babu is alive ;a;

Dark Fate Kou Heaven 01 Translation

Heaven 01     Heaven 02     Heaven 03

[Note: Heaven Scenarios are just extra situations not necessarily tied to the plot. They can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc] 

-Scene: Mukami Bathroom-

*Water Splashes*

Yui: Ahhh… …it’s soothing to take a bath after a long day.

*Kou Barges In*

Kou: Ah, there you are! M Neko-chan  ♪

*Yui Panics; Water Splashes*

Yui: Kyaa… …! Ko, Kou-kun!?

Kou: Pardon the intrusion~

*Kou Closes The Door*

Yui: Eh.. …!? W-Wait a sec!

Kou: Hmm? What’s wrong? You’re so panicky.

Yui: (Anyone would be panicky if someone just barges in… …!)

Kou:Ah, I know. You’re imagining dirty things, aren’t you? M Neko-chan’s so lewd~

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[dear god]

I cried. That entire fucking chapter, I cried, thinking that the spoilers were right.
Saw Babu getting stabbed near his head… I lost it.
Only… to find myself screaming, and cheering the next page to see him alive.
I wonder what that marking was on his neck though. It doesn’t worry me too much.

All that matters to me is that Ichigo is alive ;A;
I’m… gonna go cry of happiness now. //runsaway