Factory owners blamed for Bangladesh fire sent to prison

The two owners of a Bangladesh garment factory who are facing homicide charges for a 2012 fire that killed 112 workers surrendered to a court Sunday, and were denied bail.

The factory outside the capital, Dhaka, produced clothing for big retailers including Walmart. It had no emergency exits and its location in a narrow alley prevented firefighters from responding quickly to the deadly blaze in November 2012, said prosecutor Anwarul Kabir Babul.

The case was the first time Bangladesh had sought to prosecute factory owners from the country’s lucrative garment industry – the world’s second-largest after China.  The government is often seen as beholden to the industry, colluding with owners on wage and labor laws.

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Photo: AFP/Getty Images

HanniHolidays Day 2- Ornament!!!

Hannibal was not one to indulge in impulses often. Fine wine, food, music, murder? Yes, but impulsive actions? No, defiantly not. So the fact that he was currently on his way to Wolf Trap with an impulsive buy sitting in his passenger seat was sight to behold, though not many would appreciate the sights rarity if they did see it.

               Hannibal was not quite sure how it happened exactly, he had been leaving one of his favorite wine shops when he had passed by a little shop. The windows filled with shinning babuls and Christmas lights but one thing caught his eye and the thought of Will Graham immediately came to his mind. Before he knew it he was in the store buying the tiny trinket for his darling empath. Hannibal had a passing thought to just throw it away after and never think on it again, but if he was to be impulsive then he might as well go all the way.

               So that is why he was now pulling up to Will Grahams house, waking to the door, being bombarded with canines, before seeing Will’s perpetually tired face. Hannibal never plans how his breath ketches at the sight of the younger man, it always just does, with no permission from Hannibal what so ever.

               “Hey, I didn’t expect to see you today? Is everything alright?” Will’s eyes locked with his for a brief moment taking in as much as he could to determine the situation. Hannibal drank in the sight of them whilst he could.

               Hannibal hesitated for one moment, which was more odd than anything else that had happened in years, before deciding to just get it over with. “Yes everything is fine. I just saw this and thought of you.” Hannibal held out the small box with the shops logo on it, “Merry Christmas, Will.”

               Wills face was one of shock before he hesitantly reached out and took the box from Hannibal’s hand. He slowly opened it, being careful not to tear the box, before giving a light gasp. He reached in and slowly pulled out an ornament that looked shockingly like Winston. The light reflected on the dog ornament sending light across the empath. Will’s eyes were wide with delight, a smile slowly brightening his face more than Hannibal had ever seen.

               “You got this for me?” it was a redundant question but still Hannibal nodded, his own delight obviously showing on his face.

               In a blink Hannibal had his arms full of Will Graham, the smell of pine and dog filling his senses. It didn’t last long, Will scrambling away embarrassed, thanking him for the gift, inviting him in for horrible instant coffee. All in all Hannibal thought it went well, maybe he will indulge in his impulses more often.


Day 2 done *dusts off hands dramatically* This can take place in season 1 or in an AU verse whatever its up to you. XD