has this been done before idk but if it hasn’t that’s a travesty

And after Shepard and Grunt leave, there’s a phone call that goes:

“Kahlee, how do you feel about grandkids”

“Fuck’s sake, David–”


“I remember one time I was asked to do a scene where I was- the FBI agent that I was, but um, directing a line of male, older FBI agents to do something. And I remember feeling, I’m 24 years old! I can’t- wha- me? Like, how am I- I don’t even know how I’m supposed to act that. With my squeaky voice… what, what does one do to pretend that one is in control of this line of men. And then you do it, and once you do it then you feel a bit more confident. Then you do it again and feel a bit more confident.” -Gillian Anderson (x)


Three-week-old Andouille made one small step for kittens everywhere.

“I can totally walk on this floor but it’s coated in oil. Yea, that’s it. Oil.”

Video/caption via Robyn Anderson

I felt as if I had completely failed. I failed my baby, the baby’s father and myself. I was the one person who was made to protect this life, and I had somehow lost it.

A piece of me died that day. A part of my heart went with that baby.

—  Shannon Anderson, Loved And Lost: My Story Of Miscarriage And The Road To Forgiveness (Elite Daily)