Cowl-less Barbara Gordon in Young Justice 2.10 

;sunday mornings + eternal sunrises (pt. III)

“You’re right, I wouldn’t. You mean too much to me.”
“Are you sure this wasn’t just an excuse for you to touch my butt?”
“Well, maybe that too.”

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

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birthday mush-mush:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FOREVER FRIEND, PLUMBABY. i tried super hard to keep this a secret, so i hope you were thoroughly surprised xoxo. 💖🏝💖🏝💖🏝 i don’t even know where to start.. we’ve been friends for about 2 years now? LIKE.. that sounds like a long time, but it seriously feels like you’ve been in my life forever. you’re such an amazing friend- you constantly radiate positivity and your ability to turn every situation around is just.. feoifoi i love you ;—;; 💖✨ alright. lemme stop here before i get emo (too late). i hope your day is filled with love, cake, presents, and sweet n’ spicy memes!! 🔥✨ here’s to many more birthdays to celebrate forever ever ever!!

Dating Byungchan
  • Okay this bOY he’s gonna take such good care of you
  • I feel like regardless of how you meet, you’d need to be friends with him for a while before pursuing romantic
  • Actually he might downplay and suppress his feelings for a while before he realizes that he’s too whipped to deny it anymore 
  • He cares for you in subtle ways
  • Holding doors open, pulling out your chair, zipping up your jacket, occasionally tying your shoe, sharing his food, killing bugs for you if need be 
  • He’s always down to watch some dumb horror movie with you and when he looks at you and listens to you, his brow knits in concentration, eyes warm and focused on y o u and sometimes it makes you flush because his gaze is so intense
  • But simply, he genuinely listens to everything you tell him
  • Gives you good advice and pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit 
  • Basically Byungchan is a best friend before a boyfriend 
  • And one evening he’s sprawled on the couch, texting you, and he has this ridiculous grin on his face when Sejun strolls in
  • “So, when are you gonna tell Y/N how you feel?” Sejun piques innocently 
  • And Byungchan literally falls off the couch and screeches “W h A T?!”
  • Even Jaws jumps a little 
  • Sejun just shrugs, “I’m only wondering.” 
  • Byungchan is flustered and Seungwoo bursts into the room all frantic “ARE MY SONS OKAY?” 
  • “I was asking Byungchan when he plans on confessing to Y/N.” 
  • “Oh! Yeah, good question because it’s been how many months? HEy maybe we should help-” 
  • Byungchan doesn’t let them help; instead he invites you over to stargaze on the building’s rooftop with a mug of hot chocolate and several blankets and an ounce of courage 
  • He’s a little awkward and nervous and formal about it but you just tackle him in a hug and nuzzle him and he feels better instantly 
  • Speaking of nuzzles, mornings with him are always enjoyable because you usually wake up to him nuzzling the crook of your neck, arms wrapped loosely around your waist
  • Enjoys cooking with you
  • Moments of uLtRA chEESE 
  • “My eyez eyez r only 4 u”
  • “You’re not even from Tennessee, you’re from like…Elevennessee…”
  • “Choi Byungchan? More like Choi Byungcharm your pants off-”
  • “Bab pls im gonna vomit”
  • “No no no-”
  • He really gets into teaching you girl group dances omg
  • Actually he just really dedicates himself to…everything he does 
  • I almost typed something sinful
  • Anyways you get lost in his magical eyes and in his dimples 
  • They’re just….so n i c e to look at 
  • He’s always got this soft smile tugging at his lips when you’re talking on the phone or when someone says your name BASICALLY WHEN YOU’RE ON HIS MIND 
  • But listen if someone does something the upset you, sassy go go byungchan is coming out aND HE WILL FIGHT sensibly with words
  • Dates with Byungchan are all over the place (literally) bc he is adventure
  • He might drag you to an amusement park or carnival or shabby restaurant by the beach with great reviews or the aquarium or a random concert or to a chocolate making class 
  • He wants you to be engaged in whatever you’re doing and ENJOY TOO 
  • Arguments only arise because you two challenge each other and most of the time it works out well, but I feel like he knows you really well so he knows how to push your buttons
  • But he’s down to earth, so he also knows when he’s wrong and genuinely apologizes 
  • Sometimes you have to share hug time and snuggle time with Sejun
  • Kisses with Byungchannie oml
  • Light as a petal and sweet as sugar, peppered all over your face until you’re a giggling mess 
  • Except sometimes they’re hot and heavy and his fingers dig into your waist and your fingers are tangled in his hair and he sucks diligently on your bottom lip until you’re a whimpering mess
  • Or something…
  • PDA consists of back hugs and handholding and he is so TALL back hugs are perfect bc he tucks you under his chin and holds you like you’re the most precious creature in the world 
  • Bc u r 
  • He’s so relaxed, it’s easy to lean against him and forget all your troubles
  • Lots of late night convos about anything and everything and it makes him so happy that he can really open up to you
  • He completely trusts you but sometimes he needs reassurance so a random “i love you” from your sweet mouth serves him very well
  • After hanging around the boys and Jaws so much, he begins planning out where you two will live in a few years and how he will adopt a cat and surprise you 
  • He really likes it when you play with his hair or lean in and rub your nose against his 
  • Small gestures of affection
  • He seems like a hand kisser
  • Like he presses his mouth to your palm or the back of your hand at the end of the night before he drops you off
  • Basically he is a delightful bub and you would be super blessed  

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black u should give me all the BNHA people to follow :33333

oh man i love every single of these quality & amazing roleplayers. bnha got the best writers & friendly people i ever met in my life. i hope i missed no one, but i checked twice & if so please forgive me & tell me so i can put you there with the others ! just check them out pal because not only these people write in such a stylish & beatiful way, they are all good beans & super friendly & nice people. please follow them all because this family is beautiful & hella cool !

@ofiignition & @burncld@willsmite & @cntrpiece@willcosmic & @willgravity@nytroglyce & @riotborn & @tannaki@creatiie & @senseipillar@shckwaves & @ganmago@ragewill & @draconicninth@ofsturdiness & @outcxst & @tsukuruu & @invisibilitii & @toshin0ri-yagi & @dainanashimura & @hemoborn & @dadmighty & @enginium@spxrkiie@mangeurdesoleil & @brainiiactic & @hissuccessor@obfuscous & @takechxrge & @nvention @kaeruhero & @motherswill & @surprisetrash & @evilheroism & @karatail & @blazestitch & @fistnt & @tearsofamother & @slumbrinducd & @permeatiion & @hecksplosive & @dedican & @uila & @urabitea & @urabiti & @egouro & @nejiriisms @nejireh & @riotwill @froppii & @ribubitto & @earjackist & @iinfernus @tapcs & @troublvmaker & @sundevour & @lesmillions & @kakendo & @copisus & @pridebuilt & @kinetto & @erasershouta & @amplifical & @frostbitc & @gravitycentric & @spxrki & @strcnght & @stainlesstetsu & @fangsmile & @mcldbreaker & @scorchedice & @tokidokishouto@rekindled.

also shout out to all the original characters that i love with all my heart & that i would kill for. please follow them, you won’t regret !

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& please follow my girls @nekurooma​ & @fawkesed​ because they have bnha muses & trust me they are so good at writing & not only their bnha muses are good but every single of their muses are ! so please check them out !

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'I wanna be like you' with Prompto pls bab ♥๏ธ -ultimoogle

Here you go Moogs my bb!! @ultimoogle

disney prompts!

You and the boys had been out on a hunt – a pack of Voretooth had been wreaking havoc on a small outpost just outside of Lestallum – when the tell tale roar of a daemon sounded across the field.  It didn’t take much convincing on anyone’s part to decide tonight would be a camping night.  The lot of you were already pretty battered and bruised as the amount of Voretooths you all had to fight had been…overwhelming to say the least.

When the the group of you reached the nearest campsite, which thankfully had only been about a five minute drive from where you all had originally been, everyone split up to begin doing their share of the setup.  Ignis went over to begin preparing dinner for everyone while Noctis helped – albeit begrudgingly – to gather any ingredients.  Gladio and Prompto went off to set up the tent which left you to tend to the fire.

There was a tired sort of silence that had settled over the group as everyone began to do their small jobs, the only sounds being exhausted voices whenever somebody needed something or the crackling of the fire.  Gladio and Prompto had set up this tent so many times prior everything was muscle memory at this point.  Gladio would hold his hand out for a stake, Prompto would hold the tent in place while Gladio hammered said stake into the ground, and before either one knew it the tent was finished.  

One thing had been different tonight, however, and Gladio put a hand on Prompto’s shoulder before the blond could walk away.  “What’s up?” Gladio’s gruff voice asked.  Prompto simply gave a small shrug before letting out a sigh.  His blue eyes darted over to where you were seated in front of the fire, the orange and red light casting shadows over your features.  The glance didn’t go unnoticed by the Shield, and he couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.  “I see,” he said.  “Why don’t you just ask her already?”

“It’s not that simple.  I can’t ask someone on a date when they’re not only too good for me, but completely out of my league too!” Prompto replied as he tugged at the roots of his hair in frustration.  “Man, I wanna be like you,” Prompto sighed.  “The kind of guy that can go up to any girl he likes and get her to fall for me with a snap of my fingers.”

“Believe it or not it doesn’t always work out that way,” Gladio laughed.

“Most of the time,” Prompto said with a pointed look.

“Well…yeah, most of the time.”  The grin that cracked Gladio’s face could only be described as male pride.  “Maybe she’s already got a thing for you,” Gladio said knowingly.  “You’ll never know if you never ask.  Grow a pair and ask her; like ripping off a band-aid.”

“I have a pair,” Prompto muttered.  “They’re just in my other pants.”  The laugh that left Gladio was resembled more of a roar than anything else.  

“Seriously, man, just ask her.”  With that, Gladio clapped Prompto on the shoulder and headed over to join you at the fire.  Prompto took in a breath to try and calm his nerves.  Just ask her.  Just ask her.

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hi alyssa! can you rec some nice harries? there's way too many louies on my dash and it's starting to bug me cause there's so much drama and shit when i just want to focus on my bab harry RIP pls help

of course my love!! 😌

@theepinkalbum @godirhlutirgerasthaegt @ifheartscouldfly @aintreallygood @habibharry @harrybo @harrysbeauty @harrysalbums @paintednailsandsoftdetails @actorharrystyles @hughaz @twofronteeths @twofronteeth @mitchtheguitarist @givelovechooselove @haryr @liittle-spoon @heypopstar @amongstthestars

I’m sure I’m missing people but everyone here is lovely! 💞

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do you have any good multifandom blogs to recommend?

ofc I do!!

@jamieprotectionsquad (kam is my precious bab pls follow her) @mochikissme @lunarjun @leader-jb @bae-jinyoungie @dorkywoo @minhollydays (Sarah is an absolute sweetheart) @dreamerondrugs @sunkissedhao (okay so Meg’s blog is mainly seventeen centric but she does post other groups and I love her so pls check her out) @17kihyun @risingsea101 (a babe tbh) @yoongkyun (my precious child who deserves the world) @jonghyunslisterine @yoongimnida @hungline @junhyungnie @roman-arches @war-of-hormoan @thisspringday @kprookie @gvnn-cvlt

honestly there’s more but it’s late and I’m too tired to go through all the ppl I follow, hope that’s enough for you anon!!