Hindi ko alam kung pang-ilang beses na ‘to, pero nangyayari ng paulit ulit sa tuwing nakababa na ng jeep lahat ng kasabay ko. Yung tipong ako nalang natira. Mag-isa. Tae lungs. 

Basta. Halimbawa merong lalaki tapos bababa na siya, bago siya makababa sa hagdan nung jeep, titingin sa'kin tapos magbababay. Te lang koya, mukha kang holdaper. Tapos minsan naman, ako yung bumaba, tapos yung lalaki na nadaanan ko, sabi ba naman “Bye te”. WTF? Do I even know you? -_-“

Arte. Umeenglish. Eh kasi nakakaimbyerna. Buti sana kung gwapo kayo, de joke lang. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Basta, nakakakilabot kayo kung alam niyo lang talaga. Ugh. Nagugutom tuloy ako. 

This is a very exciting moment my lovely baboos!! 

This is the first few transition scenes in my very first commissioned piece of animation!! A company named the Cold Comfort Theater asked me to create a minute long commercial for them to promote their organization. They gave me specific instructions to on what the commercial should entail and will respectively document  each of the theater’s stunning performances. It’s a bit choppier than I would like it to be right now but I’ll keep toying with the fps until it looks perfect. 

I can not tell you how excited I am to have been picked to work on a locally published commercial!! AAAAAAAHH!! I hope you like what I’ve come up with so far and will stick around to see the finished product! 

Im very proud to say that his my better half. Please all smiles today, and I know its your day off so rest well boo. I know you will kill me if you see my post but what the hell its worth it. Always aim high in your dreams and always remember I got your back.

Grateful that I met someone so random and weird as me. Hahaha. Ganting post ko yan kasi nagpost ka sa insta kagabi.
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OOooooooooooooooooooooo, I didn’t even think about Jackson Smut! Why didn’t I think about Jackson Smut?! OMG WHY HAVEN’T I WRITTEN ANYTHING WITH JACKSON!? :O I WILL DEFINITELY WRITE A JACKSON SMUT/SOMETHING!! :D

Ahhh, thank you baboo!! ^3^ x

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Simba you remember this?

Simba: Well…we don’t celebrate black friday here. So, no I don’t. What even is black friday?

Kovu: I think they’re talking about the stampede. Also, black friday sounds like a racist holiday, so I wouldn’t think too much about it.

Simba: Good point. Also, I hope you get riddle with aids @dawncloud18

Good names to call your significant other:

Baboo, Alliebear, Baby-Bugga-Boo, NERD, Big Daddy, cupcake, Boogabear, Blossom Butt, Casanova, Cheese Ball, Chunky Bunny, Cuddle Bunny/Cakes, Doobie, Dork (was actually on there), Dream Boat, Fluffer-Nutter, .Frou-Frou, Huggalump, Kissy Face, Lovey Dovey, Lubber, Lumlums, Luv Puppies, McDreamy, McSteamy, Mister Cutie, Marshmallow Man, Monkey Butt, Mookie-Pookie Bear, Mooky, Simba, Wifey, Bub, Pooh, Batty Boo, Binky, Boobear, Booboo, Bugbug, Cuppycakers, Eye Candy, Ecstasy, Fluffer Nutter, Fuzz Butt, Hugs McGee, Ibex, Jammy, Love Muffin, Nemo, Baby Juice, Poopie, Quackers, Sex Face, Boo Thang, Cheeky Chimp, Muscleman, Num Nums, Pickle Head, Pooky Pooky, Poopie/Poopsie, Roo Roo, Schmooooky Pookie Pooo, Schmoopy/Shmoopie/Shmoops, Shmoopsie Poo, Shoogie Woogie, Smoochie, Snoogypuss, Snookums, Snuggems, Snuggle Bunny, Snuggles, Snuggley Bear, Snuka Bear, Stud Muffin, Sugah Boogah, Sugams, Suga’pie Honey Bun, Sugar Puff, Sugar Puss, Sugar Smacks, Sugar Britches, Sweetiepie Facecake, Sweet Pear Half In Your Own Heavy Syrup, Sweetthang, Tootsie Wootsy, Tum-Tums, Uncle Upright, Winky Dink, Yummers, Zany Night Light – The sweetest name for a guy who makes you feel safe. Old Man – A funny pet name if your boyfriend is younger than you. Omega – If your boyfriend is the be all and end all, call him your Omega. Pickle – You’ll want to bite right into this pickle. Randy – Means the same as horny in England. You get the picture. Snoochie Boochie – A super cute pet name, but also fitting for a Jay and Silent Bob fan. Toots – A cute name for someone with excess wind! Underpants – A strange, but cute, pet name. Waffle - If he is as important as breakfast Viking – This viking has pillaged your heart. Winkie – A super adorable name for a super adorable guy. Wolverine – For a strong and brave man. Zebu – We’re not suggesting that you’re dating an exotic bovine, but “zebu” is just fun to say. Bookie - Shortened version of 2 pretty words. Boo + Pookie. This tongue curler is fun to call with.

Wedding day!

The wedding day is finally here. I cannot wait to marry my Bestfriend in the entire world. Lord only knows how great it’s gonna be from here on out. Baboo I love you so so much. Today’s our day! 💘 lets fuck shit up. @ronny-munoz-photography