(/∇\*)。o○♡- Today is @suke1234‘s birthdaaaay !


I didn’t kno’ what to draw but since we became friends thanks to the YT community,i’ve decided to draw her AU!Anti~

Gonna sounds cheesy as HELL imah glad to have such a gr8t friend!  //gives golden cookie// (∩˃o˂∩)~♡  She’s so kind,pure and creative  eeh ~

I hope one day i’ll get the chance to hug her ! 

A birthday commission for @arahir by the lovely and talented @babushkahihi from @otasucc and I!! Babu doesn’t have internet right now so I got permission to post this in time for the 14th!

Anyways WE LOVE YOU BITCH…WE AINT EVER GONNA STOP LOVING YOU…Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, talented writer and over all amazing presence in the fandom. You do so much to spread positivity and you’re truly the best of the best. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOJO JOJO PLS SPARE TOWNSVILLE…