remember when after magnus first met even last season, he gave him that one big hug. and then we had these headcanons about how magnus insisted on giving even a huge hug whenever he saw him. can you beliiiieve all these headcanons were 100% true 

Dick: How can I sleep faster?

Babs: Read a book before you sleep, can help you relax and eventually doze off.

Stephanie: I always found a nice cup of milk before bed helped!

Tim: Just get, like, REALLY TIRED, then you have no problem.

Jason: Get a knife.

Jason: Stab yourself.

Jason: Eternal sleep.

The Batkids’ Biggest Fears

  • Dick - anything and everything involving the ocean. it’s too big and no one knows what is down there and he doesn’t trust it
  • Babs - clowns plain and simple. if she sees one she immediately goes pale and needs to be escorted to a different room
  • Jason - that someone will find his secret stash of weed that is hidden in one of his books and flush it down the toilet
  • Tim - someone finding out that the real reason he doesn’t sleep is because he has terrible nightmares and severe PTSD and everytime he falls asleep he is transported back there so he just drinks a lot of caffeine to keep his body going until he passes out then the nightmares aren’t there
  • Carrie - being kidnapped and tortured and just on the verge of death but never being killed just on the brink of death for days, weeks, months, years, etc
  • Stephanie - twins that look alike and talk in unison and have a monotone sound to voice in general
  • Duke - that he will die before he feels he has truly helped someone because that’s all he wants to do, make a difference in someone’s life (even though he already has he personally needs to feel it)
  • Damian - waking up one day and Alfred the cat and Titus don’t love him anymore or want to be around him anymore and just blatantly ignore him
  • Cass - anything involving needles to the point where if she has to have blood drawn she faints and has to squeeze Bruce’s hand when she gets shots