babs seed


was bored. made this for no reason.

The CMC’s got revenge on the bullies for messing with them, by using a fat spell that not only did it made them big, but also somehow got them in a anthro form, (although babs was an accident and is willing to help the CMC’s get out of this) so when the bullies figured it out that it was the girls who did this to them, they snuck into the girls houses, tied them up, and force fed them non-stop, until the ropes finally breaks from they’re giant rolls of fat. unfortunately they’ve gotten so fat, they are unable to move, IMMOBILE infact. since they’res no hope for they’re freedom, it is up to babs seed to free them and get rid of the two jerks. however she pretends to be on they’re side, so that she and scoots can think up of a plan.

i think i might make a part two of this. what do you guys think?