Just want to send some smoochies and tell some of my friends (& babu) I really really love them & they make my online life happy anytime I talk to them & thanks to them I keep coming back and getting a smiles, sometimes I want to kill them because why u give me feels but in a healthy way ok. @n-o-i-d, @ambivelousthirteen, @fawking-izaya, @oceanwoven, @rxcusant, @narcasse, @princeofillusions, @memoiir, @blxxdchrxnicles, @aninnocentlight, I WUV U OKAY

but do you think harry ever does little hardly noticeable james or lily things, small things way beyond their looks, like doodling absently on his margins while staring off unfocused, one hand propped up on his chin, or biting his thumb to hide a grin, or scratching his left eyebrow when he’s in Thinking Mode, or sliding his glasses up with his knuckles or cursing at inanimate objects whenever he stubs his toes

do you think remus saw harry cracking his knuckles against the desk, brow furrowed in concentration or that sirius saw how he always sipped his tea even though he knew it was still too hot and scrunched up his nose,do you think scabbers noticed how he always fell asleep with one arm hanging crookedly off the bed, do you think they smiled, a fond unrecognized emotion at those little things, before they remember james cursing colorfully at the beds and trunks in the dormitory or lily holding her burnt tongue out with a displeased whine and feel like they’ve simultaneously been hugged by their friends again and punched in the gut?

My sweets on here are getting anxious and I cannot allow that. 

Here’s something for you all ;0; (I’m gonna do more if I have time, tonight :D)