Pregnancy is beautiful and empowering, but I can’t deny that days when you feel like this happen! lol

I never thought I’d be THAT Mom.
The one who can’t get enough of those gummy grins, belly laughs, rolls on chubby little legs.
I never thought I’d be THAT Mom-
The Mom who loves her baby so much that it physically hurts. I pray every day that he’ll have every happiness and I wonder how I’ll handle any hurt or sadness he comes across. I wonder what I’ll do when he fails for the first time after trying so hard. I wonder what I’ll do when he is hurting and I can’t wad him up in my arms and kiss away his baby tears.
I never thought I’d be so in love with another human being, so in love with someone I carry in my heart and soul.

I love this dress but I know I look fat in it. It’s so clingy and I still haven’t shifted the baby weight after one year… Today I decided “fuck it I’ll wear it” because it’s one of my favourite things I own and to not wear it would be a shame!