!!! babrs

(note: for the kathryn picture it looks weird without context. in the beginning of the stream there was a picture of kathryn in one of the facecam panels and ethan looked down at it and he was like “whadda you think kathryn” and of course there was no answer and i was dyING OF LAUGHTER when ethan just says “ah shes a lil shy, sorry” cause it was so cute and funny)

Sinbad no Bouken 152

A quick an Long rant by me ^^ I tried to be more careful but i’m still at work and doing this as a side task, so beware of the usual things ( missreads, typos, i tried to not miss any stuff this time) i will check it later and reblog it when i’m at home!

Update: Revised! ^^

Night 152 “A revolution for a great cause”

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A few weeks ago we asked you to pick from a lineup of new armor for our PAX build. You guys jumped on E. We’ve made it, and we love it too. Here’s the male/female versions of the BABR-BAYAN ARMOR.

Worn by the Blackguard west of the Vale of Night, this armor style is preferred for its melee speed and relative lightness. Also, blood looks great on it.

The Brazen Head says:

“And the helmet comes with two easy to use handles to hold your severed head!”