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bts reaction to you wanting to give them a lap dance?

Yoongi : *Laughs at how adorable you look getting shut down*

“Why you want to give me one so bad,” “there are other things we could do.”

J-Hope : He’d say yes gleefully but when you actually start dancing he’d start embarrassing you cheering your name loudly and dance with you. (He’s just that type)

“AH YEAAAAH that’s my girl!” 

Jungkook : Obliging to let you but he’d be so shy that when you started dancing he would just sit there like a stone quietly watching.

Taehyung : Cut you off telling you to “go ahead” even when you’re around a lot of people.

Namjoon :  *Not able to look at you*

“If you really want to baby girl”

Jimin : When you tell him what you want he’d purposely make you stare at him waiting for an answer just to tease you.

“God I don’t know gorgeous..”

Jin : *Mimics your super happy expression*

“Why are you asking me in front of all these people princess?”



Lestrade is asking John about fatherhood and how the “baby” is coming along. You can see him looking towards the direction where Sherlock is going to pop out of in the next clip. HIS BEDROOM!! JOHN IS TUGGING ON HIS SHIRT. A tad nervously. (Look at his face as Lestrade walks away) He is smoothing it out. Almost fixing it as if maybe it was…oh I don’t know…just recently DISHEVELED!! Queue Sherlock coming downstairs, also fixing his suit coat as if it was…OFF!! You do understand what I’m saying here, right? @fleurdelisandbees @visionandperception @shag-me-senseless-watson @romantic-sherlock @inevitably-johnlocked @johnlock-in-love

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Your blog is so amazing! I have to admit I am a big sucker for the happy pregnancy/family imagine posts that you wrote, but could you do RFA + Saeran's reaction to MC dying during childbirth and are now left alone with their baby?

Ahh, thank you!  And thank you for this request, it was actually really interesting to take a sadder approach to the pregnancy side of imagines which i feel like I get a lot of requests for and i love it ^^


  • He couldn’t believe it
  • Everything seemed to be going so well during the pregnancy
  • You were fine
  • But then the doctors came in to the waiting room and told him that you weren’t with him anymore
  • The words didn’t process, he just sat there
  • As soon as he got home, he saw all the pictures of you two
  • And he cried
  • He started smoking so much more, as his own method of self-destruction
  • But refused to smoke around the child
  • He was going to look after his baby, especially because he couldn’t save you
  • And he did his best take care of them, but how could he when all he could think about was you?


  • He was crying as soon as the “complications” came up
  • The doctors could barely say “I’m sorry” before he broke down
  • He stayed there at the hospital, though
  • Until the baby was completely fine, he stayed 
  • But he didn’t think he was capable of looking after the baby on his own
  • He found himself calling his mother to ask for help
  • Even with his family beside him, he just couldn’t
  • He promised to protect you
  • And he failed


  • He arranged for you to get the best medical help available
  • So how could they let this happen?
  • He pinned the blame on everyone, threatened to sue the hospital or get it shut down, just lost it in his anger
  • When he got home, he poured himself a glass of wine
  • And then another
  • And then another
  • He didn’t stop until he was numb again
  • Jaehee didn’t even bother protesting when he dropped your child off at her house, vaguely saying “Just look after them”
  • But for a while he couldn’t bring himself to pick them back up
  • Because they just reminded him far too much of you


  • You both did everything right
  • But the labour lasted so much longer than normal
  • She stayed beside you for as long as she could, sobbing with you in fear
  • Even when the news came that the baby had been born, she was still by your side
  • The nurses handed the baby to her but all she could think was you
  • You, who was lying so weak, right next to her
  • You, who smiled so faintly at her as you closed your eyes
  • You, who was rushed out of the room by the doctors moments later
  • She couldn’t move, even after she was told that you didn’t make it
  • And eventually her only thought was to look after your baby to make sure they didn’t have the same upbringing that she did


  • You were his whole universe
  • And the idea of starting a family with you was just overwhelming
  • At the first sign of issue he was terrified
  • He was afraid of letting go of your hand in case you slipped away
  • The entire time he was holding on to you and holding back his tears
  • So instead, he felt the way your hand went limp in his a little while after the baby was born
  • And no matter how much he cried, the feeling just wouldn’t wash away
  • Any minute, he expected you to leap up and out of this cruel joke
  • He couldn’t process that it wouldn’t happen
  • You were gone, and all he could do was curl up and hate himself for not saving you


  • He’d always said how he wasn’t cut out to be a parent
  • But you insisted that you’d be there to help him through
  • You wouldn’t go back on your promise, would you?
  • When you passed, he contemplated shutting the world out completely
  • Instead, he called Seven
  • He couldn’t do it alone
  • The only thing he had now was this little piece of you left behind
  • And it took every ounce of his being not to just give up and join you

Reid: Dad, this place is great. It has so much wood, which reminds me of trees which is a great thing. 

Hank: Your mom and I came here a lot. It’s right at this restaurant where we suspected that we were pregnant with one baby. Then it it turns out it was three babies…

Aurora: Father, why are you looking like that?

Hank: How? Terrified.

Aurora: Well, I wasn’t going to say-

Hank: Because all three of you would start crying at the same time. One time we were in the middle of couch woohoo-

Silvia: Dad! 

Hank: And all three of you just started crying. It was so hard… to walk. Those times were so hard. 

Holiday Challenge: 9

“Damn it! Jarvis I need help.” You sigh finally admitting defeat.
“Yes miss?”
“I can’t figure out what to give Tony for Christmas or Hanukah. Which one are we even celebrating?” You groan.
“I don’t know Miss, he hasn’t given me a wishlist ma'am.”
“Do you at least know what holiday we’re celebrating?”
“No miss. I can ask Mr. Stark if you’d like.”
“No. No that’s okay Jarvis. Thank you.” You sigh softly and close your browser. What do you get for the man who can literally buy or build anything he wants? There’s a knock on your door and when you pull it open and Tony is standing there looking concerned.
“Hey baby. You okay? Your vitals spiked.” He says reaching for you as he steps into the room. Like Bruce your powers are enhanced by emotions and by monitoring your vitals you’re able to better control the magic that sometimes seems to just burst out of you.
“Yea, yea I’m fine.” You tell him with a little wave before he reels you in.
“What’s going on?” He asks softly into your ear.
“Nothing Tony.” You try to assure him. You don’t want him to worry but at the same time being so stressed about what to get the love of your life has you worried.
“Baby your vitals are spiking again.” He mumbles as his wrist buzzes. You can’t keep the smile off of your face, you love that he cares about your wellbeing so much that he gets an alert that will even wake him up if you get stressed, scared or angry. “What’s wrong? I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong. How do I calm you down?”
“Just like this.” You say into his chest and he laughs.
“Clearly not.” He grumbles. “What’s on your mind?”
“You’re not going to let it drop are you?”
“Nope.” He says the word so quickly he almost spits it out before you’re done asking the question.
“You’re going to think I’m so silly.” You say pulling away from him and leading him to the edge of your bed. “I’m stressed about what to get you for Christmas. Or are we celebrating Hanukah?”
“Christmas. And I know exactly what I want.” He tells you with a smirk as he plays with your fingers in his lap.
“What’s that?”
“Baby, all I want for Christmas is you.”

so what if sherlock tells john that he loves him and then shoots him ( in the side) because in the clip where john and sherlock are in the flat with greg talking about the baby it looks like john is injured on his side 

x - source

you can see him in pain here (it also looks like hes smiling towards sherlock)

so maybe he shot john to get them out of there, and now john and sherlock is back to living together with the baby (marys out the picture hopefully) maybe john and sherlock share a room and sherlocks old room is the nursery?? maybe mrs hudson helps out some nights too 

Just Like You - Part 9 [Harley x the Joker]

AO3 - - Part 8

Done this to death do us apart
Kiss the old me goodbye she’s dead and gone
One by one, I watch you fall down
Take no prisoners, search and destroy
Baby look at what you’ve done

They settled into an unpredictable but satisfying routine as the weeks passed by. The Joker spent most of his time in his clubs, his favorite place for conducting business.

Those nights Harley occupied herself dancing and taunting the other customers while the Joker made trade deals with men he was going to betray. He presented her to his partners with malicious glee , and anyone who assumed that she was anything less than royalty got to pay for that mistake with their life.

The Joker’s empire was growing again. The criminals of the underworld were slowly and surely realizing who owned them. A constant tug of war took place about certain areas and turfs, all while the orderly citizens of Gotham went on with their lives, trying not to get caught in the crossfire. The king was back from the loony bin and the mob bosses were fidgeting uneasily in their seats and planning their coups, giving quick glances to the deadly allure dancing in the golden light.

She brought the weakest men to their knees, made them dream about those pale, long legs that occasionally parted, showing the inviting secret between them. Her attention was a death penalty.

Some of them couldn’t stop staring when she moved her lithe body, her sugary scent surrounding them and concealing the metallic smell, the way her body thrust against the chain, how her body pressed up against the glass with every move. When she bent down to whisper in someone’s ear Do ya wanna taste this kitty? and exhaled slowly, they almost saw stars as they dreamed of her warm smoothness.

She was the executioner, her seductiveness preceding the head-shot, and then she wiped brain substance of her chin as if it was something else and sat down in the lap of her partner. The testosterone in the air aroused her, but when the Joker’s most reliable men fell, her endless appetite for destruction annoyed him. Which only pushed her further into the road of absolute high.

The days passed and Harley was caught in a blissful state of euphoria - constantly shadowing J wherever he went, his most prized possession. They existed together in perfect, malevolent harmony, until one night when J got a different kind of business customer.

It wasn’t the first time a woman entered the closed, glass-framed VIP booth where the Joker usually conducted his more private affairs. The other gang lords sometimes brought a girl with them, a new one every time, and those were too busy fawning over them to give the Joker more than a quick glance.

But this woman came alone, shadowed by two suited body guards, and the way she walked showed that she was not there to look pretty on the arm of some mob boss. Long dark hair fell down her back; she smacked her full glossy lips as she entered the booth and waved Frost away as if he was nothing but a bellhop.

Harley was in her glass cage like usual when she noticed the stranger. Her attention was immediately drawn to her, her smile faltering and her eyes narrowing to slits as she saw how the woman sat down with J.

The unfamiliar woman was taller than Harley and had a more muscular build, a confident posture and a glow to her that made the customers’ attention drift away from Harley before she disappeared into the room with toned, bullet-proof glass walls.

Harley stared at the booth, expecting the Joker’s eyes on her like usual, but now he paid her no attention. He said something to the other woman’s body guards with his usual twisted sense of humor, and they looked blankly at him, equally unimpressed. The woman placed one curvy leg over the other and leaned back in her seat, not showing an ounce of intimidation in the face of the clown prince.

Harley could not focus on her dance routine and left the cage. An alarming feeling was growing in her chest. It reminded her vaguely of someone else, a pretty woman with dark hair and strong perfume, a woman with a confident walk.

Who does she think she is? a voice taunted in the back of her head, another voice growing shrill. Talking to Mistah J like that… Let’s put homegirl in her place.

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"Obiwan is wily" HAHAH im just imagining Vader saying this I front of a bunch of storm troopers, super serious like. *Point* Watch him carefully, Obiwan is wily. *stormtroopers look at Obiwan* *BBobiwan stared back wih big baby eyes innocently* *storm troopers look back at Vader* *Vader stares back, totally serious* HAHA. Like, I feel none would really take it seriously (like not when Vader was present) until Obiwan gets stuck in at ventilation shaft. Somehow.

Obi wan is good with the innocent look in the first place???? And also??? Baby??? Like you know that he’s more developmentally advancd than he should be thru a mixture of the Force and his past life but like

The moment he decides to get away with something he is the most nonverbal, fist/fingers-in-mouth wide eyed lil shit you have EVEER seen.

Some storm troopers eventually wise up. The newbies constantly have to Learn that you do not underestimate Obi-Wan Kenobi

@oursamanthaii - this is an amazing photo, thank you.

“Damn, baby! Your headshots look great!” You spoke into the phone and stared at the photos you’d pulled from the envelop Jensen had sent you.

“Thanks, [Y/N].” He chuckled, his deep voice rumbling through the phone.

“No, thank you. How’d I get so lucky?” You hadn’t taken your eyes off the picture.

Jensen was wearing your favorite thing - a Henley. Something about the way those shirts fell across his chest, clinging perfectly to all his muscles, the way he always pushed them up his forearms, exposing his slightly bulging veins and muscles, driving you absolutely insane. And when he turned around, you were a goner. His back muscles rippled under the fabric. You wished there was a shot of the back of him wearing this greyish-blue one. 

The scruff on his face was a day or so grown out, his bright green eyes boring into you through the picture somehow. His lips looked perfectly plump, and you realized how much you missed feeling them molded against yours. Then you noticed his wrist. He was wearing the watch you’d gotten him for your first Christmas together.

Your eyes filled with tears as you ran your finger over the black band in the photo.

“What’s wrong, [Y/N]?” Jensen got worried when you hadn’t spoken for a while.

“Nothing. I just really miss you.” You wiped your eyes.

“I miss you too, baby. But I uh, I have a surprise for you.” His smile was evident in his voice.

“What are you talking abo-” You were cut off by the sound of the lock jiggling.

Jensen walked through the door, wrapping you in his arms and kissing you passionately.

“We wrapped up filming early, so they sent us home. Figured you’d like the surprise.” He smiled and shrugged.

“You figured right.” You beamed up and him and stood on your toes to kiss him.

palm readings???

Ok so one of the babies looked at my palm and was like you’re going to have bad luck i guess cuz i guess my hands were red. so that got me curious to look at what palm lines and bitch? one of the kids said i’m going to have a lot of money but i’m looking at this chart and i’m not seeing a money line at all? or a marriage line? but also i’m either going to live a long time or die soon someone help


Of all the things that Baruch could have come across, he didn’t expect to see a baby in the snow. Well, not an unsupervised baby in the snow, wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper.

He looked around for any adults that could be with the infant, but there wasn’t anyone around.

“Um…” he spoke aloud, walking closer to the baby and kneeling down. He looked so cold!

“What are you doing out here?” He asked, not really expecting an answer, since it WAS a baby.

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YALLLL, I didn't realize that by turning 18 my body would shapeshift. Like I thought life would move along but now I see that I look like a walking corndog. Like I noticed my skin changed or whatever, but then I noticed a laugh line was more prominent and was like ok, and then all of a sudden my jawline is becoming more sharp like when I was a baby. Now my legs look like white people thick -.- Did you guys have any changes? Like ima little baffled at this sudden change but oh well what can I do

NOPE I’M STILL UGLY. The only change that happened was i lost a lil weight from walking around campus 😭. The only thing that has changed since i turned 18 is probably my mindset and I have a better sense of fashion and I can beat my face but I’m waiting on that GROWN WOMAN CHANGE. Oh well maybe when I turn 20 😭😭😭~D