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      Ancient Hellas Polyphemus, head of Hellenistic statue (marble), 2nd century BC, (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

This head comes from a group, probably of the blinding of Polyphemos, similar to that constructed from fragments found in the grotto at Sperlonga, along the Italian coast southwest of Rome. Polyphemos is based, in details of hair and beard, on a Pergamene centaur. The sculptor was wise in rejecting the… older tradition, one seen in Hellenistic terracottas, of showing the monstrous giant as a kind of fat-faced baboon, with large ears and his eye set like a beacon light in the middle of his forehead. Here the rugged, animal power of the creature has been stressed.
Broken off through the neck and the lower whiskers, the head is in relatively excellent condition, save for the damage to the beard below the mouth. The marble has a yellow-buff tone.

This is the head of the one-eyed, man-eating Cyclops whom Odysseus finally outwitted and blinded. Here the monster is in a peaceful mood, either waiting to receive the cup of wine offered him by Odysseus, or, more likely, gazing love-struck at the indifferent sea nymph Galatea. The head comes from a sculptural group that might have adorned a public fountain or a luxurious seaside villa. The type originated in the second century B.C., yet the lively and direct style of this piece makes difficult to judge whether it is a contemporary variant or a Roman copy.
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Gelada baboon - Theropithecus gelada

“The face of the gelada baboon does not have the doglike shape of other baboons. The nostrils are lateral instead of terminal, as in some of the smaller monkeys. There is no bright color in the face, but on the chest are naked areas of red.”

Those teeth!

The gelada, or bleeding-heart monkey, is the only herbivorous baboon, despite their impressive teeth.

 More specifically, they’re gramnivorous, meaning that they eat primarily (90%+) grass blades. They’re ground-dwelling creatures, and only live along the cliffs of high-mountain meadows of Ethiopia, whereas almost all other old-world monkeys live in the savanna or forest. Their impressive canines belie their well-developed molars, which can grind grass, tubers, and flowers almost as well as an ungulate (about 90% the efficiency of zebra).

Album of Abyssinian Birds and Mammals. Louis Agassiz Fuertes, 1928.

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(quiet voice from back of room) could we get a tvd2 snippet? to celebrate moriarty/scott "fellating a fucking gun"?

aw, anon <3 I would, but I’ve imposed a kind of moratorium on snippet-posting for the moment, because at this rate I’d end up tumblr-posting the entire first four chapters before I actually finish the damn thing.

I can, however, offer you another bit that I wrote ages ago and which fits very well with my other favourite bit from the special.

(cw violence)

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Hey what are your thoughts on the whole Breana Wu "Revolution 60" game fiasco? If you haven't heard of it, well lets just say its crazy rad fems being crazy rad fems, only this time they whine and complain that people call their overfunded POS game what it is... a POS overfunded game. Oh also there was the whole censoring steam forums and comments, making the green-light project private, begging for votes so it could be published on steam. All sorts of lovely crooked stuff.

Yeah, I know.  They also begged people on Facebook to get Steam accounts to vote it up.

Even if I knew nothing about the game’s background, I would have had the same reaction to seeing the trailer for it.  The models are just as sexualized (if not moreso) than the games people like Wu complain about (as someone else pointed out to me, you can even see the bellybuttons on the models, which is not how clothing works), they are literally all the exact same model with different hair and outfits (and slightly different heights), the textures are GARBAGE, and the backgrounds would be embarrassing for a PS1 game.

As for the gameplay, it relies heavily—HEAVILY—on QTE (quick time events), which would be bad for an Xbox Live indie game, let alone anything released on Steam.  Of all the ways to approach a combat system, QTEs are the worst, because they diminish the player’s ability to play on their own terms.  It’s just the game making predetermined choices for you, and relying on you to hit a button at the right time in order to activate them.  They seriously described this sad excuse for a “game” as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect”, as if Heavy Rain was even a good game to begin with.  Critical accolades and “atmosphere” don’t mean shit when you have to lug some shmuck into his bathroom, and then watch him shave his face for like ten fuckin’ minutes.  Heavy Rain could have been interesting as a movie, but as a game, it’s just not something a lot of people would decide on if they actually wanted to have fun.  As for Revolution 60, it was originally intended to be just an iOS game, but for some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to port it to the PC.  I cannot stress enough how big of a pile of shit this game is.

Look at the texture on the fuckin’ coat on the right:

That’s flat-out slapping on a textured look with complete disregard for its placement.  It’s like using “texture fill” in Photoshop, except in 3D.  I would not be the least bit surprised to find out that they used a low-res image of a really ugly carpet.  The only things that seem the slightest bit bumpmapped are their hair, and even so, it looks atrocious.

I have personally re-textured models—something I never took any classes to learn how to do, and only did for shits and giggles to mess around with the games I was playing—and I have made textures that look better than these.


As a point of comparison, here are two screenshots from System Shock 2, which was released for the PC in 1999:

This game released 16 YEARS ago has better-looking backgrounds than Revolution 60.  They also have this amazing thing called “lighting” that more reputable developers utilize in their games in order to make them not look like Play-doh.

As for the character designs, they straight-up look like someone’s terrible deviantArt OCs.  Their designs are basically what happens when a 10-year-old discovers anime, but hasn’t yet grasped how anatomy works.

I know there’s such a thing as “artistic style”, but every single model in this game has chronic baboon face.  It’s something I’ve seen time and time again from weeaboo youngins, and I’m not sure why.  The infamous “Dancing Base” is a good example of this (added bonus:  Look at all those “diverse” skinny white women!)


That yellow texture in the background is so goddamned ugly, they wouldn’t have even printed it on a pair of Zubaz in the early 90’s.  Also, someone apparently forgot about some very important things called “shadows”.

Point blank:  It’s an ugly-looking game with terrible design choices, abhorrent gameplay, practically nonexistent lighting, extremely limited player interaction, animation that would only look comfortable in a short-lived CGI Saturday morning cartoon from the mid 90’s, and a “plot” that sounds more like bad fanfiction.

The fact that the developers behind the game are deceptive individuals using underhanded means to both promote and force the game through development is just a bonus.

As a woman who—unlike Brianna Wu—actually plays and gives a fuck about games, I can tell you with complete certainty that the inevitable failure of Revolution 60 has nothing to do with “sexism”, and everything to do with a group of people who somehow took four years to take a shit, and called the resulting fecal offspring a “video game”.

A baboon gets lost in his thoughts by Davide Gaglio, South Africa.
Special commendation
This image was taken at Cape Point Reserve, South Africa. I was taking photos of a group of baboons trying to capture some interesting action shots. The baboons were not very active as the sun was up and most of them were just resting. I noted this baboon sitting and facing the sun with his eyes closed, once I got close enough, without distracting him, he put one hand under his face, posing as though he was lost in his thoughts.
Picture: Davide Gaglio

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Why are Amethyst lips drawn so big? I mean there's nothing wrong with big lips, but her lips are just way to big, are distracting to look at, and kinda look like a baboons but on a face. I still love the show and will continue watching and supporting, but I hope that's something that changes and her lips get a little smaller maybe like the lips she had in the pilot.

Way to be microaggressive! Anyway, some people have big lips. Amethyst is one of those people. Maybe you should put some thought into why you find it “distracting”. 

Not a train doodle for once, but its close cousin, coffee shop doodle. Today, it is Nharath and Adelaide, who need a ton more art of them, given that they are my two main characters.

Nharath has “classic pallanoph lip curl.” It is fun to draw in the same way angry baboon faces are fun to draw.

I think I’ll have Adelaide acquire more boyish clothes at some point in her journey. This should please her greatly. (And make riding on Nharath’s back more feasible.)