babu animals


They are probably working for National Geographic or something. Idk, I thought it would be cool.

I said I’d do Jean with a penguin SO I DID!

lotus-in-space are kind of having a bad moment so this is for them. Think of our babies holding tiny animals darling. I hope they make you smile :)

*If you can’t read*
Arthur: I-I can’t keep avoiding him forever…

But I can’t confront either

I… I can’t keep breaking the van… and my arm…

But no matter how many times I apologize… I feel like he doesn’t believe me…

If it wasn’t for Vivi being there every time… I-

No no
Is Vivi the reason why Lewis hasn’t-


Vivi: …

Oh… It’s just you… I was just finishing up…

I decided to make a page three after a certain person *stares at him through screen* brought it up


Just one to shar with you one of my permanent obsessions ;v;

This is just a part of the full drawing tho, cause I have the idea to put on the same draw my fav babus of all the animes/mangas/games. Don’t worry they’re only 4 xDDD

So I’ll show you the separate draw of each one of them and when i finish it, I’ll show you the final result!!

Tho, i’m sure no one cares about it xDDD

“Shut up and trust this.” 

Niki sang Ken Ashcorp songs to me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind the whole day, so I had to animate my sweet ducky. 

Thank you so much for sharing the songs, Niki bae! I’ve been listening to them on repeat and they make me so happy, you have no idea! /u\