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Here’s an old doodle I did of the babus. They are all the same size because reasons since Mischief doesn’t have a transform tool. Fell must have more babies to become the most powerful dad in the world! Or because he just wants a fuckton of kids. Like…an army of kids. So many kids they fall out of the door in tidal waves. 

I have two head canons for him. A) He’s super against having kids due to his past upbringing and his fear that he will be a horrible dad. He’s afraid his kids will be afraid of him or that he will do something that will shatter their trust for life. But once he sees his first born for the first time, he promises to do everything he can to be the best parent he can be! Or B) He always wanted kids, but the environment he lived in wasn’t the safest to have them and raise them. He does look after the kids in Snowdin, in secret, because he feels bad for them for having to live in a place that is so harsh and cruel to each other. He always wanted a big family, and Papyrus gave him that (well, they had to compromise on the amount of kids because apparently more than five is “too many”). Either way, he ends up with five kids that are miniatures of him. And I super enjoy the idea of Papyrus wanting to be a great mom someday. It just fits him in some weird way. Momma Pap.

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today is the 6th month anniversary of this blog!! I haven’t been active latly I know *sad face* I also wasn’t even aware I’ve been RPing Liam for this long!!! I’ve been preparing a lil’ something but it looks like it won’t be ready before the end of the day, so I wanted to make this post before midnight.

Happy half-anniversary to my babu Liam <3

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but do you think harry ever does little hardly noticeable james or lily things, small things way beyond their looks, like doodling absently on his margins while staring off unfocused, one hand propped up on his chin, or biting his thumb to hide a grin, or scratching his left eyebrow when he’s in Thinking Mode, or sliding his glasses up with his knuckles or cursing at inanimate objects whenever he stubs his toes

do you think remus saw harry cracking his knuckles against the desk, brow furrowed in concentration or that sirius saw how he always sipped his tea even though he knew it was still too hot and scrunched up his nose,do you think scabbers noticed how he always fell asleep with one arm hanging crookedly off the bed, do you think they smiled, a fond unrecognized emotion at those little things, before they remember james cursing colorfully at the beds and trunks in the dormitory or lily holding her burnt tongue out with a displeased whine and feel like they’ve simultaneously been hugged by their friends again and punched in the gut?