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Back Home Again~ Cesaro Imagine

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Note : This was so cute to write. Let me know if you want to be tagged in my imagines. 

A pain shoots through your stomach making you cringe. Besides you is your husband,Cesaro sleeping besides you. He went out with Sheamus and some of his friends for a drink.

 Slowly, you slopped out of bed trying not to wake him making your way into the living room. Cesaro was home for the week, he came back yesterday morning surprising you. 

“ You just won’t let mama sleep, will you?” you asked,looking at your pregnant belly. Antonio turned on his back, looking besides him to see your spot empty next to him. 

He sits up, running a hand down his face before dragging himself out of bed looking for you.

“ Baby?” he asks, making his way to the living room. 

“ Oh Antonio, I wasn’t trying to wake you up, I was-” 

He made his way over to you, kneeling in front of you on his knees. 

“ Did something happen? What’s wrong mon amour ( my love)?” A smile reached your lips as you take his hand placing it on your stomach.  

“ The pain is getting much bigger but it’s alright” Cesaro rubbed his hand over your stomach,trying to soothe the little rocket. 

Rocket was a nickname that you two gave the unborn child. It was cute. He knew there was very little he could do to take away your pain, he doesn’t like seeing you in pain. It made him upset.

“ I’m so sorry bella.” 

You looked at him, how tired he was from the road. Reaching over to place your hand on the side of his face, rubbing circles with your thumb. You loved this man with all your heart. 

“ Why? We are having this baby together. Don’t be sorry, I’m glad that I can make you a father, just like you wanted a year ago. I- “ you winced,closing your eyes as the baby kicked. Cesaro looked at you worried, grabbing a hold of your hand, “ Is it that bad? What should I do?”

Shaking your head, “ I’m fine Antonio, the baby just kicked hard. It’s okay.”
Antonio wanted to be every part of this child’s life, he wanted to see his child first words, first step etc. He doesn’t want you to be on your own. You knew he cared about you and the baby but he was still responsible somewhat; he felt guilty of working too much. 

He sat down besides you on the couch, continue rubbing your bell comforting you.He leaned over placing a kiss on your cheek. It was 4 in the morning. You felt tired and sleepy. Cesaro rubbing your belly and nuzzling his nose against your cheek was making you sleep. It sounded weird but it was working. 

“ He likes his father more than his mother, I see.” you giggled. Antonio smiled against your cheek. 

“ I think he just misses me, I’m not home all the time” 

“ We both do, he’s going to understand when he’s more older that his dad is doing something he loves and doing it for the both of us” 

You closed your eyes,leaning back into your husband’s arms, placing a hand on top of his as you fell asleep, safe in his arms.

i’m watching five dances (gorgeous canon m/m couple- the softest sweetest movie) and theo is circling around his bf chip - chip follows him as he does and i feel like we’ve saw this before- 

oh yeah

we have:

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Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#22)


We are back with the next installment of our Jump Breakdowns. Today we’re covering the Salchow (pronounced SOW-COW but shortened to SAL as nickname by many skaters, I know, it’s confusing). The jump is named after its inventor, Ulrich Salchow who did the first one of these babies in 1909, looking dapper in his leggings and suit jacket. 

NOTES: If you haven’t read the post on EDGES, you’re gonna be really confused. So read that first. Remember, we are assuming our skater is a right-footed skater (meaning they land on their right foot…just like Yuuri!) Skating jargon is explained in parenthesis.


The most common entrance to the salchow is a forward outside three-turn on the left foot, placing the skater on the left (left-foot) back (skating backwards) inside edge (leaning on the blade side closest to your big toe). The skater then swings the free leg around, in coordination with their arms in order to gain the momentum to jump off the ice. 

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let's start a family

Jimin and you decided to break the news to the boys first. You sat everyone down and took a seat across from them besides jimin. Jimin took your hand in his and rubbed it reassuringly urging you to go on with the announcement. You glanced over at him nervously. He gave you a soft smile, telling you to, “go on.”

“Uhm, we have a baby.” You said softly, too soft causing everyone to ask you to repeat it and say it louder.

“We have a baby.” You said a little bit louder, looking down at your lap to avoid eye contact with them.

The boys were all quiet with shocked faces. After a couple seconds they began to bombard you with questions. Questions like “how many months?” and “girl or boy?”

“Well, I got him last week but he’s around 3 months old.” You tried to answer, through their loud voices.

Everyone’s face would twist in confusion until jimin ran to carry the new kitten from the bedroom.

Jimin placed the kitten in his lap and everyone began to crowd around him wanting to pet it. He looked over at you and smiled for the success in the big announcement.

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a/n: I’m not really sure what this is? The writing is shitty as usual. I really want a cat.

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-that child is his fucking angel and nothing can stop him from displaying his love 

-sings them a lullaby every single night without fail. even when he’s on tour he will make the phone call 

-daddy-son/daughter days!!!

-all three of them bake together often 

-lots of movie nights 

-that child is so so so loved ok 

-baby looks more like its mother, which makes 2D love them even more!!!

-”you’re going to grow up to be the happiest person in the world, i promise”

-peekaboo amuses 2D more than the fucking kid 

-he audibly fucking laughs 

-at peekaboo 

-teaches their child how to ride a bike!!!

-is veeeeeery careful when smoking around them. never ever within a certain range. 

-cannot dress them for shit and this is fact

-goodest dad  

I always say I wont say somrthing on here because people will be like OMG LEAVE HIM and make me feel even more confused and hurt yet I still do it every single time.

So may as well add another thing.
I told my doctor that Josh wanted me to find another anti depressant because I didnt wake up a couple of nights when koby was crying, and he has to work. And she got so angry and said, well you go home and tell him that your sleep is just as important as his, especially with your mental health, and you need to be able to function just as much as him throughout the day because you have to look after a little baby, that HE helped create and if HE cant help you and support you by getting up a couple of times because you are too tired than he needs a man up and realise his responsibilities.
And I came home and told Josh what she said and he yelled at me and said how dare you make me out to be the bad guy. It was more than one time. And I need to go to work so we have money to live!

Because my ‘job’ isnt really a job because i dont earn money. I am literally so fucking unappreciated.

And I am sick of it.
But its too hard for me to do anything 😭
And Josh will tuin his life if I leave.
I can see the downward spiral now. And i want Koby to have a Dad 😭

Color Blind Pt. 3

“You look super cute when you smile.” 

You woke up with Ethan peppering soft kisses on your face. You giggled as you opened your eyes.

“Good morning, baby.” He smiled and sat up, looking down at you. You tangled your hands in his messy curls and pulled him closer to you, connecting your lips.

He pulled away a moment later, resting his forehead against yours.

“A good morning indeed.” You smiled, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “Do we have any plans today? Or can we just stay in bed?” You giggled, but he knew it wasn’t a serious question.

“I love you so much, Y/n Dolan.” He let out a soft breath, connecting your lips once more.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” The two of you were interrupted by your four-year-old daughter, Ava. “You’re up, you’re up, you’re up! Time for breakfast!” She climbed onto the bed, pushing Ethan away from you. “Move over, Daddy!”

Ethan chuckled and scooted to his side of the bed. “Okay, Princess Ava. What do you want for breakfast?”

She squinted her eyes and brought her hand to her chin, pretending to think. She already knew what she wanted, what she always wanted.

“Hmmm. I want pancakes!” She giggled, wrapping her arms around you.

Laughing loudly, you wrapped your arms around her small body. “Of course you do. You’re just like your daddy.” You smiled at the beautiful hazel eyed girl.

“You look super cute when you smile, baby.” Ethan said, making you blush a bit. Twelve years together and he still had that effect on you.

“Thank you, daddy!” Ava smiled, pressing a sloppy kiss onto Ethan’s cheek.

You and Ethan laughed at the beautiful little girl you created. “I love you, my beautiful ladies.”

“We love you too.” You and Ava said together.

You and Ethan had problems in the past, but working through them was incredibly worth it. You were happier with your little family than you had ever been before.

Ethan and Ava were your world, and you wouldn’t change it for anything.


I know it’s really short, but I wanted to post it tonight. Hope you like it! @xdiscombobulatedx

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Harry concept: you and Harry have just had a night out with friends. You are slightly buzzed. It's cold and rainy. You are struggling to button up your coat, so harry, the designated driver and the much more sober one, helps you with the buttons. He kisses your forehead, grabs your hand, and tugs you close to his side as you walk out the fore and too his car. No one disturbs you. You are at peace.

Forehead kisses oh my god no no no :( A soft baby, just looking out for you but so happy because you’re his girl and you’re so adorable.

My bro's opinion on Voltron Discourse
  • Bro: Voltron is not politics. Sit the fuck down and enjoy the show.

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