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I want to know what you're gonna do if some another girl wants to take away your BABU LEO from you ;) It'll be great if you write it as a story :3 TIA ^_^

Well, well. My first facial expression on this was (ಠ_ಠ) 😂 ngl. However, precious ballsy anon… Oooo 😏 I like that.. I dub yee…BALLSY ANON-CHAN… since my drawing tablet magically got a hairline fracture crack in its screen ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ) rendering me powerless to draw atm I shall attempt this story of blasphemy 😂 JK.. Though srsly.. I’ll try… Perhaps a oneshot… Hmm…. 😏 one more facial expression for the road because I love youuuu lol ♡

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what the HECK that was supposed to say fave not face,,,,,,,,,, i hope u understood

i got u babu!!! i didnt even realize there was a typo … . smh u just played urself !!!!


Request by my friend @kaylightthewingedwolf ! It’s been a while I dodn’t draw your Babu Ben :3! Still cute btw!! I didn’t know how to do Ben through ages so I draw him when he was young and nowadays.

Achievement : Learn to draw wings :D!!!

For peoples who dunno, Ben is a winged wolf a bit narcissic but who needs to have and give so much love!! He considers my OC Mimi as a big sister.