i know it’s not gonna be okay.
it will hurt and the pain might last for a long time.
but please always remember that the whole world cries with you and will comfort you.
if you can’t stand any longer,
we will give you our shoulders for you to lean on.
we will help you stand.
please do not hesitate to use our strength
if yours already has ran low.
we will go through this together.
we are here for you,


Happy Happy birthday to my freakin’ foolish bias! geez. You’re getting old. But you know what they say,age are just numbers. And with your existence, I believe in it coz you’ve proven time and again that even if you’re supposed to grow older,your mental age would stay at FIVE. I’m just so happy for you and can’t say much. I just want you to know that what makes you happy makes me five more times joyful and though you don’t know my existence (what?with the millions of fishes you already have, c'mon!),I just want you to know that I adore you and love you that much. I care for you and I so look up to you eventhough you can be stupid sometimes, but hey,you’re handsome like that.I always say that your silly antics and foolishness are your charms and I would never judge you for it because that’s what you are and all the more that makes you perfect. Thank you for your existence.I hope I can see you in person soon(i can only hope).Take care of your health and don’t be so stubborn sometimes. I love you ! Happy Happy Fishy Day! 

<생일 축하해요 이동해 사랑>