babs gordon

barbara gordon is canonically

  • a disabled woman, 
  • an intersectional feminist, 
  • one of the smartest members of the batfamily, 
  • and the leader of a badass all-female superhero team, 

and it breaks my heart that she’s probably going to be reduced to “cute girl who punches bad guys and makes jokes and has a crush on nightwing” in joss whedon’s batgirl movie. 

I can’t believe that a video game and a lego movie are the only two mainstream comic book adaptations that have treated barbara gordon with respect and allowed her to be her own character instead of using her as a plot device to contribute to bruce’s man pain or passing her around in a series of increasingly out-of-character romances with literally every single male batfam member. 

a family comedy about lego characters is better with how it handles its female characters than 99.99% of “serious” superhero movies.

Badass Barbara Headcannons

:: She once fought all the bat boys at once and beat them all.
::She once saved Damian from getting crushed by a collapsing, burning home.
::She stoped Dick from getting shot in the head by kicking the gun, shooting herself in the foot.
::During her time as Batgirl she refused to go to let anyone else treat her wounds as she could do it herself.
::She has hacked the Batcomputer so many times Bruce gave up on stopping her and granted her complete access to it.
:: Bruce trusts her with his life.
::She will fight anyone who threatens anyone she cares about and will plan it so it she can not be beaten.
:: She is the only person who scared the Batman


Amazing DC Women + Logos/Symbols (1/?)

Barbara Gordon A.K.A Oracle. 

  • Powers: Formally Batgirl, now one of the worlds premier infojack and data specialists supreme.

Dinah Lance A.K.A Black Canary

  • Powers: One of the worlds most dangerous hand-to-hand fighters and possessor of a sonic scream that can shatter steel.

Helena Bertinelli A.K.A Huntress

  • Powers: Gifted and fearless fighter and marksman, and nightmare to the underworld.

Zinda Blake A.K.A Lady Blackhawk

  • Powers: Heroic WWII fighter pilot, misplaced in time, last surviving member of the Blackhawks.  

Cowl-less Barbara Gordon in Young Justice 2.10