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Marco Reus Interview at 1 LIVE

Bot: Hello Marco Reus

Reus: Hello

Bot: Are you proud that so many children wants your haistyle?

Reus: Of course yes

Bot: But there is a bit colour or tinted right?

Reus: Ehmmm… Yes both.

Bot: What was the last concert you attended?

Reus:  JayZ

*background starts to play ‘Holy Grail’

Bot: Are you already addicted to Quizduell?

Reus: No. Not at all.

Bot: Why does so many girls say that Kevin Großkreutz is hot?

Reus: Because he is good looking….. ehhmm… hahaha. EHMMM.. Because he is just a type for himself. He has his quirks and… ehmm.. he is a very funny guy. You can talk to him about serious things…. sometimes.

Bot: Did you ever try out any cream or perfume in foreign bathrooms?

Reus: NO

Bot: What was your most spectacular goal till now?

Reus: ehmm.. I think its my first goal for Gladbach vs Mainz. That was a very very very very good feeling. I started from the middle line of the pitch and was lucky that nobody attacked me then i scored very easy.

Bot: What is Jürgen Klopp’s feminine side?

Reus: Oh my god. He has no feminine side.

Bot: What is 'BABO’? ( German word in a famous rap song )

Reus: A 'BABO’? “Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist” (one line in that song) Who did this? … I don’t know 'BABO’? I don’t know.

Bot: About what are you upset and upset again?

Reus: About my bad game.

Bot: Bye.

Reus: Ciao.

Cr: Bundesliga Aktuell @ Youtube

OHMYGUDNESS THEIR HANDWRITING!!! :))))) If you’re confused by the update, each member filled out a profile for another member and the following is how it went down:

Taehyung wrote Hoseok’s profile

Jin wrote Namjoon’s

Namjoon wrote Jungkook’s

Yoongi wrote Jin’s

Hoseok wrote Yoongi’s

Jimin wrote Taehyung’s (Kim Taehyung is in charge of being babo in BTS. 95 LINE!!! AHAHAHA!)

Jungkook wrote Jimin’s (OHMYGUDNESS ;_;)

“My Little Wonton” 

Wonwoo Scenario (1779 words)

“ Yah come over~” he whined softly over the line, it was like music to your ears. “Why?? It’s dark and cold outside you babo!” The other line was quiet for a moment, then suddenly filled with the voices of twelve other boys. You pulled your phone as far and fast away from your ear as possible to save your ear from twelve screaming boys. You heard a couple familiar voices stand out like Dino screaming “Yah noona come over!!” And then another voice which belonged to Seungcheol yelling out to you “Please come over!! He’s miserable without you!! He won’t shut up about how much he misses you!!” And there was another voice that stood out to you in the background. It was the sound of Wonwoo arguing with Seungcheol and telling him to shut up and stop embarrassing him. “Hyung shut up! Your..your embarrassing me..” Then there was a sudden burst of twelve boys laughing. With a groan you finally agreed to coming over. “Well, since you guys insist…I’ll come over! You guys better have snacks” This time it was only six boys who yelled “We do!!” And the other six were awkward and gave unsure responses. Then left one small member who just whispered the cutest thing you’ve heard all night. “I love you Jagi~” “I love you to Wonton” Yet again twelve boys bursted into fits of laughter while one was quiet and just hung up. Those boys really know how to make you smile, sighing deeply you realize that now you have to put on some decent clothing on to meet your boyfriend and his friends at the dorm. Walking over to your closet you pull on a nice comfy pair of warm black leggings on then a sweater that Wonwoo had left when he last visited. With that you left the house and headed for the overpopulated dorm which your boyfriend called home. “Aish if they really wanted to hang out with me they could’ve made the effort to visit me not me visiting them! Those lazy boys..” In your small fit of anger you kicked a pebble all the way to they’re dorm, maybe you could use the pebble to throw at Wonwoo for making you go out when it’s nearly midnight and freezing out! You kicked the pebble into a wall and realized you’ve finally made it to your destination. ‘Ah finally, I’ve been walking for forever!’  you ringed on they’re doorbell and awaited for them to buzz you in. A familiar voice answered the call but it was a bit hard to completely identify who had picked up the call. “Who is it?!” “..who else you babo?!” “Tch..fine you can come up.” There was a loud buzz after the call had ended, signaling that the door was unlocked for you to go in. After a couple flights of stairs you are met with they’re dorm door, you take a deep breath in and knock on the door a few times before the door swings open to reveal they’re trusty and mighty leader, Seungcheol. “ Yah, what took you so long?” “You do realize I don’t live in your neighborhood right?” “..Oh right.. Well come in!” He grabbed your right arm and pulled you into the messiest dorm you’ve ever seen. You’ve barely taken two step into the dorm and you almost stepped on someone’s underwear.’Bless these kids, I don’t understand how they’re famous..’ Walking into the living you saw all twelve sitting down and looking at you. “Honiesss, I’m home!~” You cooed “Darling your finally home! We’ve missed you~” to your surprise all thirteen boys played along which made you giggle. “So what did you guys have in mind to do tonight?” “ Wonwoo suggested watching a movie” Dino was the first to answer but all the boys agreed. “A movie sounds great! Now where are the snacks?” “Right here” Wonwoo came from behind you with a huge platter of different chips, candies, sodas, even cut up fruit! Your eyes sparkled seeing all the different snacks and of course because Wonwoo but the snacks! You’ve never see so many snacks in one place, you usually stuck to normal snacks that you always got at the convenience store. But since you didn’t buy these snacks your able to try and see if there’s anything new that you like! “Aren’t you going to say anything to me Jagi?” “I love you..?” “…I meant greet me, but that works too~” You could hear 90% of the member groan at the sudden small cheesy moment. “Yah get a room! So are we going to watch a movie or watch you two talk cute and kiss?!” Dino whined from across the room. “Okay, okay, okay let’s get this movie started!” Seungcheol took charge and slipped the movie into the DVD player. You and Wonwoo shared the loveseat, there was still space for one more so Mingyu joined the two of you. You shot a glare over to Mingyu and oh boy he shot one back faster than you had expected! There was always tension between you and Mingyu, he always said you were ‘stealing his best friend away’ but that wasn’t happening, he’s such a liar. You snuggled yourself into Wonwoo’s chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Comfy yet?” “Very” You Placed a small kiss on his chin and in return he placed a kiss on your forehead. You heard Mingyu scoff and you just laughed. “Jealous?” He didn’t reply, he just flicked your foot. “Ow! Ew you touched my foot!” The members scolded Mingyu for being such a loser. “Why can’t you be happy for them?” “Why you ask hyung? Because she stole my best friend!” All the members groaned at Mingyu’s excuse and turned their attention back to the movie. “He’s just a sore loser, don’t worry about it ____” “Yeah, I knew that” He gave your waist a small squeeze which automatically make you squeak “He-Hey! You know I’m ticklish..!” You puffed your cheeks out and crossed your arms together. “Yaaah~ Don’t be such a baby about it” He made small kissy faces at you, which just made you smile uncontrollably. “Eww, stop that! Your being too cute again!” He smiled brightly at your comment and scoffed. “Tch, what are you talking about? I’m always cute” “Hm, suure Wonton” His smile disappeared and was replaced with a cringe. He removed his hands from around your waist and hovered around your cheeks. “What’d you call me?” You glanced at his hands hovering your cheeks and hesitantly replied. “W..Wonton..?” A split second after your reply his hands smushed into your cheeks until your sweet precious lips turned into…fish lips. “Yaaaw!! Wonwooo!!!” You whined as your cheeks were still smushed together. “What did I say about calling me Wonton?” “T-That youw aren’t a friwd dwumpling!” “Annnd..?” “I cawan’t call youw that in front of the members!” He let you off easy and finished your cheeks off with a quick pinch. “I’ve told you this so many times Jagi” To soothe your cheek pain you softly massaged them in circles. “Humph! You meanie..!” You quietly ignored him for the rest of the movie. By the time the movie was about half done, your eyelids began to get heavy. You didn’t fight it because it was about 1:30am and way past your bed time. You let your eyelids win this time, but little did you know Wonwoo had already fallen asleep while laying his head on top of yours. ’Ahh…he’s so pre..cious..~’ You drifted off into a deep sleep as you laid in your precious Wonton’s arms. But this slumber didn’t last long. You were awoken by twelve different octaves of laughter. You cringed opening your eyes to the living room lights being turned on, and you glanced up to Wonwoo who was cringing as well to the bright light. “Mmgh, why are you guys laughing?” Dino was the first to reply while laughing hysterically. “Y..You and Hyung were cuddling.. And..! And he was drooling and you were sleep talking!” Your eyes widened in disbelief you turned over to see Wonwoo wiping saliva from his chin. “Th..this is embarrassing..” “..Eww, Wonwoo!” “Hey, I can’t help it!” He casually wiped his saliva hand on your legs which sent shiver through your entire body. “I.. hate you” “I love you too Jagi~” “So what exactly did I say in my sleep?” All the boys gave you a different answer at the same time. First was Seungcheol “You mentioned how good and cool of a leader I am!” You stared at him in disbelief “Try again next time!” Next was Jeonghan, our angel Jeonghan’s gotta tell the truth. “ You said that I was an angel and would marry me.” “ I believed you till you said I would marry you..” “Can’t blame me for trying right?~” Now Joshua! “ You talked about how handsome I was and…how I was a savage..” “Okay that I believe” He leaned forward and pinched your cheek. “Ya-Yah! What’s with everyone grabbing my cheeks?!” As you rubbed your cheek Jun told what he supposedly heard you say. “You said Intouchables was the best webdrama you’ve ever seen!” “That I believe to because honestly, your doing so good in it Jun!” He looked so proud of himself as he crossed his arms and smiled. Now…Hoshi. “ You said the choreography for ‘Adore u’ was so good that you almost died!” “Okay yeah I believe that to” Jihoon’s turn “You called me a small man” You pinched your lips as tight as possible so you wouldn’t laugh. You could hear Wonwoo chuckling in the background. Seokmin’s turn “You called me Donkey Kong” once again you tried holding your laughter and just nodded your head agreeing that you could’ve possibly said that. Now Mingyu’s turn to start some beef with you. “You said You wanna fight me” “I do, let’s go right now!” He stood up a lot faster than you thought he would but Jihoon immediately sat him back down. “Jeez, it was a joke Mingyu!” He shot daggers at you and you just slipped(into the diamond life) a bit more closer to Wonwoo’s chest. “But okay, I don’t understand how all of these things that you telling I said in my sleep go together!” They all shrugged their shoulders. “Just go to bed in an actual bed so we don’t have to see 'Wonton’s’ drooling and hear your sleep talking!” Wonwoo stood up and carried you bridal style to his room, but before the two of you officially went inside you both looked back to the boys and stuck your tongues out.


Woah okay, first thank you so much anon for requesting and I love you so so much for supporting my blog!(ノ)´∀`(ヾ) Second I’m so sorry this took forever to get done and I really hope theres enough fluff for your fluff feels!!(╯ಊ╰) But this actually turned out so much longer than I had ever expected it to, but mainly because I had so much fun writing and also cause I love my little Wonton~(つω⊂* ) But also a heads up to everyone, anyone who reblogs stuff from me and puts tags, I do read them, and I really appreciate when you guys tag nice things because it makes me really happy to know you think that about my things!(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♥And I hope you and everyone enjoys this scenario and dont forget to give it and me lots and lots of love!(●´艸`)keke

Marco Reus Interview at 1 LIVE
  • Reporter: Hello Marco Reus!
  • Marco: Hello!
  • Reporter: Are you proud that so many children want your hairstyle?
  • Marco: Of course, yes.
  • Reporter: But there is a bit colored or tinted, right?
  • Marco: Ehmm... Yes both.
  • Reporter: What was the last concert you attended?
  • Marco: JayZ.
  • Reporter: Are you already addicted to Quizduell?
  • Marco: No, not at all.
  • Reporter: Why does so many girls say that Kevin Großkreutz is hot?
  • Marco: Because he is good looking... ehmm... *laugh* ehmmm... Because he is just a type for himself. He has his quirks and... ehmmm, he is a very funny guy. You can talk to him about serious things... sometimes.
  • Reporter: Did you ever try out perfume or cream in foreign bathrooms?
  • Marco: No!
  • Reporter: What was your most spectacular goal till now?
  • Marco: Ehmm... I think my first goal for Gladbach vs Mainz. That was very very very very good feeling. I started from the middle line of the pitch and I was lucky that nobody attacked me, then I scored very easy.
  • Reporter: What is Jürgen Klopp's feminine side?
  • Marco: Oh my God -- He got no feminine side *laugh*
  • Reporter: What's a Babo? (A German word in a famous rap song)
  • Marco: A "Babo"? Babo. "Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist."(one line in that song) Who did this? I don't know, "Babo"? I don't know.
  • Reporter: About what are you upset again again and again?
  • Marco: About my bad games.
  • Reporter: Bye!
  • Marco: Ciao!