EXO Reaction to you telling them you’re saving yourself for marriage

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Chanyeol: “Good Jagi! I support you! I’ll wait for you!” *Awesome boyfriend here*

Kris: *Pouts alone in emo corner* “Fine. marriage.. “big K” and I can wait…. when is the wedding?”

Sehun: “Who is going to play with me then?” *He really doesn’t mind but likes acting like a spoiled child*

Tao: “Saving yourself? How does that work? Like.. you are saving money for the wedding?” *Panda is confused* 

Kai: *Surprised* “Whaaa…! My big friend won’t wait so long! We need to get into an arrangement!” *Naughty Jongin*

Xiumin: “It’s perfect” *He respects it but teases you a little because he is also a little perv :3*

Baekhyun: “Are you…sure? M-my bacon.. was waiting to make breakfast with you…” *He was not expecting that but will eventually accept it*

Luhan: “Are you proposing to me baboei? Because I can marry you right now!” *He is really looking forward to show you his manly side*

Chen: *Teases you a little* “But this is so sad… so sad… this sad news will kill me”

Kyungsoo: “Alright! It’s important to wait… Let’s get married tomorrow!” (This Gif ><)

Lay: “I’ll wait for you Y/N… I want it to be special too!” (I swear he will kill me one day! <3)

Suho: “Oh I see jagi.. it’s fine” *Internally dying because he already prepared the “red room” for tonight*

Exo reaction when they hit you by accident in the face and your nose starts to bleed

Sehun: Y/N:If I’m gonna need plastic surgery for this you are going to pay.

Oh please I barely touched you, stop being so melodramatic about it.

Kai: Does it hurts that bad? do you want me to do something?

Tao: Stop crying, it’s not my fault you were right behind me doing god knows what.

Kyungsoo: Come one stop crying

Chanyeol: I just hit  someone, didn’t I?Does it bleeds?

Chen: OMG you are going to die from all the blood loss.Someone call the doctor!

Baekhyun: Mom is me baekhyunnie, what should I do if lets just say, someone hits their nose and it won’t stop bleeding? what no! I didn’t hit someone.

Lay: Omg baboei are you okay?is that blood?

Suho: I’m so gonna end up in hell for hitting my own girlfriend. I’m such a disgrace to my parents.

Kris: If it’s bleeds like that should we go to the hospital or  should I just put napkins in her nose?

Luhan: Okay, does anybody knows where are the napkins and the pain killers?

Xiumin: Omg the niagara fall of blood!