Kawaii Monster Cafe

Have you heard? Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s producer, Sebastian Masuda, recently opened a Kawaii Monster themed cafe in tokyo’s harajuku! 

The opening date was August 1 so there are a lot of different videos and reviews on this cafe now! Check out the promotional video here

Screen shot from the promotional video 

During the media opening many popular models, artists and youtubers were in attendance! These include but are not limited to Amiaya, Alysa Ueno, Femme, and Kumikki.

There are 4 different subsections that you can choose to sit in. These include: 

Mushroom Disco

This features an almost Alice in Wonderland-esque seating room with swirling floors and mushroom lighting.

Milk Stand

If you look up you can see hundreds of baby milk bottles. Some of which are feeding a few floating animal heads with demon eyes! I dare say that this is my favorite space. It’s creepy and its cute! 

Mel-Tea Room

This room seems like a personal shoutout to all of the girls into sweeter styles. What more could you want from a room with giant macarons and melting pastel whip cream decadence? 

Bar Experiment

Jellyfish? Check. Cool Lighting? Check. BOOZE? Check, check and double check. 

“Sweets Go Round” Carousel 

See this? This giant light up cake moves! AND IT SPINS. AND YOU CAN SIT ON IT. HI! YES. SIGN ME UP PLEASE.  (just kidding customers can’t sit on it! You can watch really pretty people sit on it instead :P )

Whats that? What about the food you ask ? 

Well look at it. 

Look at it. 

Look at how deliciously interesting this all looks. Nothing like a typical pastry would. I suppose thats why Sebastian coined it as a monster cafe. It’s as though the food were prepared by monsters, looking almost monster-ish itself! 

I really do wonder what the noodly dish in the center is. And look at all of those sauces! ( I was just told that it’s actually pasta with different sauces to choose from!) 

If you’re ever in japan please be sure to stop by. I’m sure it will be a great experience. 

More information on the cafe can be found here:

Address : YM Square Bld. 4F, 4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Harajuku
TEL : 03-5413-6142


Things that happen ALL the time to pregnant women: invasion of their space, people touching them without consent, doctors ignoring their concerns, everyone and their dog telling them what to do and how to eat and shaming them for veering off what is perceived as the “right” way to be pregnant, shaming them for the way in which they became pregnant, the entire process being hijacked by doctors or family members. And that’s women who aren’t even remotely famous.
Bottom line, pregnant bodies don’t magically become public property and touching a pregnant person, talking about what they should or shouldn’t do, asking for details when they haven’t offered…that’s all invasive and creepy. Speculating about someone’s pregnancy is invasive and creepy. Back the fuck off it. Pregnancy is fucking terrifying and personal and it’s none of your business. 


Listen up. I’m obviously not Dr. Sanders, as indicated by your online syllabus. Mostly because Harvard was apparently too lazy to fill in the fact that he decided to take an early retirement. If you can call retiring at eighty seven early. Regardless! They hired me on for the moment to cover these classes for a semester or two. I’m Alicia Queen, I’m a defense attorney, yes, like Robert Kardashian. Before you ask, no, I have no been involved in something that large scale. I’m here to teach you the ins and outs of the legal system. Also known as how to get away with murder. Read over the syllabus, ask me any questions now before we dive into this thing.

Turn Around Baby- Swazz blurb 😈

“John we better get up, the boys will be here in like twenty minutes” I giggle prying myself from his grip where he laid in bed.
He just groaned into the pillow as I took out something I could quickly change in.

“Holy shit you’re wearing those?” His eyes widened at the sight of my yoga pants.
“Uh, yeah? Problem?” I smirk stepping into them.

“Not at all baby, you know how good those make your ass look right?” He nearly moaned as he now stood behind me, squeezing firmly.
“Twenty…minutes…” I whisper because of how he was eyeing my body.

“Not fair” he whined putting on some sweats.
“Later John, this is all yours” I playfully smack my bum before leaving to get the door for the guys.

“Hey you look great!” Johnson called pulling me in for a hug.
“Thanks J, good to see you guys!” I exclaim hugging each of them. I could feel John come up behind me, a little stiff against my thigh. I eyed him and giggled, poor guy.

“Hey Swazz what’s up man!” Nate said pulling him in for a quick bro hug.
They all made small talk as I got them some snacks and set them on the table. I leaned over to distribute plates and napkins, John groaning behind me.

“Your ass is too fine lil mama” he said desperately.
“Dude!” The Jacks looked at him wide eyed that he would say that with me right here.
“She already knows man” he laughed pulling me onto his lap.

“Thanks babe, I just might have to wear a little something special for you later” I whisper in his ear. I could see every muscle harden.

“You know what I’m gonna do to you later..” He nipped at my neck, firmly squeezing his favorite asset.

There is no way this baby thing is real when you’ve got Louis looking not at all excited, Harry looking super uncomfortable, Liam looking done as hell and Niall stressing biting his nails off. Yet all of them say they love kids and even that they wanted to be young dads????!. So where’s the excitement ? Where’s the congratulations and celebrations on becoming a dad and becoming uncles? Where is Jay being ecstatic over becoming a grandmother? Where is any of this?????!!!!! Nothing here adds up and if this band and their management don’t start to get there act together people are just going to stop dropping them which is something the boys don’t deserve after all the hard work they’ve put in

What's the occasion? - badboy!Luke one shot

Music filtered through the speakers in your backyard as you stood by your parents at the gate, greeting family friends and distant relatives alike. Dull chatter surrounded you as everyone milled around the yard, adults asking kids and teenagers if they were ready for school to start yet.

The creaking of the wooden gate caught your attention and you looked up into a pair of familiar baby blues. “Luke,” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist in a hug. You kept one hand flat against his back, your fingers fanned out across it as you turned back to your parents. “Mom, dad, this is Luke.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Luke said, shaking your father’s hand and accepting your mothers hug.

“It’s so good to finally meet you, Luke.” Your mother exclaimed. “Our daughter is crazy about you.”

“Mom.” You interjected with a pointed look.

“She tells us you drive a motorcycle.” Your dad commented, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Uh, yes sir.” Luke replied, his eyes cast downward.

“You ever taken her on it?”

“No, sir.”

Well that’s a big fat lie, you thought as your dad looked Luke up and down, your boyfriend finally finding the courage to make eye contact with him. “Well, if you ever do, make sure to have her wear a helmet,” your dad said with a smile and Luke appeared to breathe again.

You took Luke’s hand and led him away. “How are you doing?” You asked.

“Your dad is terrifying.” He replied, throwing an arm around your shoulder and you let out a laugh.

“His bark is worse than his bite.” You said as he took a seat on one of the folding chairs scattered around the yard. You wandered away to rummage through the cooler of sodas, returning to him with two cans of coke. “I’m glad you came.” You continued as you pulled up a chair to sit next to him.

“I’ve only been asking to meet your parents for months,” Luke argued, accepting the drink from you and pulling the tab.

“Well I afraid they wouldn’t approve of your leather and cigarettes and piercings and motorcycle,” you replied, opening your own soda.

“Piercing,” he corrected, “And even you don’t approve of the cigarettes, babe. I did ditch the leather tonight for a reason.”

“You do look nice,” you remarked, looking him up and down. He still wore converse and ridiculously tight skinny jeans, but he’d ditched his usual leather jacket and band tee for a black button up with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top few buttons undone. “What’s the occasion?” You teased.

“The occasion is I’m meeting my girl’s parents and they’re fucking scary.” He deadpanned and you laughed.

“Come on babe, who could be scared of that,” you said, pointing behind you at your mom with your thumb as she crouched own to one of your younger cousins height to talk to him.

“Well maybe not your mom.”
It was well into the night and Luke had been introduced to every obscure family member that happened to live close enough to attend your family’s end of summer barbecue, all of which approved of him with the exception of your older brother, who had stared him down more than your father as Luke chewed nervously at his lip piercing.

“I don’t like him,” your brother had said when Luke was in the bathroom. “He’s obviously got some issues.”

“He’s got a hard exterior, that’s all. He’s just a really big softie at heart.” You’d reasoned with him and he shrugged dismissively, leaving as Luke began to approach.

“What was that about?” Luke asked, watching your brother’s retreating figure as he took your hand.

“He hates your guts,” you replied nonchalantly. “You don’t need his approval.”

“Hope not.”

Now you were just wrapping up a covers action with your aunt, waving at her as she and her husband exited your backyard with the excuse “don’t want to leave the kids alone too long, they’d drive the babysitter crazy.”

You turned around to see like observing the clear space in the backyard where various members of your family and family friends were dancing to the music blaring through the speakers. “Luke?”

“Dance with me,” he said, taking your hand and tugging it lightly in the direction he wanted you to go.

“Luke,” you replied, unsure.


After a few minutes of trying to convince you, you finally gave in and followed him. He interlaced your fingers with one hand and gripped your waist with the other and you hid your face in his shoulder, blushing lightly with embarrassment.

A few minutes later, however, and you were laughing with him as he twirled you around the backyard in time with the fast-paced music. By the time you were done you were flushed not with embarrassment but with exhaustion as he dipped you and your audience cheered as you smiled like an idiot, noticing your mom smiling fondly at the two of you.
It was late but Luke insisted on staying as your dad lit a fire in the pit in the middle of your backyard, Luke sitting in a camping chair and you on his lap. He rubbed circles on your back as you rested your head in the crook of his neck, watching embers dance around with every crack of the fire.

There was still chatter coming from the people around you as you lifted your head. “I’m gonna get something to drink, do you want anything?” You asked, blinking lazily up at him.

“Whatever your having,” he replied and you nodded, standing from his lap and repressing a squeak when he gave a swift smack to your ass.

“I saw that young man,” your mom said, Luke looking at her with a wide eyes before seeing her teasing expression.

“So your mom totally saw me slap your ass,” Luke said when you came back and settled on his lap again.

“Oh yeah? Bet she was pissed.” You replied sarcastically, taking a sip of your drink.

“Yeah, said we couldn’t date or even see each other ever again.” He joked and you laughed lightly, just a whoosh of air coming from your lips. “You have a great family.”

“I have a pretty great boyfriend too, not much I can complain about other than the smoking.”

“Come on babe,” he whined. “Why’d you have to go and ruin the moment?”

“I wouldn’t have had to if you didn’t smoke.” You teased and he scoffed, throwing his head back.

“You ask way too much of me, babe.” He said.

“Mhm, I’m so high maintenance. Very high expectations.”

“You’re fantastic,” was all he said as he stared at the fire, his hand once again running along your back. “Love you,”

“Love you,” you replied, leaning against him.

“What’s fantastic is my bad boy boyfriend agreeing to meet my parents and have a good time doing it.”

“So is not having to worry about keeping my bad boy image around you. I could do without this shirt, though.” He commented.

“You’re going to have to wait awhile on that one, babe.”

“It’s worth it.”

sohanna-the-doorstop replied to your post:I feel like I should feel bad about starting this…

like i wanna say “thank you” but i also don’t but thanks for creating angst with me where there wasn’t any in the first place

Oh there’s *plenty* of angst, you just need to look at in the right way. You tend to look at things from the fluffier, cuter side.
…which is probably good, someone needs to balance things out for me.

But if you want Radio Static angst:

  • This ship started one-sided. Plenty of things you can do with unrequited love. Such as TOby outright rejecting Dial after months of annoyance and telling him to, say, jump off the docks. I wonder if Dial would go through with it?
  • Then you’ve got the issue of TOby’s inability to move. Yes, we can joke about Dial wearing baby backpacks, or you can look at the strain it would put on the relationship and how sad Dial would be that his boyfriend could never do anything but talk and how TOby would go on about ‘leave me behind’ and ‘I’m not worth it’ and ‘what am I even good for, I can’t do anything’ and ‘why do you bother’
  • And what if Dial wears himself out? Because he’s definitely the type to spend so long looking after someone else that he forgets to take care of himself. Sleep is very important in TPoH (page 65) and I can see something happening to someone reluctant to go to bed because they were busy watching out for someone they cared about…

And then you’ve also got the usual ‘something outside happens that throws relationship into turmoil’ or ‘someone gets injured’, they’re pretty fun too.

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I took a class on lying and deception last semester and this is a perfect example of deception by selective quotation. When you put what Liam said (assuming he really did talk to them) into the baby context, it works, but when you look only at the quoted material, it's very vague. He seriously could be talking about anyone. Besides, even if Liam's "statements" are true, that doesn't necessarily mean they're recent. Journalists pull from old material all the time


Like looking after a baby (You x Chen)

After dating you for some time, Jongdae had come to accept that every once in a while you were going to ask him for a weird favour or two to help you out.

There was the time you asked him to hold your hand whilst you had the needle at the dentist to numb your gum, even the time you asked him to pick up an assortment of weird clothing to help you decide what costume you were going to wear to an upcoming fancy dress party. He was well accustomed to it by now.

“You want me to help you pet sit?” he asked as he arrived at your place to be greeted with you holding a very fidgety Yorkshire Terrier in your arms.

“Please. It’s only for one day and only because my friend doesn’t know how long she’s going to be and doesn’t want him to be alone all day” you begged and when Jongdae agreed, had the dogs shoved in his arms as it was introduced to him.

“Santa Paws?” he questioned

“She had him as a Christmas present” you explained and Jongdae left it at that. His day had got off to an odd start indeed.

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Danger (Jimin)

“You should know better, Y/N” he warned you as he took a step closer towards you and you slowly swallowed, “I don’t want to know better.” your voice was trembling, as Jimin squinted his eyes at you, “why do you have to be like this… You have to stay away from me.” You knew you should listen to Jimin, hell, every organ in your body was screaming at you to do so, but your brain… No, you needed to have him.

You took a step closer to him as you placed your hands around his shoulders, making him look up at you with a mysterious look. “Baby, why are you doing this to me? Don’t you get what you’re doing to me… I shouldn’t be feeling this way.” Jimin sighed as he stared into your eyes. You bit your lip and leaned closer to him, “why are you denying this… I want you, you want me…” you could feel his breath on your cheek and it made you shudder with need. You could almost hear his brain working, you knew he was confused, you knew he was torn in between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing.
“I’m dangerous, you shouldn’t be playing with me.” Jimin muttered as his lips brushed past yours, your eyes fluttering closed for a second. “I’m giving you a minute, oppa. I will walk away.” you lifted your eyebrow at him, tired of waiting for his answer as you turned around. As you were about to walk away, a strong hand gripped onto your wrist and pulled you back. You got swung into Jimin’s arms as he slammed his lips onto yours, making you grin, “Let the games begin.”

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On an antis perspective how do you explain Harry (one of Louis best friends who we know to be obssesd w babies) was mute and didn't look half as excited as you think he would look considering his best friend is expecting....

He was so quiet and even the interviewer pointed it out… like it almost looks heartbreaking which sounds ridiculous and people will discredit me because im a larrie and i can already hear the “he nutted in her” upon the horizon but like…

harry didn’t look excited…. and he loves babies so how do you explain that? how do you explain that?