Neutral Milk Hotel Family Tree

Neutral MIlk Hotel debe ser una de las bandas más proliferas que la historia de la música nos ha dado. Y no porque tengan una extensa discografía (de hecho no la tienen, desde su aparición en 1989 al día de la fecha solo han sacado oficialmente apenas dos discos y dos EPs), si no por la enorme cantidad de bandas que han surgido a través de sus integrantes a partir de su separación en 1999. Ya sea por proyectos propios, como es el caso de “The Music Tapes” o “A Hawk And A Hacksaw”, o por simples colaboraciones como en el primer disco de “Beirut”, alguno de “Bright Eyes” o en varios de “Of Montreal”.

Aquí les dejamos el “Árbol Genealógico” de los Neutral Milk + un playlist armado por nosotros, el cual incluye todas estas bandas, para que lo puedan escuchar on-line a través de Grooveshark!


things i got in the mail today

Casper & the Cookies - The Optimist’s Club LP – the sleeve is silkscreened and it’s hand numbered 129/490…and the vinyl is “psychadelic swirl” and it looks amazing (pics soon!)

Bablicon - chunks of syrup amidst plain yogurt/silicon diodes 7"

Marshmallow Coast/Midget and Hairs - i’m a big kid now split 7"

The Sunshine Fix - beaconary word/last night i had a dream 7"

The Sunshine Fix - that ole sun/sounds of me and you 7"

Griffin Rodriguez LA-slash-Chicago bassist and producer (Icy Demons, Bablicon, the Shape Shoppe) got in a serious “no fault” bike accident last week, which put him in the hospital with sever brain and neck injuries. He’s able to talk and his condition is improving daily, but he’s got a lot of rehabilitation and possibly more surgery ahead—and he’s going to need help covering his enormous medical bills.

Griffin was the engineer on a good chunk of my album ’Rollin’ with the Ahab Rex Quintet

Please give ANYTHING you can…and please post and SHARE with friends. Please email friends. Musicians unite, bass players unite, bike riders, humans unite. Griff is a great guy and deserves the best care and a speedy recovery. If you don’t know him pay it forward. All donations are going straight to a trust account for Griffin. And everyone WEAR YOUR HELMETS. I just started wearing a helmet for the first time this year and I am eternally grateful Griff had his on.

For my own part I am going to match any purchases made at with a donation. That means if you buy one of the three albums listed for $6.66 i will donate $13.32.

further reading about Griffin Rodriguez:
Icy Demons on Wikipedia

Icy Demons, “Miami Ice” (3.5/5)
(Originally posted 7/6/08)

Compromised of the members of such bands as Man Man and Bablicon, Icy Demons pulls out all the stops in their new album, Miami Ice. In less than ten tracks, the band creates an album that not only fits together like a complicated puzzle piece, but also engages more than just your sense of hearing with its many imagery-filled songs.

As the CD opened, I was greeted by two synth-heavy tracks that immediately made me think of a 90’s Nintendo game. It may sound a bit absurd, but if I were stuck in a video game, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the music I would want playing while I ran around on my pixilated adventures – “Buffalo Bill” would be playing in the background of the darker, possibly dangerous scenes, while “Miami Ice” would play as I bopped around carelessly, away from harm’s way. Another song that brought a particular image to my mind was the noteworthy track “1850,” which fits most closely to being the song I would associate with going on a carnival ride while on LSD (not that I would know what that’s like)(and I don’t mean that in a bad way).

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