; a shaking, sweaty and complete mess.

After coming, he stayed with you, caressing your hair and just being a complete sweetheart. He looked at you with the most loving eyes someone had ever given you, and if it wasn’t for Anna’s words earlier that day, you would have given him everything.

You covered yourself with the silk robe that hung on the door of the wardrobe, and saw Sir Thomas as he dressed up again. His eyes were shining, and when he looked at you, a wide smile spread on his thin lips.

“I have to go,” Sir Thomas said as he buttoned up his shirt and fixed his hair, “my time here is very little…” if you didn’t know better, you could say he didn’t really want to leave. “Thank you, for an interesting evening and a pleasant night,” he bowed his head.

“Sir Thomas…” you bit your bottom lip, reaching out your hand to hold his, “if you ever come back… we might have another dinner just the two of us, wouldn’t you like that?” You lingered with his fingers, tangling yours and not even looking at him; if you had, perhaps you would have told him to stay there with you for an eternity.

“(Y/N),” he placed his free hand under your chin and made you look up, “you have made me the happiest man in just a matter of hours and I can never thank you enough for that,” his voice was softer than ever, “but you know I cannot stay here even if I wanted to…”

“I know,” you nodded, shaking your head, “but first…” you placed your hand behind his head and pulled him for one last kiss. “Thank you,” you sighed.

You walked him to the backdoor, making sure no one would see him sneaking out; he was one with the shadows and soon after, he disappeared from your sight and your life.


Anna’s first word

Apparently to have a free afternoon for finish a comic I started in December I have to sleep too much and lose an email from work… good to know.
“Elsa trying to teach Anna to say her name? Omfg it so sappy I could puke a rainbow, but how can I make it even sappier?” I thought when I had this idea. It may be one of the cutest thing I ever done in my life, and with the screenshots from Frozen Fever the last page is even better…
It was so much time I didn’t do a full comic, with pages and all… I should do it often.



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