Pictures of the new crabs! Top left is my smallest crab, Squiggles. He is presh. Top right is Mr. Peench (named by my boyfriend). He has a huuuuuge claw, I’ll see if I can get a picture of it later. My cat decided to photobomb during this photoshoot so here’s a bonus cat picture. Bottom left is Vanellope checking out the One Ring. I’m so happy, all my new crabs seem to be happy and active!


A few weeks ago we asked you to pick from a lineup of new armor for our PAX build. You guys jumped on E. We’ve made it, and we love it too. Here’s the male/female versions of the BABR-BAYAN ARMOR.

Worn by the Blackguard west of the Vale of Night, this armor style is preferred for its melee speed and relative lightness. Also, blood looks great on it.

The Brazen Head says:

“And the helmet comes with two easy to use handles to hold your severed head!”


Porkchop showing everyone how pigs fly 🌊🐷 🌊 #BABR #bayareabulliesrescue #bayareabullies #breedambassador #splashdogs


Just got a new crab today! I found her on craigslist, along with a toooooon of stuff. So now I have a tank heater, a 10 gallon tank, 2 new blocks of eco earth, lots of shells and water/food dishes and a new friend for $20! She’s now my smallest crab. Her name’s Ivy! A little girl (like 7-8ish?) was the one selling her (through her mom) and she seemed so excited that Ivy was going to a good home with lots of other friends. And the fact that she got $20. I’m in love with Ivy though, I’ve been wanting a teeny crab foreverrrrr

Tigerlily aka Lily is still waiting for her forever home. This sassy girl loves giving kisses to everyone( specially her foster brother Bubbles) and would do great in a family with dogs or kids. She plays very well, isn’t too pushy, and doesn’t mind sharing her toys. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful pup please email us at 🐾 #BABR #adoptable

Burrito man enjoying some hangout time with his amazing foster @treschienwalks ❤️ This boy is somehow still looking for his forever home(even though he is the sweetest cuddle bear around) If you want a best friend who will hike with you, play ball, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie and even share the popcorn with you, Burrito might be the man. #Babr #adoptable #rescue #pitbull #amstaff #bayareabulliesrescue


Adoptable Amos and Pigeon being total dorks. 🐶 #adoptable #rescue #BABR #bayareabulliesrescue