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Jungkook: Well Yoongi was my “birthday gift”. The only one who didn’t have work and actually came to my birthday was Hoseok, and he is quite the worst possible person to have gifted Yoongi to me. He was already drunk when he arrived and fell asleep on the ground, leaving me and Yoongi alone to figure things out while I was having multiple panic attacks. In the end it went.. okay.. for such a weird situation.

Three months from now it will mark me and my bf’s 2 year anniversary since we started dating! I’ll be busy in university while he’s hard at work with his job on that day, so I wanted to draw this early. Time really flies by fast and I’m so happy to be in love with my best friend  (´• ω •`) ♡

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  •  okay listen… when hoseok is sleepy he gets real clingy real fast 
  • even tho he’s literally giant (we all saw the pics of his back) he wants to be cuddled and will actually whine like a little kid if hes not the little spoon
  • he likes to cuddle, he likes to nuzzle into you, he likes to feel safe and protected and thats how he feels in your arms 
  • he loves wearing big hoodies and comfy sweatpants when you cuddle because he loves being cozy (he also happens to be super adorable with sweater paws so you don’t complain)
  • hoseok loves when you play with his hair but approx two seconds after you start playing with his hair, he falls asleep with a lil smile on his face that warms your heart 
  • when he wakes up, he gets really confused and startled for a second - all pouty lips and droopy eyes - but then he realizes that he’s in your arms and a very soft dopey smile starts forming on his face, brightening all his features slowly but surely 
  • when he wakes up a little bit more he’ll greet you by saying “goodmorning beautiful, i love you” or something real cheesy that makes your heart melt into a giant puddle 
  • his voice is a little scratchy and deeper than normal in the morning and its one of your favorite things in the whole world 
  • he loves giving u little kisses a few minutes after you both wake up, teeny tiny little pecks all over your face because he loves to hear you giggle 
  • if there’s event the remote possibilty of sleeping in, wonho will take it because it means more time to cuddle with you 
  • on lazy days you just switch on and off of who is little spoon and who is the big spoon, but hoseok ends up being the little spoon more 
  • these lazy days are the days wonho is the most romantic - when he’s sleepy he’ll say anything on his mind, and it usually just ends up being him waxing poetic about how much he loves you 

(shoutout to mehreen @93shin for being the softest wonho stan and inspiring this)