This is my first wallpaper (and probably won’t be my last, as this was actually pretty fun!), so let me know if anything is weird. The texture I used for these was a TS3 pattern that Babolat had created from TS2 cedar wallpapers, so credit goes to both him and that game.


  • Seamless
  • Works on all wall heights
  • 18 colors
  • Categorized under “Siding”


Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and color ideas! Also huge thanks to orangemittens and her super-helpful tutorial at the Sims 4 Studio forum.

Update: @fakehousesrealawesome made some additional recolors of this siding, and they’re awesome (of course :)! You can find them HERE.


NADAL THE JUGGLER: We Play Wimbledon Or We Do This Forever?

Watch Rafa Nadal juggle a tennis ball off his racquet 406 times! 

Babolat are SURE AS HELL onto something as The King of Clay is back!   The ATP World Tour Masters 1000 heads back to the dirt of the Clay Courts (commenced Monday 16th April) && Rafael Nadal is back on the surface he reigns supreme on!    Dare I ask just how many clay court titles will Rafa bring home in 2012?   ALL i hope!!   V.A.M.O.S!!

OMG, it works! On all wall heights even! :-D 

This is that Cedar Shingle pattern by Babolat that I used on a ton of my builds in TS3. It’s actually a conversion from TS2, but I want to get his permission and maybe try to do a few different colors before I share it. (I think at least one other person - WebbyMom? :) mentioned interest when I made my desperate request a couple weeks ago.)

It’s not fancy - no trim or anything, but it was a good first wall for practice, and it was something I really wanted. Anyway, I’m just giddy. :)

Thank you to Demonwolfsden who offered to make it for me - sorry I didn’t respond, but after posting my request, I thought maybe I could figure it out, and I only just now got around to it.