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from the sky above,to the deep blue east sea,from a new day to a sunset…

10.15.1986, a star was born and raised in Mokpo,a fishing village in South Korea.although from a simple life, had the biggest dreams. forever thankful for a father who give him a loving push towards his dreams, with a mother and a brother supporting him. a man named Lee Donghae made a name for himself,alongside 12 precious persons and became Super Junior…

i thank the Lord for putting you on His plans.also,i am forever thankful to your Appa who made you realize that a person with great talents like you should be shown to the world.i am thankful for your Omma for raising you well and giving you all the love you needed; to Donghwa Oppa for being so supportive of you and helping you with the things you do. to the Super Junior members for always being by your side,to leeteuk oppa who stood beside you and nurtured you like his own son with the absence of you father and the distance that separates you with your Lee hyukjae for being the bestest friend you could ever have,the person who shares the stage with you when you can’t go alone.but the person i really really wanted to thank the most is you,Lee Donghae,for being that awesome and loving bias an ELFish like me could ever wish for.Thank you for being the cheeseball that you are,for forever caring,for still loving us nonstop eventhough you have your doubts,for sharing the passion you have,for being strong,and for being you,a grown up man stucked in a 5-year old’s body.Thank you.

Always remember that although there are a lot of hardships in life,that you may go through rough moments,I will always gonna back you up and I would never give up on loving you no matter what. That your happiness is my wish and your smiles are all I crave for;as cheesy as may seem but a smile you make takes my breath away and makes my day.So always smile and think that even if I remain nameless to you,your name will forever be etched in my mind and in my heart and will never be forgotten.

Thank you so so much Lee Donghae and I will love you forever and always.