babo tea

I recently hit 3,000+ followers!! Thank you everyone who have been following me whether it’s recent, or for a long while. My blog has become mostly BTS-based, however I still post a lot of other random things too, from my countless spazzing, long essays about fandom topics, theories, to random vines, memes, and personal posts. I’m thankful that you still put up with it all~

I figured it’s about time to do my first Follow Forever… so here’s some amazing blogs you might come to love as much as I do~ ;)

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|| A-F ||

aimixiu♡, asianalyss, automaticdlck, bangtanboobss​, babo-tea, bangtan-juseyo​, bangtanana​, bangtannoms, bangtan-imagine, bitter-fruits,cheekyfirefox​, chickenmcnipples, cravingnamjoon, dansunrevelucide,  dlazaru, differentperspectiveanywayeto-nani, favoritismfearlesspond

|| G-J ||

geniusyubgot-0-jamshellobangtanboys, heresheisbenjhesaystobecoolbutidontknowhow,  holdmehoseokhoseokjunghyde-leo-from-n, imwhattheycallart, incrediyeol, insanitystartshereinsertacoolurlhere, j-my-hope jimins-pelvisjwxngs

|| K-R ||

kim-namcutiekoreanfashionblogkpzeldakri-arakrismehardkrisinsanitykong-tv, kyungssatanlleechanmegane–samamincypher, monchimsmr-spreading-legsn-nyeongnam-jinsnerdynamjoonnon-existinguniversenvrins, onpoutpancake-flippark-jizzminperk-of-being-asian, p-i-k-a-i-c-h-upocketjiminrapsuckasravisgf, rookiekingryuhaii

|| S-Z ||

sailormonstar seemsartificialshare-a-blacksodadrink sevenshadesofbangtan somesugawithmytea, stopbts *now shysugataettootaewithkookiesthealmightybookwyrm♡, themermaidwhoturnedintofoamtwerkwithexowaitingforeldoradowillcosplayforfoodwithbangtanwuyifan-gallery, xsweetlikesugax,  xtiankazuhikoyifanitegalaxy

I’m sorry if there are any errors (if we’re mutuals or not), but know that you guys are all awesome, and thank you for making my everyday on Tumblr fun and interesting! xx

– ramjoonie