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Five Times Wad Slept in Prem’s Bed + One Time Prem Slept in Wad’s


Moving day went off without a hitch. Wad had only a few pieces of big furniture, like his bed and bookcase, but had boxes of books - plenty of them - so he and Prem were both pretty wiped out by the end of the day.

Prem collapsed face first onto his bed, limbs splayed out. Wad just laughed at him from the doorway.

“I’m going to go unpack some clothes and stuff before I end up like you,” Wad was met with a pillow thrown at his face. “Hey!” He stepped into the room, ready to throw it right back.

“Relax! Take a break, nong,” Prem said, propping himself up to to look at his new roommate. Wad seemed to consider the request for a moment. “You can unpack later.”

“Fine, fine,” Prem smiled before scooting over and patting the bed next to him. 

Wad plopped right down and pulled out his phone. Prem let his face fall back down into his other pillow. He took a deep breath through his nose, breathing in the clean scent of his sheets. He heard Wad tapping away at his phone; he knew his friend was either texting Kongpob about the move or playing one of his games. Prem kept listening to the almost-rhythmic taps, rubbed his face into his soft sheets, and unintentionally drifted off to sleep.

When Prem woke up, he was laying on his side and his arm was numb. The sun was just setting and the dim light allowed Prem to see a sleeping formed curled up next to him, using his bicep as a pillow. Prem smiled to himself, considering how lucky he was. He and his best friend had come a long way.

He lifted his head to try to find his other pillow, finding it to still be on the floor, discarded from their almost-pillow-fight earlier. Prem bit his lip, wiggled his fingers to try to get some blood flowing, and closed his eyes again.


Wad sat cross legged with his back against the headboard. Prem mirrored the position, just on the other side of his bed. Prem’s focus was securely on the television set, as his favorite show was on. Wad was lazily playing a game on his phone. It was a normal Tuesday night in their apartment.

Wad was grateful for Prem - Wad was an introvert, so usually social interactions were draining but he always felt very relaxed when he was with Prem. It was easy for Wad to get along with his roommate, which is a feat to say the least. They understood how the other operated.

Suddenly, his character in his game was killed. He silently cursed himself for getting lost inside his own thoughts. He huffed and brought his phone down from his face. Prem chuckled at him, yet his eyes never left the TV. Wad sneered at him, despite knowing Prem couldn’t see him.

Wad let himself slide down to a laying position with his head propped up on the pillow so he could also watch the show. He knew it was Prem’s favorite but he just didn’t know the characters or the story lines and it was getting late - Wad ended up dozing off. It was his soft snores that caught Prem’s attention; he smiled at the boy next to him. Prem couldn’t help but but watch for a moment as Wad breathed in and out steadily, his face peaceful and soft. Prem would feel bad for disturbing such a calm looking Wad. He bit his lip before deciding to just pull up the sheet to cover up his roommate. He smiled to himself before turning off his television, flicking off the light, and getting under the covers himself.


Wad was startled after his focus by Prem’s phone suddenly blaring. Prem seemed surprised as well, looking up from his work to answer the call.

“Hello? Wait, Arthit, slow down, I can barely understand you… oh man… shit… yeah that really sucks,” Wad cocked his head to the side in curiosity. “Of course! We’ve got space to spare. Yeah, yeah no problem. See you soon, and calm down, dude” Prem chuckled as he hung up the phone. “So much for our usual quiet Sunday,” He said, addressing Wad. “Arthit and Kongpob’s place got flooded from the bathroom above theirs,” he explained. Wad scrunched up his nose in displeasure. “Yeah, exactly. They need a place to crash tonight, so I said they could come here if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, that’s cool with me. But… where are they going to sleep? I guess they can take my bed, I don’t mind the couch.”

“You can just sleep in my bed, man. I don’t mind. It’s big enough and its not like we haven’t shared the bed before.” Wad flushed a deep red at Prem’s statement. They never talked about that after it happened. Wad had woken up with Prem’s arm draped over him. He had carefully and quietly got out of his hold and made his way back to his own room.

Wad chuckled awkwardly, “Yeah, I guess.”

And that was the extent of the conversation. Arthit and Kongpob arrived shortly after, bickering lightly, the way that Arthit and Kongpob do. Wad helped set them up in his room and he was somewhat relieved they didn’t question where he would be sleeping.

It was only early afternoon, so Prem and Wad sat down to continue their normal Sunday routine of getting work done for the upcoming week. Wad was very appreciative that Kongpob was there because he ended up being a huge help with some of the tougher problems. Kongpob was also grateful to be distracted from thinking about his disaster of an apartment.

They ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat for dinner at a noodle shop right down the street from Prem and Wad’s apartment. Conversation flowed easily between the group of friends, but as the sun set, they decided it would be best to turn in early. Prem and Arthit had to be up particularly early for work the next morning so they headed back.

Arthit and Kongpob excused themselves to Wad’s room to get ready for bed, thanking them again. They closed the door behind them and Wad turned to Prem. He was at his own bedroom door, his arms out to say “you first” and Wad shook his head, rolling his eyes. Prem just shrugged and went right to his bathroom to change. Wad finally allowed himself to go into Prem’s room. He grabbed his folded pajamas from the foot of the bed just as Prem came back out.

Wad, however, took his time changing in Prem’s bathroom. Prem was right. They had shared before, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. He didn’t know why he was feeling so hesitant anyway. He forced himself to buck up and leave the bathroom. He went straight for the unoccupied side of the of the bed and buried himself in Prem’s comfy blankets.

“Goodnight, Wad,” he heard him say.

“Goodnight,” he mumbled back, but he was restless. He heard Prem fall asleep pretty quickly as his breathing evened out and he snored every so often.

He took a deep breath and rolled over, coming face to face with a knocked out Prem. He pursed his lips when he felt Prem’s hot breath against his face. He swallowed hard, taking one last look at Prem’s almost-angelic face before turning back away from him again. He shut his eyes tight, willing himself to sleep.

After a few more minutes, he felt Prem stir and then he was suddenly being spooned from behind with an arm draped lazily over his torso. Wad was so shocked, he couldn’t move. He felt like he should push the sleeping man off of him, but he had looked so content…

And he was feeling relaxed for some unknown reason. He felt very at ease so he decided there were probably worse things than sharing a bed with your best friend.


Wad was feeling lightheaded and… good. He’d been in a tizzy as of late and he couldn’t figure out why exactly. But he and Prem didn’t have any work to get done on Sunday so they decided to have a fun Saturday. They went to the bar with their collective friends - Arthit, Kongpob, Knot, Tuta, Bright, Tew, and M. Everyone had eagerly agreed to a fun night out as their lives had all become very hectic.

At that moment, Arthit and Kongpob were huddled up in their own little world. Bright and Tuta were picking on M, who was blissfully drunk and unaware. Tew was leaning into Knot to tell him a story animatedly, and Knot just smiled like a dope listening to it.

Wad shook his head absentmindedly at the scene in front of him. “What?” Prem questioned, invading Wad’s personal space to press himself against him. Wad felt his face grow warm.

“Nothing,” he said quickly, before throwing another shot back. He grimaced at the taste and then saw Prem shake his head at him out of the corner of his eye.

Wad lost track of how many drinks he had, but glancing around the tables, so did everyone else apparently. They all needed to take cabs home.

Arthit and Kongpob left first, then one by one, all their other friends got into taxis, leaving him and Prem and Knot and Tew waiting last.

“Our dorms are real close together so we’re probably going to share a cab,“ Tew slurred in Wad’s general direction, who just hummed in response. Tew was hanging off of Knot, and Knot’s stoic face didn’t show any signs of discomfort. Prem and Wad bid farewell and Wad smirked as they got in their cab together. Wad was drunk but he wasn’t blind.

The last cab finally arrived and Prem had to help Wad up from sitting position and was practically carrying Wad to the door of the car. When he stood up he realized he got way more drunk than he anticipated being and, despite Prem pretty much going shot for shot with him, he held steady.

Wad had a sudden flashback to a few years prior. Prem’s firm hand on his chest and an arm wrapped around his shoulders - he was in pain then but he felt like his skin was on fire in that moment. Wad’s stomach was in knots and he was confused but every place Prem’s hands touched tingled. Wad leaned into him further, already fixated on the feeling.

“Come on, Wad,” Prem said gently, encouraging him to pick up his feet, trying to get him into the car. Wad grumbled but ended up falling into the back seat. Prem climbed in after him and let out a big sigh.

The ride was quiet and Wad almost dozed off. As soon as the car came to a stop, Prem started trying to lift him up and Wad felt like his skin was on fire again.

“P’…” he mumbled. Prem shushed him. In one swift movement, Prem got out of the car and pulled Wad up and onto his back. Wad instinctively wrapped him arms tightly around Prem’s neck and and locked his feet around his waist. Wad buried his flushed face into the crook of Prem’s neck and breathed him in.

“Let’s go, bud,” Prem said to him as he began carrying him into their building and up the few flights of stairs. Prem only let go of Wad’s legs to unlock their door, but it made wad cling on tighter. Prem chuckled and just let it happen.

He started heading for Wad’s room but Wad began to protest. He kept telling Prem no.

“No? What do you mean, no?”

“Yours,” Prem quirked an eyebrow.

“Mine? You want to sleep in my bed?” Wad didn’t answer verbally, just buried his face further into Prem’s shirt. Prem took a deep breath and changed his direction to his own room.

He tried to drop Wad onto the bed, but lost his balance. They both tumbled down and burst out laughing. Wad loosened his grip but didn’t quite let go. Prem froze as Wad continued to nuzzle into him. After a moment. A wave of exhaustion hit Prem like a ton of bricks. His racing thoughts gradually faded and he let himself drift off to sleep in his best friend’s arms.


Wad wandered around the apartment. He couldn’t believe how unnaturally quiet it was without another human being in the house.

Prem has texted to check in, let Wad know he arrived to the hotel and was settling in alright before his conference. Wad answered normally but he couldn’t deny how much he already missed Prem. They spent all of their free time together and coming home that night to an empty house made his chest ache. He just… missed him.

He would often replay that morning in his head, the morning he woke up with Prem in his arms. It was bittersweet; he was so content to have the sleeping form wrapped up with him but after the night before, he assumed that his feelings weren’t mutual.

Wad sighed deeply, and rubbed at his face a little too hard with the palms of his hands.

It was only 9pm but Wad was at a loss.

He made a split-second decision - he quickly changed into his pajamas and found himself in front of Prem’s bedroom door.

Just one moment of weakness, he told himself, and then he would push away all of these feelings crowding up his mind. He opened the door and closed it behind him. He breathed in the familiar scent. He couldn’t believe he was allowing himself to be so weak.

He shook his head and made his way over to the nearly made bed. He gave himself one last out to change his mind, but it was already decided.

He untucked the covered and climbed into his roommate’s bed. He buried his face into the pillow and promised himself he would get over Prem.


Prem noticed the air change between them change immediately. He wasn’t sure, at first, if Wad was even doing it on purpose. As time went on, though, he could see Wad pulling away from him. And he had no idea why.

At that point, Prem felt heart broken. Wad had stayed in his room all Sunday, while Prem was at his usual Sunday workplace at the kitchen table, alone. He barely put a dent into the work he needed to prepare for Monday morning because his chest hurt and his mind was preoccupied.

He had texted Arthit, but his only advice was to talk to him. How was he supposed to talk to Wad if he locked himself into his room?

He leaned back in his chair and sighed. He really did just need to talk to him. Prem stood up and before he could change his mind, he marched to Wad’s bedroom door. He prayed it wasn’t locked and, without knocking, pushed the door open and barged in.

“Prem, what the hell?” Wad asked, startled. He was seated on his bed, surrounded by papers.

“I need to talk to you.”

“You didn’t even knock, you cant just walk in here-”

“My best friend is ignoring me and I’m a little upset so you’ll have to excuse my behavior. I just want to know why,” he blurted out at Wad, who in turn just gasped at him.

There was a long stretch I awkward silence as they just stared at each other. Prem was waiting for Wad to make the first move.

“I’m not ignoring you,” he finally said. It was spoken so softly, Prem almost didn’t hear him.

“Are you sure? Because it definitely feels like you are,” Prem huffed, crossing his arms in front of him. Wad let out a sharp breath escape from his nose. He started shuffling his papers around his bed. “You’re ignoring me right now!”

“I’m making room for you to sit,” Wad snapped at him. “I don’t need you looming over me like you’re doing.” Prem pursed his lips but let his arms fall to his sides as Wad put all his work away. “So sit.” And Prem obeyed, sitting cross-legged right in front of Wad.

“What’s going in with you? You know you can talk to me about any issues you have. At least, I thought you knew that.”

Wad took a a long, hard look at Prem. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to dodge his way out of the situation. “It’s… hard to talk to you if you’re my issue.”

“Me? What… what did I do?” Wad waited before answering, taking in the look in Prem’s eyes; he could tell how much he was really hurting.

“Shit, that came out wrong, it’s just… P'Prem, we’re best friends but… I started feeling some not… best friend… feelings,” Prem furrowed his brow in confusion. Wad flushed a deep red and looked down at his hands in his lap as he continued, “Best friends don’t feel the way that I feel. I think… I’m having romantic feelings.” It was dead quiet for a second. And then Prem started laughing.

Wad looked up, mortified. He was laughing but tears welled in his eyes. He was staring straight at Wad.

Suddenly, Prem’s hand was on the nape of Wads neck. He pulled Wad forward as he leaned in himself and gently pressed his lips against Wad’s. It was soft and chaste and only lasted a second before Wad pushed Prem away firmly. Prem has a look of horror pass through his face.

“P’ what are you doing? What if that… ruins everything?” Wad asked quietly. Prem’s features softened as he looked at him.

“Wad, I don’t know if you know this but, we’re pretty much married.”

“P!” Wad exclaimed, taken aback. Prem couldn’t help but let out a small breath of laughter.

“Think about it. I’m serious, Wad. I’ve been in love with you for three years. I just hadn’t realized it was love until way too late. We were already living together so I didn’t want to say anything, I didn’t want to ruin anything! But… if you think you have feelings for me then…” Prem looked hopeful as he continued. “Listen. We live together, we commute together, we spend every free second of every day with each other and when I’m not with you, I’m beside myself because I miss you so damn much-”

Wad cut him off by grabbing his shirt collar and pulling him down to kiss him again. Prem immediately melted. He brought his hand up again and ran his thumb across Wad’s cheekbone gently. Their lips moved together as if they’d been doing it forever.

Prem let a small breath out across Wad’s lips when they separated. “Nothing has to change, Wad,” he told him. “Nothing has to change besides me me getting to do this,” he punctuated his sentence by placing another quick kiss on his junior’s lips. Wad kissed back excitedly, but Prem pulled away again. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Yes, that’s very okay.” Wad gazed into Prem’s eyes, heart beating out of his chest.

Because Prem knows Wad, he knew to pull him in again, into a hug, to calm him down. It was clearly an eventful day.

“Are you tired?”

“Kinda feel exhausted now for some reason,” Wad answered, letting out a soft laugh. Prem pulled away to lay himself down next to Wad on his bed. Wad followed suit, face to face with Prem.

They spent a lazy few minutes sharing smiles and blushes and maybe a few kisses before Prem pulled Wad into his chest. It didn’t take long after that for them to both drift to sleep.

The stream was great guys! We had a lot of fun discovering more about the world of Little Nightmares and concluding our playthrough of such an amazing game! 
I had a lot of fun drawing this afterwards, So cute! I love the gnome guys! <3 Thanks to  @ajellybeaver for the request! 
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anonymous asked:

Assalamu'alaykum wr wb. Kak, saya seneng baca Q&A kakak dan saya jadi terbesit juga ingin bertanya. Saya mhs semester 13, skripsi masih Bab 1 dan mandek sampai sekarang. Saya ingin berhenti kuliah. Alasannya, karena saya saya trauma pergi ke kampus bertemu dengan orang-orang dan teringat kejadian tertentu yang membuat saya down, dan karena saya sudah tidak ada niat serta kemauan untuk menyelesaikan kuliah. Kalo dari saya sendiri, saya sudah bulat dengan keputusan ini. Bagaimana menurut kakak?

Waalaykumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Anon

maaf agak panjang ya anon, insyaallah dengan membaca ini 2 menit , bisa menjadi sebuah pandangan terhadap sikap yang harus kamu lakukan terkait skripsimu.


Wahai anon, bukan cuman dirimu yang pernah merasa seperti itu, saya juga merasakan hal seperti ini. Dan banyak alasan yang membuat saya juga sempat ingin berhenti kuliah.

Yang pertama, dari awal kuliah, saya sudah salah jurusan. Dulu, saya milih jurusan pertama FTTM ITB, pilihan ketiga adalah FITB ITB, dan saya asal milih saja di pilihan keduanya. Saya memilih SITH karena namanya keren. Dan setelah masuk, ternyata jurusannya adalah biologi. Dan biologi, adalah mata pelajaran yang sangat tidak kuasai, bahkan semasa SMA, itu adalah mata pelajaran yang selalu tidak lulus KKM, dari kelas 1 hingga kelas 3 akhir.

Lalu, ketika pemilihan dosen pembimbing, akhirnya saya terlempar. Saya ingin melakukan penelitian tentang pengaruh pakan ikan yang terbuat dari serangga. Alih-alih mendapatkan dosen yang paham tentang pertumbuhan ikan, saya terlempar dan mendapatkan dosen ahli serangga. Dan ketika saya ajukan kepada dosbing saya, beliau menolak, karena tidak memahami ikan. Dan saya? Saya malah tidak memahami serangga. Saya tidak tahu mau TA apa.

Lalu, karena salah dosbing, saya jadi sempat enggan mengerjakan TA. Saya banyak menunda-nunda. Dan salah satu alasan menunda saya, adalah karena saya mendapatkan pekerjaan pada tingkat akhir, yakni diterima di sebuah perusahaan gas sebagai penyelenggara training. Kalau mau diadu gaji, bahkan gaji saya jauh diatas rata-rata seorang lulusan S1. Hal ini juga yang menjadikan saya agak malas meneruskan TA, dengan dalih “Untuk apa lulus kuliah? Kan kuliah cari uang. Sedangkan saya sudah bisa menghasilkan uang.”


Setelah 1 tahun menjalani kehidupan yang menyenangkan tersebut, ada sebuah kejadian yang membuat saya tersentuh. Salah seorang saudara saya yang juga sedang berkuliah, dia tiba-tiba mengundurkan diri dari kuliahnya, tanpa memberitahu orangtuanya.

Alasannya sederhana, dia tidak kuat menghadapi kuliahnya. Dia bilang kuliah terlalu berat baginya. Namun, setelah saya tanya lagi, ternyata kesalahannya terjadi pada dirinya sendiri.

Ia seringkali bermain games hingga larut pagi, jika tidak, ia seringkali menonton film-film yang ia download sehingga menjelang subuh. Karena perilakunya tersebut, ia seringkali melewatkan subuhnya, dan juga melewatkan kuliah paginya jam 7. Karena itu, ia berdalih bahwa ia tidak sanggup menghadapi kuliahnya.

Pertanyaannya, siapa yang sebenarnya menciptakan kondisi yang sulit tersebut? Apakah lingkungannya, atau sebetulnya kesalahan sendiri?

Dan setelah itu, orangtua dari saudara saya, selalu menyesali perbuatan tersebut. Karena uang kuliah yang sudah dikeluarkan selama ini, hanya menjadi uang yang tidak bermanfaat bagi keluarga, hanya hilang dan menjadi biaya pembangunan untuk kampus tersebut.

Uang mungkin bisa diganti, tapi rasa percaya dari orangtua, itu yang agak sulit diganti. Uang mungkin bisa diganti, tapi waktu yang sudah digunakan, itu yang tak bisa dibeli. Uang mungkin bisa dicari, tapi rasa kecewa dari orangtua, tidak bisa diperbaiki.

Maka setelah kejadian itu, saya langsung merenungi satu hal.



Akhirnya, setelah 1 tahun saya tidak mengontak dosbing saya, saya memberanika diri menghubungi dosen saya. Menceritakan kisah saya, dan memohon bantuan agar dibimbing dengan baik. *fyi, dosen saya itu dosen yang killer dan super tegas.

2 kali saya melakukan penelitian besar, dan 2 kali pula saya harus ganti judul. Banyak hal yang bagi saya begitu berat. Mulai dari belajar dasar ilmu serangga, membaca penelitian, melakukan penelitian, belum lagi rekan-rekan saya yang sudah lulus sehingga saya banyak bergaul dengan adik kelas yang kadang membuat saya malu, belum lagi harus mengurus ribuan kecoak dengan baunya yang menyengat sebagai bahan penelitian saya. 

Ya, ini berat, ini berat, tapi memang hal ini terjadi juga karena kelalaian saya pribadi di masa lalu, maka saya harus bertanggung jawab untuk menyelesaikan ini. Selalu, ketika down, saya membuat motivasi sendiri agar terus semangat, dan bagi saya, membawa orangtua saya bisa masuk ke gedung Sabuga (tempat wisuda anak ITB), melihat anaknya dipanggil menggunakan toga, adalah motivasi terbesar untuk menyelesaikan Skripsi ini.

Saya pun minta cuti pada tempat saya kerja untuk bisa menjalani TA saya. Untungnya, mereka mau mengizinkan hal tersebut. Hal yang unik adalah, ketika bos saya bertanya “Mau cuti sampe kapan?”, lalu saya jawab “Sampai lulus”, dan bos saya tertawa sambil berkata “Yaudah, cepetan. Jangan lama-lama”

Ya, memang berat, tidak mudah, sepintar apapun orangnya, mengerjakan skripsi itu sulit, seperti memindahkan gunung besar. Bisa dikerjakan, tapi harus dijalani secara perlahan. Kenapa sulit? Karena di skripsi lah, kita belajar untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan kita sendiri.

Tapi luar biasanya, ketika kita niat mengerjakan skripsi, maka akan datang kemudahan juga yang tidak kita duga. Mulai dari, teman-teman saya yang sudah lulus, sering bertanya dan membantu memberikan penjelasan, selain itu dosen bimbing saya juga memberikan jurnal-jurnal yang mudah dipahami, dan banyak kejadian lainnya.

Dan akhirnya, setelah 1,5 tahun saya mengerjakan TA, dan berbagai kasus yang ada (dan sempat menghebohkan 1 fakultas dengan kaburnya ratusan kecoak dari kandang), akhirnya saya menyelesaikan skripsi saya.


Wahai anon, dan juga seluruh jagat tumblr yang kini sedang dilanda kegalauan karena skripsi, saran saya adalah selesaikan skripsimu secepat mungkin. Ini bukan masalah menunda skripsi adalah menunda hari nikah, atau menunda skripsi menunda hari resepsi, bukan, bukan tentang itu. Jauh lebih bermakna, skripsi adalah sebuah pertanyaan kecil yang jawabannya berdampak besar bagi hidup, “Mampukah kamu melewati ujian ini?”

ketika kamu datang dengan berbagai alasan, ada banyak orang yang datang dengan ratusan alasan namun akhirnya menyelesaikannya. Ketika kamu datang dengan ratusan alasan, ada banyak orang yang datang dengan ribuan alasan namun akhirnya menyelesaikannya.

Selesaikan, selesaikan skripsimu, jangan merasa “ah gapapa”, karena ketika kamu masuk jurusanmu, tempat kuliahmu sekarang, ada 1 orang yang berhasil kamu singkirkan, dan bisa jadi ketika mereka gagal masuk, mereka sedih dan tidak bisa dihibur dengan kata-kata “ah gapapa”.

Kini kamu tingkat akhir, sudah sedikit lagi, kamu sudah melihat garis finish, sudah nampak garis membentang yang harus kamu lewati, yang jika kamu melewatinya kamu bisa tidur-tiduran, kamu bisa beristirahat, kamu bisa melakukan apapun yang kamu mau, tinggal sedikit lagi. Namun memang, jalan ini lebih menanjak dari biasanya, tapi itu tidak jadi masalah, karena garis finish sudah di depan mata. Lari lagi sedikit lagi, agar teman-temanmu bisa bahagia, agar keluargamu bisa bahagia, dan yang terpenting agar kamu bisa bahagia.

Jangan, jangan pernah berfikir mundur ketika kamu sudah dekat dengan garis finish. Jika kamu berfikir untuk mundur, coba fikirkan kembali “Kenapa aku ikut berlari selama dan sepanjang ini di jalan ini sejak awal?”

Jangan jadikan Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenberg, dan berbagai tokoh lainnya, sebagai alasan untuk keluar dari kuliahmu. Mereka keluar, karena mereka mengerjakan mimpi-mimpi yang besar. Sedangkan kita, banyak yang keluar, hanya karena tidak bisa menghadapi permasalahan skripsi tersebut.

Apakah skripsi saya sempurna? Tidak. Tapi, skripsi saya, selesai. Dan skripsi yang selesai, jauh lebih baik dari skripsi yang sempurna.

Saya, dengan berbagai alasan, bisa menyelesaikan skripsi. Maka, begitu juga dengan semua orang yang ada di dunia ini. Pasti bisa, kamu juga.

Semangat anon, mari kerjakan skripsi mu. Jika kamu punya waktu untuk mengeluhkan skripsi mu, maka kamu juga punya waktu untuk mengerjakan skripsi mu.

Teruntuk seluruh jagat tumblr yang sedang dilanda galau skripsi.

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