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lil usnavi helpin abuela clean her apartment!!

hes such a good boy, im so proud of him

okay so I really want to make a succulent garden, right? So I was looking at planters. An obvious place to start. And I found this really cute one!

Adorable, right? I’m loving the little miniatures in there. Maybe this has possibilities!

Except today I was looking for some stuff to organize my desk and GUESS WHAT I FOUND


Best Friends- Mitch Marner

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Ok so the Caps are dead to me, I’m only a Leafs and Habs fan now… I kid (mostly). Anyway! Here’s some Leafy boy angst/fluff! So enjoy!

Warning: Leafs loss

@hope-dream-wish-love-life6-blog1 Request: Mitch marner- best friends request please and thank you!


              You had reached a part of your relationship with Mitch where you didn’t know what the answer was.

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Moon finding herself with egg and it’s Winter’s but ofc Moon has TWO boyfriends who love her and each other very much (True Facts™), so Qibli is just as excited as they are about their new little family member. 💙

Qibli loving their egg as his own and protecting it with them and cuddling with it so his scales keep it warm. Qibli telling Winter what a great dad he’s going to be as he gives him lots of gentle nuzzles and kisses hjsduhofiallaks. Moon and Winter including Qibli without question whenever they say “our son”.


300 follower Blogrates!

shut up i’m bad at titles

jeez i’m not used to computers this will be bad

anyway! I hit 300 followers! its confusing but also amazing! and like i never do anything so i’ll do blogrates for this i guess


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heyyo pals, i hit 150 followers today!

i’m v v happy and grateful that you all decided to follow me! so, now i’m gonna do the thing that everyone does when they hit a milestone! talk about mutuals n stuff!! yay!!

i’m gonna start off with the mutuals that i’ve kinda befriended (but ples come talk to me, whoever u are!!):

@alienenthusiast , rylan, my bab, ily sm. you’re amazing and i love you and you’re so nice and i love talking to you, words can’t explain how much you mean to me, okokok but i lov u alot ok

@insecurefairy . ingrid!! i think you were the first person i talked to and befriended on here! you’re incredible, you’re so kind and ily and i wanna talk to you more !!!!

@pinkelephantsandoreos , emma! i haven’t talked to you alot, but i rly want to!! you’re super nice and ye i like you pls talk to me! (if u wanna hha)

@haleykinz , haley, i’m deciding that we’re friends now, even tho we don’t talk alot, we’re friend now. you’re so talented and NICE and you’re a really good person and your blog is A+++ fren, i like it alot

alright. i think that’s all the mutuals that i’ve kinda befriended, i’m so so sorry if i forgot anyone!!! i lov u all ok

aaannnnndddd so here’s all my mutuals! you’re all wonderful people <3

@i-will-make-you-howell , @starskyhowell , @allyourdreamsaremade , @boris-from-the-castle , @curlyboye , @majesticphans , @ellaspeakman19 , @weathrvane , @ittybittyraincloud , @salemhowell , @cerebraltyler , @dammitdanielhowell , @step-aside-peasants , @stargazingphan , @vividhowell , @sumbody-once-told-me , @adorkablephil , @punklester , @danshine , @phanbliss , @allthestarsalligned , @bagueddy , @raincloudlester , @golddustphan , @princephil , @magiccereal , @1missgreen5 , @sleep-is-my-lover , @imfilmingyou !!