I love a boy with autism. His name is Jupiter. He is 11 years old and non verbal. He was developing normally until 13 months. Right after his 12 month shots he stooped talking and lost all eye contact. We thought he was deaf as we cohldnt get his attention. Over the years we have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on biomedical treatments and educational treatments. We have found that ABA therapy and a gluten/casein/soy free diet has helped the most. He is going into junior high this hear and I am dubious that they will be able to handle much less teach him. He was in a fabulous program that helped him TREMENDOUSLY but his insurance does not cover kids over 8 even though all his therapists as well as pediatric developmental psychologists urged the state that he need the help now. This is what is so hard right now. There is a program that he was inland was growing quite quickly in but he is too “old” for. We are even willing to pack up and move to somewhere that could help him. #Autism #Babsspawn

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