Oh baby, look what you started 

“Into You” by Ariana Grande | Choreography by Brian Friedman

ft: Jojo Gomez, Ryan Ramirez, Abby Lett, Madison Cubbage, Kierstyn Tupa, Samantha Long, Stevie Dore | Link to the full video

BTS react to you being pregnant

Jin: excitement, happiness but also would want you to pretty much do nothing as he would worry for the babies and your own health.
*you are out shopping*
you: aww jin look at these baby shoes aren’t they the cutest??
jin: omg these ones are pink! jagi we should have a baby soon so they can wear these
you: we might be having one sooner than you think

RapMonster: he would be worried about his destructive powers being brought down through his DNA to the baby but lets face it he would be smiling 24/7
you: *skipping down the hallway* NAMJOON!~ I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU~
rapmon: whats got you so happy this early? 
you: THIS~! *shows the pregnancy test which shows positive*

Suga: he would seem to be upset about it but his voice would be full of sarcasm showing that he was only joking then (if you didn’t realize) he would show how happy he truly is.
you: umm yoongi i have some pretty big news
suga: whats up?
you: we may be expecting a new member of the family
suga: *is trying so hard to hide his excitement* and i thought the maknaes were a difficult lot.
you:*about to cry*
suga:…i’m joking jagi i’m sorry i truly want this baby 

(had no clue which gif to use for suga)

J-hope: i feel as though i should just put a warning sign next to j-hope’s because he is just going to explode with happiness.
j-hope:*finds the pregnancy test while you are out shopping* O.O YASSSSSSSS!
You:*enter door way* hobi?

Jimin: oma oma oma this is going to be so cute (i say oma when i get excited about cute stuff)
you: jimin lookie lookie lookie!~ *pretty much shoving the pregnancy test in his face*
*calms you down so he can see what your showing him*….OMG I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY!….omg i’m going to be a daddy….oh mah god

Taehyung: he is just …i don’t know
Taehyung: Y/N! where are you!?
You: *are currently in the midst of morning sickness* 
Y/N you okay?
you: well considering that i just gave my breakfast up to the toilet i don’t think so

Jungkook:(peanut can’t, she just can’t)
jungkook: *is planning a really special date for you*
you: ummm kookie come look at this.
jungkook: whats up jagi? *Looks at pregnancy test* o.O are you?
you: yep!
Jungkook: *hugs you so tight but then realize how tight he his hugging and softens up a bit*

Peanut: omg why ahh i died a lot while writing this haha but anyways i hope you all enjoyed reading this (peanut has been sick for a while). anyway the request box for reactions is still open so if you have anything you want please send them in >.< okay bye-bye 

The Tinder Tutorials

I get a lot of asks about Tinder and I thought it would be worthwhile to collect my “best of” posts right here.  Each of the topics I list has the relevant links immediately following.  These tutorials will have you swiping and matching in no time!

Is the guy that just matched you more vanilla than sugar daddy?  These links help you figure out which he is and include a sample text/message. It clearly communicates that you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, not a vanilla FWB!

I met a POT on Tinder a few weeks ago, I stopped talking to him because he seemed more “vanilla” than SD. But he’s reached out to me recently, but I haven’t responded. He’s a really nice guy, but I don’t want to waste my time. Do you think I should reply? If so, what should I say to steer him towards SD?

 I have a match on tinder with an 48y man and I think he’s a sd. I haven’t told him yet I’m a sb but I think he suspects that. He just asked me what I’m looking for but I dont know how to make it clear. Can you please help me?

 So i met this nice gentlemen on Tinder and we have texted and really hit it off but since I took the tinder approach I am not sure if he understands that I am a sugar baby and need certain things. How do i SUBTLY let him know what I’m looking for? I could do the spoiled girlfriend approach but I dont want to ruin something with such potential.

Tips on how to set up a Tinder profile as a sugar baby.

How do I get a sugardaddy on tinder?

Besides outright stating I’m a SB, what else should I put on my Tinder profile to attract sugar daddy’s? Like is it the same as a profile on SA or should I keep it short?

Initial messages on Tinder are critical, yet guys don’t always grasp the importance!  Here are my thoughts to “get the ball rolling”

How do you spice up conversation with men on tinder/SA who have nothing in their bio that you can use to your advantage to spice up the conversation? I keep getting the hi , how you doing , nothing , where you from type of conversation. You would think older men would be clever and interesting in messages.

So after matching on tinder with men that are interested in being a sugar daddy wth do I talk to them about lol, do I tell them what I want because I really have no clue what to keep talking about after that. I’ve read post here to not talk to them about allowances thru there but to do it in person but I have no idea want to talk to them about after they say they are interested.

This post details the basic steps of moving from Tinder match to Arrangement

So I met this pot on tinder, and is it me just being paranoid or is it sketch that he would rather talk through the site. I offered him my email and offered to take his number

Don’t try to judge a guy’s wealth based on a Tinder profile.  

I was thinking of using tinder for SD searching, but I’m not sure of how to tell real wealth. I know that the clothing is apart of it. Do you have any tips to identify it in pbotos

And last, but definitely not least, I am including a link to a post that I found (the sugar baby who posted it has been since deactivated, so I can’t give her a proper shout out) that gives great tips on how to use Tinder.  As an added bonus, her tips can be used with sugar websites as well.  It is very good and definitely worth the read!

It’s going down; I’m yelling Tinder


Hi everyone,

So school is starting tomorrow and because I don’t really have any self control, I’m going to limit my time on here. I really want to do well (and get straight As so I can finally rest in peace). 

Basically, I’m going to still be on here, but much less often. Thank you for reading this Very Important Post.

RP MEMES: hands like houses
  • “Stay; don’t go.”
  • “I’ll eat you up, I love you so.”
  • “They turned their back on you.”
  • “You are protected, you are loved.”
  • “Don’t look down, even though they’re looking down on you.”
  • “Baby, lift your face, you don’t need to justify your place.”
  • “If only I could show your future, you would light up like the sun.”
  • “The things we know could unleash Hell.”
  • “We’re caught up in the moment.”
  • “Hold your breath baby, we have to make our hearts sit still.”
  • “This is happiness.”
  • “ I don’t want to pretend that I’m stronger for it all.”
  • “ I don’t want to pretend that the sadness is gone.”
  • “We don’t belong here.”
  • “In a way we are all connected.”
  • “We’re still learning how to survive.”
  • “It’s been a long, long night.”
  • “How did we get so old and never notice?”
  • “It’s not the same, something’s changed.”
  • “This doesn’t look like home.”
  • “We will be unbreakable.”
  • “You’re my muse.”
  • “We’ll never be safe here again.”
  • “I can’t see a thing aside from you in front of me.”
  • “But, I’m not helpless.”
  • “I could ruin you.”
  • “There’s nothing left for us.”
  • “We’ve never burned so bright.”
  • “How could I miss you?” 
  • “This is where I belong.”

anonymous asked:

I am absolutely losing it. You look beautiful baby. I hope you start feel healthier soon but I just wanted to say that you look fantastic.


Does anybody else ever see something that makes them super broody and then instantly think “wait how the fuck do you look after a baby? How often do they feed? What temp should the bath be? How do you put on a nappy?” Or just me.

I genuinely have like half a second of “aww sweet. I want a baby.” Then thirty minutes of “how do you keep it alive”


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! (born August 13th, 1982)

Wishing you a day full of lots of love, cake, and whatever else your heart desires! *throws confetti*