Siberian Mammoth Unearthed After Eaten by People 25,000 Years Ago

Researchers in Siberia have found the remains of a baby mammoth that researchers believe was caught and eaten by humans about 25,000 years ago, local media reported Thursday.

The remains, discovered on the shores of Siberia’s Belaya River, were separated into at least three distinct groups of chopped ribs, a broken skull and other bones, and teeth — all stacked over a 1.5-square-meter area, leading researchers at the Irkutsk State University to hypothesize that the animal fell prey to hunters, the Babr news agency reported.

Researchers estimate that the bones, discovered earlier this month, are about 25,000 years old. Read more.


A few weeks ago we asked you to pick from a lineup of new armor for our PAX build. You guys jumped on E. We’ve made it, and we love it too. Here’s the male/female versions of the BABR-BAYAN ARMOR.

Worn by the Blackguard west of the Vale of Night, this armor style is preferred for its melee speed and relative lightness. Also, blood looks great on it.

The Brazen Head says:

“And the helmet comes with two easy to use handles to hold your severed head!”