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Zack can’t think of a suitable word in English for what he wants to say, so out of habit he says it in Mandarin, and of course the others have no idea what he said. He expects them to complain, because his teachers did back when he tried to contribute in class, and starts to apologise

but instead of telling him off or staring at him blankly Billy has out his phone, looking up the meaning, and the other three are over his shoulder reading the translation and description of the word, and once they get it they’re like “Oh yeah totally, I feel that-” and carry on

Zack who takes note of all his friends tiny quirks and needs because he’s so used to looking out for those things being a young carer he does it without meaning to anymore, being totally taken off guard when he realises they’re doing the same for him and making these extra efforts because they love him and he’s not alone anymore. Friends do that, friends do that for the people they care for and he has someone else other than his mother now who does that for him: these four give a shit about him, they genuinely love him and want to know and work with this stuff

I feel like a lot of people focus on how having friends is a welcome, yet surreal change for Trini, but Zack’s the same and I think he gets brushed under the carpet a little


If you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out on my new favourite AU

TFC  Dance AU

So I sat down with @fox-number-ten and @t-basilton-g-p to watch some 1Million dance videos when we… kinda maybe made a TFC dance AU. (Some links may only work in a browser.) This got sooo long I’m so sorry. So without much further ado here it is:

The Foxes is a college dance crew at Palmetto State University. They’re competing in competitions all over the country.

  • Let’s start off with Neil. Neil is still a runaway this time he just really wants to dance. Neil is always moving and he uses dancing to get that energy out. Dancing was a way for little baby Neil to express himself and get lost in himself.
  • Neil learned dance from youtube videos and what he saw in movies, training when his mom wasn’t looking.
  • He’s a surprisingly good dancer in heels but to unlock this secret he has to be either Drunk™ or have Andrew in the audience.
  • Neils favorite is when he did My House ( and Wiggle ( ((RIP Andrew))
  • He mostly dances alone but if you get him drunk enough you might be lucky enough to see his exclusive 7/11 choreo with Nicky, Allison, Renee and Dan. (

  • Andrew dances. 
  • He’s absolutely amazing, and rumour has it he once beat Riko in a 1 on 1 dance off.
  • He never trains with the team and will only dance at competitions. If you see Andrew dancing outside of a competition RIP, he doesn’t even stop dancing to kill you he just shimmies out a knife and throws.
  • Somehow Andrew always dances really happy songs, back when he took his meds it fit his deposition really well, but after getting clean…Well, let’s just say it’s hilarious or terrifying depending on how you see it.
  • Personal favourites include Cant Stop The Feeling ( and Uptown Funk ( with Kevin.
  • Andrew takes an interest to Neil and they start training together. Later on when they get together their favorite thing to do at parties is whipping out choreo for Love Never Felt So Good and make everything everyone in the near vicinity doubt everything they ever thought they knew. (
  • It’s one of the only things that can make Andrew really smile and Neil adores it. It’s Hilarious every time and the first time they did it Nicky literally fainted.

  • Aaron twerks.
  • There is no other way to put it.
  • Aaron is a booty expert and he will physically ruin competition with his butt.
  • No one really knows how that happened, some suspect it was a girlfriend, others a crazy dare. But really, one should probably just not question it.
  • He mostly dances with all The Monsters in group numbers.
  • A classic Aaron dance is his choreo for Doctor Pepper (

  • Kevin can seamlessly attain almost any style. He’s a fast learner which made him a very valuable No. 2 for the Moriyamas.
  • He danced pairs with Riko growing up and now mostly does singles or groups with The Monsters.
  • Kevins favorites after he started dancing with The Foxes are his choreo for Stressed Out ( and Gangsta (

  • Nicky doesn’t really have a thing. He’s mostly dancing because he loves it.
  • He dances in The Monsters group numbers and with the girls later on but can be convinced to do solos.
  • His own personal favorite is choreo for Sugar that Kevin made for him ( and Side to Side ( with Neil.
  • (These are coincidentally also Erik’s favorites.)

  • The Monsters is a subdivision of The Foxes consisting of Andrew, Aaron, Kevin and Nicky (and later Neil). The Monsters mostly do group numbers together.
  • The Monsters biggest hit is the time they did Smooth Criminal (
  • Now I’m not saying they get back together for the Andreil wedding and do Runaway Baby but yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. (
  • They really only did it for the pun.

  • Allison grew up taking modern dance classes because of her parents. 
  • She dabbled in hip hop in high school, mostly to annoy her parents, and fell in love with the more fast paced aspect of it.
  • For Allison to do a dance it has to be fast, it has to be energetic and it has to be sexy.
  • Allisons personal favorites are her choreo for Girls Like ( and Overprotected (

  • Renee learned to dance on the street. She can break dance like nobody’s business but only brings it out at parties.
  • She did ballet when trying to reshape herself and developed a style relying heavily on grace and smooth movement.
  • The combination of ballet, street fighting and break dancing has made Renee virtually unstoppable. Do not try to fight Renee.
  • Overheard on campus: “I heard that Renee has an 8 pack, that Renee is fucking ripped.”
  • Renees personal favorites are when she did Never Be Like You (, Gold (, and Say My Name (

  • Dan has taken dancing lessons her whole life.
  • She can do a variety of different styles and loves to spin things her own way.
  • Her background as a stripper helps a lot with her movements and she’s very grateful for it.
  • She’s the captain of The Foxes and fought her way to the top with all the talent she has. One determined look from Dan could probably kill a man.
  • Dan does a lot of pair dancing with Matt and they are a Perfect Fit™
  • Personal favourites include Diva ( and Upgrade (

  • All the girls of course have choreo for Worth It and honestly, saying ‘the girls’ might even be a misunderstanding because more often than not this includes both Nicky and Neil. (

  • When The Foxes all combine it gets wild.
  • All the different personalities combines weirdly works and they should never be underestimated based on petty disagreements outside of dance.
  • The Foxes greatest hits are Happy ( and Hood Go Crazy (

Bonus Ravens:

  • Riko grew up with personal dance tutors at Evermore Dance Studio and has won many a competition all over the world.
  • Caste Evermore has a YouTube channel and is world famous for their videos featuring Riko and The Ravens.
  • He grew up dancing with Kevin and in single numbers but has after Kevin moved on to doing group numbers with the Evermore crew The Ravens.
  • Riko and The Ravens biggest hits include Cold Water (, R.I.C.O. ( and Where Are Ü Now ( )

“That’s mine!”

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11 Dick, Babs please?

Oracle sat in front of the computer in the clocktower, unmoving, her glasses reflecting the screen in green numbers and surveillance images and the scowling profiles of perps. Her headset lay abandoned on the floor, the crackle of interference and concerned voices drifting up to unhearing ears. 

Suddenly, a security warning flashed across the screen in blinding red, startling her out of her turbulent, raging mind and emotions. She looked up to the corner of the screen and saw the live footage of Nightwing, stumbling into the clocktower lift and collapsing in it as it brought him up to the top level.

Barbara was out of the computer room in an instant, wheeling herself into the hallway towards the lift. Her breathing was fast, her heart thumping in her chest so loudly it hurt, sitting there, waiting for those doors to open. She dug her nails into her knees and didn’t even feel the pain. It was nothing compared to the burning pain that seemed to be cutting through the deepest, most inward crevasses of her soul. 

She had never known pain like this before. And Barbara knew pain. 

The doors swished open, the automated voice identifying Nightwing (”Nightwing, critical condition”) after the full-body scan, and Barbara let herself down from her wheelchair. She crawled on hands and knees to where the crumpled body of Nightwing lay, bruised and battered and bleeding. 

Dick,” Barbara hissed, her voice desperately quiet, no more than a whisper. She positioned his head in her lap, gazing down at him, slapping his cheek roughly in an effort to wake him. “Dick Grayson. If you don’t wake up this instant, I swear to god, I’m going to dump you for good.”

“Boy. You sure know how to… kick a man… when he’s down.”

A smile twitched on the corner of Nightwing’s lips, his laugh turning into a rough cough, that turned into a groan as his face contorted in agony.

“Don’t move, you’re in critical condition.”

“Yeah… so your elevator… just informed me,” Dick said lightly. But his voice was weak, faraway, and Barbara knew she had to perform some basic medical procedures and check right away. They couldn’t wait for Alfred, or Leslie.

Get the hell up, her mind ordered her gruffly. If you don’t get him to the medical unit, he could die of blood loss. 

But her body refused to move, staring down at the broken man she held in her arms. The man who still threw out jokes and smiled even when he was at death’s door. Even when the pain was obviously too much to bear. 

Dick blinked up at her with a soft, sad smile, and reached his hand up to her face. He wiped the coursing tears away with a gloved hand, and left it there, caressing her cheek. Barbara met his gentle gaze, and allowed the love held in those blue eyes, boundless and deep as the sky, to wash over her. 

“Why are you crying, Babs?” he asked into the stretching stillness, the whir of manmade machines the only sound beyond their out-of-sync heartbeats.

I almost lost you,” Barbara said finally, her voice a broken harmony with the body of the man she knew she loved but too often couldn’t find the way to tell him.  

Dick laughed then, and surprise shot through Barbara’s eye to hear the utter joy that filled that laugh in octaves of childish, innocent mirth. 

“You can never lose me,” he countered, hidden strength rebelling against the wounds, escaping blood and breath. “I’m yours. Forever and always.”

As the tears continued to rush down her cheeks and under the rims of foggy glasses, Barbara leaned down and kissed him. The cold, metallic taste of blood undercut by a sweetness, a warmth she knew only Dick possessed. 

A warmth she knew she couldn’t live without. 

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