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Every Super Junior album from their debut to the latest 6jib is a history in the making.It took a lot of efforts not only from the sweat,tears and blood of the SJ members but also from ELFs who are supporting them.After their debut,each album that proceeded, represents the quality of music Super Junior brings on the table.Each of the albums making impacts on the Kpop Music Industry;each outdoing the last;each album showing not only Super Junior’s growing popularity but also the number of ELFs participating and supporting Super Junior.1JIB gave us our boys.2JIB gave us our friends and a family we can rely with to shower love to Super Junior.3JIB started it all for SJ and ELFs.This coming 7JIB,SJ is counting on us to pull this through.Time and time again,they are telling us that 2014 is OUR YEAR.But how sure are we?Remember that 2010 also seemed to be OUR YEAR but what happened after broke us.Bonamana was the best-selling album in Hanteo but only managed to win Disk Bonsang (2nd place).A year after,we managed to get over it and proved that SJ and ELF can’t be let down.Mr. Simple gave us a little hope that it isn’t over yet.The success of 6JIB was also made possible by the effort of SJ and the love of ELFs.Each album however gave us a lot of struggles,much more visible with the sudden decrease in number of the 13 majestic people who performs on stage,but remember,ELFs didn’t let go if anything,we held on tighter.
Super Junior albums from the 1st to the 6th managed if not topped,ranked in various album charts,in different countries,specially in Asia which includes China,Taiwan,Japan,Thailand, Philippines and South Korea, as the main, wherein singles released from the albums won different Mutizen and Popularity Awards in various Music Shows whether it lasted for 3 months or within a month of promotions.The singles (from other versions and repackages) managed to get an achievement within the span of time it was being promoted.
The physical album sales (may vary as of latest count) gives the distinct number of supports each album had.However,we can not miss the fact that SNS promotions did a lot as well.These includes the number of VIEWS ON YOUTUBE (may vary as of latest count) we make for every MV that comes out.We were able to make Millions of Views within 24 hours;also we were able to take #1 spots in the Worldwide Trends in Twitter and make hundreds and thousands of clicks on Voting Polls.These we were able to do for the love of Super Junior.If we were able to do such for the past albums,can we not do so for the upcoming 7JIB?Of course we can!Remember that this album may be the last for 2 or 4 members until 2 years later.LET US MAKE THIS A MEMORABLE COMEBACK AS A WELCOME FOR OURLEADER LEETEUK AND AS A THANK YOU FOR THE MEMBERS WHO ARE TO ENLIST AND MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT ALBUM WITH THOSE 2 YEARS THEY ARE SERVING THEIR COUNTRY.LET’S MAKE THIS COUNT,NOT ONLY FOR SUPER JUNIOR,BUT ALSO FOR US ELFs WHO ARE STILL STANDING STRONG WITH THEM.